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  1. ahh just raise the nav ball, well that was simple - - - Updated - - - Just tried a quick test, coming in with capsule/heat shield from 400K at a 45 degree angle Came in at 2300@70K heat shield pointed towards entry.. nothing showing any damage of any kind.. at around 30K and at 1000m/s ship explodes, report says heat shield overheated failed and exploded.
  2. At my current science level getting into orbit and de-orbiting uses everything Ive got, especially if i'm actually trying to take anything up with me. It looks like Im just going to have to drastically scale back on my goals. Also, am I crazy or can you stop and lower your thrust from orbit view, but not increase it? When im trying to tweak my orbit, in the rare cases when I actually have the means to do so.. I can be in orbit view and turn my engine off, but I cant turn it back on, I have to switch to staging view, turn it on then switch back to orbit view.
  3. How? How do you change that with just a pod and no propulsion?
  4. "set your PE to 30K" TO be clear I am just starting out in carrier mode and have not unlocked much so when Im coming in its a capsule with no way of slowing or changing much of anything at all other then making sure I come in pointed so the heat shield can do its job. Keep in mind with what I have available to me, it takes everything Ive got just to get into orbit, Im usually left with just enough fuel to de-orbit and after that Im just along for the ride. Post patch, ffor me the task of re-entry has gone from challenging but fun to all but impossible. - - - Updated - - - Followup question, assuming I have any monicum of control over it, what is the best angle to re-enter.. shallower or steeper? 45 degree?
  5. Didn't have this issue until today after update. On any kind of launch I now cannot open my mk16 chute above 250m/s without having it instantly destroyed. I wait as long as I can to slow as much as I can but, even deploying as low as 3000m they get trashed if my speed is above 250.. Am I missing something? This was not a problem before.
  6. Ahh got it, now one answer leads to another question.. Added both passengers, took them on 2 flights.. still not "completed" it says they both want "suborbital spaceflight on kerbin" which I assumes means just go up and come down, dont even need to get into orbit, right? I did one where I never left the surface atmosphere, and another up to 80k, laded safely still not completed. ???
  7. I have a mission to fly 2 tourists suborbital, my first tourist mission. I added 2 inline cockpits behind my command module to accommodate them, when I go to the astronaut complex I can see them my active kerbals list.. but I cant do anything with them, there is no option to add/recruit them or any options of any kind whatsoever.. Whats the deal?