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  1. Early space programs bro. You weren't cool if you didn't have little bits and pieces sticking out. Russia was a BAMF in that regard.
  2. My new small station I'm testing the modular configuration in low orbit. First mission is the installation of an airlock - which is the Orbital Module. Next will be assembling the next truss segment.
  3. Hey, @CobaltWolf would it be possible to modify the .cfg on the vanguard probe to incorporate Hullcam and the like? I noticed the little camera down there on the bottom and was so intrigued... It added to the 'cuteness factor' I guess
  4. ^ I also thought the structural pieces should have texture variants to them as well
  5. The first iteration of my Gemini development - the Gemini M. I had this in mind for Minmus missions in general, and plan on further development. First launch was cis-lunar on a Titan IIIC with an extended centaur upper stage... Barely made it to orbit in 2.5x tbh (oh, 108km x 107 km). The Gemini Light lander I made will lighten the load more for expeditions in future missions to come. Note: There is a MOL solar panel on the opposite side... I balanced it out with a Agena science bay.
  6. Don't feel too bad... Sub-orbital flights are usually some of my favorite launches too. They just seem more relaxing for some reason, despite the short ride into the sky
  7. I had created a boilerplate Gemini spacecraft for the first unmanned Titan II orbital test (Gemini I)
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