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  1. Heyo, I still use the good ol' Castors. Like I said before I love using them early game, as a 2 stage Castor can achieve orbit with a Mercury Capsule far cheaper than the Atlas. I use both either way, but the Castors are fun imo Also: in regards with the Atlas LV, even though I don't use real engines and whatnot I still simulate the orbit from skirt jettison, MECO, and finish the orbit with the little Vernier engines.
  2. The H-1C's were high performance engines that added close to one million kN more thrust overall and better ISP (296 vs 262). As to the weight reductions, most S-IB variants used standard Saturn IB's... some S-IVB stages even stretched the tankage... but the reductions came from using the standard S-IVB (S-IB) which already had reductions due to no restart requirements, etc. If I wanted to use the E-1's I'd build a Super-Jupiter / Juno Variant.... but I'm not.
  3. my thoughts exactly here: deorbit stage should be included Would the H1's be a candidate for an upgrade like the J-2's? Would be useful for the Saturn IB variants... especially the H1-C's
  4. if you need any help, this doc helped me with some of the questions I had. There seems to be more than one version for other uses http://mikejennebooks.com/downloads/GEMINI MORL FERRY.pdf Also - Mooring a spacecraft would be a cool concept!
  5. IMO Hullcam would work wonderfully along with KURS - I have both
  6. I was referring to the aerodynamic lift the capsule can use to vary it's trajectory slightly. I wouldn't know if this was too much of a difference though
  7. @CobaltWolf Very nice, indeed! certainly keeping up with those ruskies over yonder Was curious as to the aerodynamics of the Apollo Capsule in-game... As to the wiki: "The Command Module's center of mass was offset a foot or so from the center of pressure (along the symmetry axis). This provided a rotational moment during reentry, angling the capsule and providing some lift (a lift to drag ratio of about 0.368[7]). The capsule was then steered by rotating the capsule using thrusters; when no steering was required, the capsule was spun slowly, and the lift effects cancelled out. This system greatly reduced the g-force experienced by the astronauts, permitted a reasonable amount of directional control and allowed the capsule's splashdown point to be targeted within a few miles." is or could this concept be sort of implemented?
  8. All these cool refreshing looking parts... and no love for the LK? A 2 stage LK sure would be nice
  9. Haha Priroda is what i'm referring to... anyone have any workarounds? @hraban OOoOooOoo is there a link, perhaps..?
  10. Hey guys, quick question: I was redoing MIR, and noticed the large aperture radar dish is missing from the parts? I looked in science and antennae but couldn't find it. Thanks! Also, could we get a foldable version of the little cone antenna?
  11. Early this morning I completed my S-IV station for use in conjunction with the X20 - My god I love the Real Plume and Engine Lighting. @CobaltWolf a 2.5m extended lab / hab would be a nice addition for this purpose (This was HOPE Station - a real study for Gemini and X20 missions) I tried to launch it on a Titan III, but to no avail.... Even with control surfaces off the aerodynamics on is is off, so I used the next alternative: Saturn I! Valentina was very excited to EVA around
  12. Been a while since I gave a screenshot tax: Polar Solar Mission and an X20 Dynasoar suborbital test
  13. Literally just woke up and saw this - thanks Cobalt
  14. Is the transtage adapter part of BDB or X20 and not released? The landing gear looks great btw (wish it was released )
  15. Awesome! I went ahead and placed this beauty in my Gamedata i can't wait to get this beast to orbit
  16. Sadly just discovered this - it work with 1.3.1? Looks like a blast!
  17. Well done thus far, sir! Had a polar mission today involving releasing 4 subsats into elliptical orbits was fun - like the IVAs quite a bit, although the windows look a bit odd lol. The LEM windows just look like they lack depth
  18. Just want to post real quick and say that BDB + KSP 2.5x = LOVEEEEEEEEEEE First time actually playing 2.5x (took a break) but now I'm gladly addicted again!
  19. The Mars Train concept actually consists of the TMK and variants to bring a full on Mars Base to the surface utilizing the N1 LV: http://www.astronautix.com/r/russianmarsexpeditions.html Link above shows you how massive this undertaking was!
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