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  1. @CobaltWolf Your color scheme on the Apollo capsule looks great - it looks perfect for this 5m Orion NPV I built. I also love the Apollo Nosecone... it's so cute!
  2. Reorientation for docking on the forward port; the aft port is mainly used for resupply or crew cycle. This small station is more or less a waypoint station that skims just above the surface... that canyon on the equator is about 100m or so away at Pe - makes the view more interesting Not sure why, but small stations and crafts are very appealing to me
  3. I hate mods with tons of dependencies, but Contares Morgenrot / Big Soyuz would look awesome in this mod Anyways, I enjoy these parts very much.. My mission yesterday
  4. I'm sorry, but does anyone have a possible solution to the Skylab ALM exploding every time I deploy the fairing? Is it a collision issue?
  5. @CobaltWolf Not sure what's going on, but I'm having explosive issues with the Skylab fairing mount... It keeps exploding every time I jettison the fairings the whole base just goes bye-bye.... any ideas?
  6. Hey guys, I've waited a while to see if anyone would bring this up, but does anyone else experience this crazy decoupling with the Soyuz Gekkon stage? It's not that mild I'd say... it really twists and flips the craft pretty well...
  7. Big/Small enough to fit inside the SM cargo bay for sure! Can't wait til tonight to fly that baby!
  8. This also resembles the Progress M-2 in style if anyone didn't know
  9. I will give my opinion, and I'm not sure about some things, but I'm mainly playing 1.2.2 myself... I have a 1.3 copy I've dabbled with, but the UI and things like the main screen etc. just feel... odd / out of place? Idk.. maybe I'm just being picky or something? 1.2.2 just plays better
  10. Finally got a chance to mess around today as well. An ok quick TMK build I can refine upon... with snacks, current support yields about 300 days, but the scale looks good I think.
  11. I will also try - what do you think the heat shield diameter would be? 2.5m? crew access to be 1.875m with mars train somewhere in between, or 3.75m with 2.5m crew access.
  12. Sorry guys, work keeps me busy! Funny thing about the N1... It wasn't build for the LK project - It was adapted for it. The N1 was originally supposed to launch the TMK (MaVr) / KK / EK projects for Mars / Venus expeditions utilizing the Mars Train configuration. Although MaVr was only a flyby vessel (I believe the long piece on the bottom was a telescope), the KK and EK was the next step using nuclear electric engines; Reactor on a telescopic boom ( I know how you like girders @Beale) and a heat shield for deceleration. Personally the EK (TMK-E) was my favorite. From astronautix: "Feoktistov's TMK-E became the first project for an expedition to Mars in a spacecraft propelled by nuclear reactor-powered ion engines. The craft would be assembled in near-earth orbit and from there launched toward Mars with a crew of six. The spacecraft as initially designed used a 7 MWt nuclear reactor to power the 7.5 kgf ion engine, which had a predicted specific impulse of 10,000 seconds. The TMK-E would be capable of a three year flight to Mars and return, of which one year was powered flight. From fore to aft the 175 m long spacecraft consisted of: A stretched 6 m diameter, 18 m long TMK-1 living section with a shield at the nose, to accommodate a total crew of six A small diameter pressurized tunnel to which were docked the two crew-return Mars landing craft and a Soyuz-type earth return capsule A long lattice boom, along which was first encountered, at the center of gravity of the spacecraft, the ion engine cluster and propellant tanks Four further Mars landing craft, containing the rest of the 'Mars Train' surface vehicles A large diameter radiation shield to protect the crewed areas from the reactor At the end of the lattice boom, deployed after launch and stabilized by two telescoping struts, the power reactor The year-long surface expedition would assemble a 'Mars Train' from five separately-landed components. The landing craft, weighing about 10 metric tons each, were conical aeroshells with a blunt base, 5.5 m in diameter and 9 m in height. On the surface the shell would separate and a section of it would provide a carapace for the surface vehicles within. The Mars Train itself would consist of five coupled wagons: Forward wagon with crew cabin, manipulator arms and a drilling system Launch wagon with a platform for a convertiplane (vertical takeoff/horizontal flight) for flying in the Martian atmosphere Two wagons with rocket launch platforms. Either rocket (one a spare) could be used for landing the three-man surface crew and returning to dock with the main spacecraft in near-Mars orbit. The landers themselves were four-legged truncated cones, 5.4 m tall and 7 m across the landing gear. Aft wagon with a nuclear reactor to power the train Following assembly of the train on the surface, the crew would begin their long research of the surface and atmosphere of the red planet. They would make a complete traverse of the planet, from pole to pole. Data would be transmitted from the surface to the crew in the spacecraft in its Mars orbit and then retransmitted to Earth. After completing their work, the crew, together with samples of soil and other research results would return to the TMK-E in near-Mars orbit, and from there to the earth." IMO Salyut is also great, but this could be an amazing addition to Tantares... But I also know how much this seems to be
  13. Begin the Mars Train / TMK / KK parts! If not that, then the MK-700 / UR-700 and LK-700 This RD-0410 Nuclear Thermal Engine looks snazzy
  14. looks can be deceiving - when you're adding all of the equipment and scientific gear, life support, etc inside I would feel claustrophobic on the ISS I think
  15. Looks fantastic! Was the ballistic capsule for Voskhod somewhat similar in outward appearance to Vostok? I.E., kill 2 birds w/ one stone
  16. Yes, to that point, but in all fairness the US had the resources, the Soviets didn't. There is a reason the Soyuz the by far the most reliable launch vehicle and spacecraft to date... It's years and years of improving on their designs, not scrapping an entire project (besides Buran [understandable]) to start completely from scratch. I will say imho the Space Shuttle was the worst idea for the time period, at least at the scale of the shuttle. Reusability was nice, but tell that to the 14 astronauts that perished because of that deathtrap.
  17. Installed the old Vostok parts.. Dunno what happened but Jeb ended up bailing out of the pod and exploded. I do my usual deorbit, but that pod was still hauling ass at around 600 m/s at 2km lol Anyway Korolev Kerman tested a new 4t lander in a Duna simulation... Results were, less than promising. Out of 4 simulations, one made it to low orbit, but with fumes in the tanks. The other three sims failed due to explosive bolts failing to fire and disconnect the ascent stage from the descent stage in a 'vertical' manner. This is how the Soviets made progress: Fly, Crash, Build Better, Repeat.
  18. Thanks guys. Another interesting thing i'm looking for are preferably monoprop tanks that look like the stock long cylindrical ones, but without the hideous brackets(?) protruding from the back of them. Here's a pic of what I'm kind of looking for: Craft pictures has 8 on descent stage, 4 on ascent. Anyone know of a parts mod?
  19. does anyone still have a vostok capsule/parachute I can get compatible with 1.2?
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