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  1. I'd love a poster of that for sure! In the time waiting, the Saturn INT-18 is on the pad: Left the interstage skirt on to act as a giant "bell" to keep the expansion ratio decent for the S-II SL liftoff, x4 UA1205 SRMs to help TWR
  2. Sounds like in RL! Although it would be terrifying to not be able to reenter your craft on another surface it was quite humorous flying into the ladder/door to board
  3. Finally got to try out the CSM and LM and they both worked beautifully, although I'm using KW in the process of waiting I used the S-IVB (BDB). The performance was very adequate as well as interfacing between different mods - needless to say I can't wait for the Saturn V to be finished. I will say on my first test mission though it was very difficult to ingress / egress from the LM and climb the ladder too - is there a preferred decoupler to use that makes boarding easier? Everything worked nominal IMO so far... except the flag of course! Also, as a interesting project for 'BDB Expanded' is a study from General Atomics launched on Saturn variants which included 10 meter and 20 meter (I believe) concepts; I'm sure you've heard of Project Orion: Interesting I loaded up this beast orbiting around the Mun when about 20 km I noticed I was about to crash into the cratered landscape I put the pedal to the floor and managed to not only get back to orbit by completely reversing my trajectory, but put myself on a course for Duna! I enjoy my Hohmann Transfers, but brachistochrone is where it's at
  4. I Died at that pic! I'm also not opposed to this idea, from a more modern-day perspective I suppose. the SXT small parts pack idea is a good one also! I was also thinking it would be nice to see more small-ish spherical tanks probably .625 m and .9375 m in diameter in both mono and lfo? I also enjoy KIS with this mod especially from the AAP and Apollo perspective, because so many things could be done.. What if your engine fails on the Moon, and you need to get into orbit or suffer oxygen deprivation? You cannibalize your lander and MacGyver your way out of there It is a cool concept that could be incorporated as a part pack perhaps? I can't wait for your Saturn V, I'll be playing CCR at take off and Deep Purple as I land on he Moon
  5. I feel to keep the SARNUS logo on - this is an early space race in US and European history (ETS, also), and should resemble such. Your parts have been amazing so far and keep getting better. IMO the red also offsets the black and white which looks spectacular. If at all odds though, could it be a toggle-type of deal? in any case some of that hype yes it was struck by lightning - and it still flew like a dream
  6. Mercury Station Prototype test night launch - made a duplicate of the crew fuselage and tweaked it a little for a makeshift science lab was a little unstable during first launch (which still saw a successful orbit after some gyros malfunctioned ), but second launch was very nominal (with about 200 dV in the Agena B tank after insertion). I did keep the second slot open for "emergencies" or a quick resupply for moored vehicles.
  7. I looked through the roadmap, and didn't see a sub-satellite as a probe to support Apollo? I know it might be pointless, but would be nice considering the sub-sats didn't get much credit
  8. Hi, just stumbled upon this thread and mod, just curious as to if it is still stable for version 1.1.3? I feel like self destruct from a failed booster will fit perfectly in my game!
  9. Wasn't that the case for the Apollo Applications Project? In any extreme cases logistics launches could be accommodated to fulfill this role instead of an "all-up" single launch (if specs would show this too be too difficult for said single launch), but take in mind that the other Saturn variants would be able to perform this and more
  10. I like the way you think! I believe the SLA had a volume of about 200 cubic meters, which would be plenty room for accommodations with the dry workshop
  11. 'The company listed as One-Man Space Station research projects the study of human adaptation to 14-day weightless spaceflights; study of “long-time equipment performance” on spacecraft; “lunar probe navigation equipment” testing; radiation exposure, geophysical, and astrophysical measurements; and development of space rendezvous techniques, presumably using the restartable Agena B rocket motor. ' This was the actual experiments considered, as well as others. I would say to make the science rates lower than the MOL science lab, as to the amount (or lack of) space to fit science into that cramped space, or half of the MPL as suggested. I will try this out this weekend! It was basically a science lab and habitat all in the enclosed SLA, the 'building block' concept could be trashed as one whole part could easily be done. This concept was also turned to lunar missions where the SLA would act as a base on the lunar surface which "In comparison to the LM Shelter concept, this provided a lunar mini-base of superior capacity and capability. The SM was used for lunar orbit insertion and the first portion of descent to the lunar surface. The LM descent stage was used for final touchdown." This was based on an unmanned 1st launch with a Saturn V, and a LM Taxi would bring the crew to the surface on the next launch opportunity.
  12. And Skylab will be compatible with BDB, and could you possibly make Skylab as a standalone config for this also? I've been researching many different lab concepts throughout the early US space era and stumbled upon a few which I think would great in this mod. I will say the Apollo LMAL would still make a great addition to this mod, as it bridges Gemini and Apollo quite nicely: Another interesting one I found bridged Mercury and Gemini, The Mercury Space Station. In 1960, McDonnell suggested building a secondary, cylindrical capsule with the main Mercury capsule mounted to one end, and then sticking the whole thing on top of an Atlas LV-3B to fire it into space for a 14 day science lab. Since it would be too heavy for that rocket to lift, the new capsule would have an Agena motor attached to its other end, which would finish pushing the spaceship into orbit. There were two variants as to the challenge of designing such a station (more so imo with the mechanics game-wise): The Mercury Station never got built and likely the kicker was that the Mercury was pretty much an experimental craft. It was never intended to be upgraded and so McDonnell had to resort to a remarkable kludge just to let the astronaut onboard climb between the two pressurized volumes. Ideally there would have been a tunnel directly between the two when they were docked normally, but the Mercury’s retrorockets were in the way. So as designed, this craft would have had to take one of two approaches. Either the Mercury would stay in place and an inflatable half-toroid would join the hatch on the side of the capsule with the hatch on the secondary module, or else the Mercury would bend backwards on a hinge until its side hatch actually touched the side of the new capsule. Only then would the astronaut be able to clamber from one to the other. This concept is particularly interesting and would love to see the inflatable toroid version myself Sorry for the big post and large pics, but I have been working a lot and haven't had a chance to post. One more thing, looking over the Mercury capsule, I noticed in that it had a drogue chute in the top cone that did detach for the primary chute to deploy. This would be a nice perspective, as a watch the goo science either explode, or fall to it's demise down below me
  13. I looked over the PDF file, most impressive! I had noticed another med-heavy LV missing? The Muo V/ Atlas V? Wasn't sure though if all the parts were in game or not, but I've managed to build it
  14. Atlas was my favorite old LV in the early-era space race... Props to the 1.5 stage design! I would've thought it'd be pretty amazing to see the 1.5 S-IC stage, the S-ID
  15. I'm genuinely excited to do some AAP Missions using said LEM, I've been waiting to do AAP for a long time considering the high part counts on my aesthetic-looking crafts from stock parts. Some cool additions would be the LM Truck, and possibly the LESS in case of extreme emergencies of failures and damages beyond repair. I do recall a report where the astronauts would strip propellant tanks and the landing legs from the disabled LM and build an escape device some cool concepts https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/LM23_LM_Derivatives_LMD1-13.pdf https://falsesteps.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/less-the-lunar-escape-system/
  16. I did mention this a while ago... American manned space station. Study 1968. AKA: Lunar Module Adapter Laboratory. Status: Study 1968. Date: 1968. This was one of 18 conceptual designs published 25 April 1968 for the Earth-orbital spacecraft lunar module adapter laboratory prepared by spacecraft design experts of the MSC Advanced Spacecraft Technology Division. The configuration was developed to illustrate the extent to which the building block philosophy could be carried. It would utilize both Gemini and Apollo spacecraft and would require 2 unmanned launches and 10 manned logistic launches. The report was published 25 April 1968. - From Astronautix
  17. If I may, just for fun I did compile a list of all the Saturn Series (including INT variants) all the way to the dreaded Saturn V-4X(U), most of them should fit inside the VAB if downsizing diameter and length, shouldn't they? I mean 5m or so to spare isn't really a whole lot of room, but they could fit
  18. Hey all, sorry for the long delay but I think it was a conflict with some of the mods I was using, particularly imo was the DMscience animate, but a new install and fresh mods got it working
  19. the SRM; even if I right clicked the start engine button it would not let me engage the engine.
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