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  1. I got it working, had to place both the .dlls in the plugin folder... BTW, I added your name to my latest map and will continue doing so for future maps
  2. Hello there! A few of you know me as /u/Psycho8890 from /r/kerbalspaceprogram, for the many who don't, I am Dan and I create maps for the various planets in the Kerbol system. My maps include topographic data, biome data and slope data among other things, but too the point... I would like to add these maps to the KSP wiki eventually, right now I would like some criticism first... What projection system would be better, colour schemes layout of the maps, etc. Below is an example of a new map I made and for the rest of the maps I have made check the link in my signature! Topographic Map of Kerbin by Purple Dan, on Flickr
  3. I am back working on these maps again... latest map is Kerbin! Topographic Map of Kerbin by Purple Dan, on Flickr
  4. @stupid_chris Is there any way to get this working with KSP 1.1.2? Thank you
  5. I got my PC fixed, going to start working on these maps again... It has been a while.
  6. A quick post to prove I am still alive Unfortunately my graphics card recently broke so I am unable to produce maps until I am able to get a new one, Sorry for the people who were looking forward for more maps
  7. Thats awesome, I am looking forward to it. Currently still busy with Uni work... Will be making more maps near the end of the year
  8. Thank you, it took a while and a lot of constructive feedback to get it were it is now
  9. I can try something like you suggested, can't be to hard. The maps are already quite high res and is good enough for a poster... Check out the HD downloads in the spoilers And thank you @Prime Flux
  10. Hay man sure, You should PM me about what you need. I'd like to know what sort of maps you would need and what areas and at what scale you want them... I can literally customise everything for you
  11. It was a royal pain in the ass... negative values don't play nicely in arcgis without the right binary encoding. Took me an age to get a proper encoder and to write a proper header for the files to load and display accurately
  12. Hello there Mods. Could any of you remove the poll from my GIS-Octopus thread linked in my sig. Thank you
  13. Laythe maps are done! Could a MOD please remove my poll from the thread.