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  1. Excellent job, hopefully someone will make a tree that follows pre nasa/nasa as closely as possible. Only basic plane stuff should be unlocked to begin with. Or maybe unlock parts that resemble what nasa had in its first year, for the starting parts and go from there.
  2. Does anyone know if its possible to do cyclic trajectors, like in Buz Aaldrins puporsal for kunar and mars colonisation. Heres a pdf"explaining" it. If you can, i only understand the basic principal not how to work out, if you even can and how you would translate it to ksp. http://buzzaldrin.com/files/pdf/1985.10.28.ALDRIN_SAIC_PAPER.Cyclic_Trajectory_Concepts.pdf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_cycler So any idea if its possible and how you would even start to work it out, it would be cool to set one up for every planet. I assuming the pphysics isnt accurate enough and you would get drift,
  3. any chance you can annotate it, im not sure what exactly you're doing with the lat/long and how you're minimising the horizontal velocity. Great video by the way. And squad need to hire Kevin, this so needs to be baked into ksp, and be able to use g sensors, heat sensors, air density sensors etc.
  4. I imagine it can't be to hard to integrate it in to a future version of KOS as ksp must have the values as it displays it on the nab ball. We just need a SURretrograde and a surprograde
  5. Is there a way to do retrograde but with surface information, rather than orbit. Failing that a way to work out the steering coordinates for it.
  6. Sorry more questions, I get a Error on line 38 : unrecognised term ''. On line 38 is the close to an if statment }. Bit confused.
  7. How are you making the flight computer? How do you display the options and just click in them, no so interested in using the built in modules, but would like to make my own. Also back to KOS general, I'm not a programmer and I'm sure many more aren't, there's a list of instructions on the help page, but not a list of how to use them all, loops, checking etc. would be great if you could make a better help page with far more full lines of code examples I still can't see how to check if a value is between two numbers. Check if it is higher, lower or equal is easy. But can't seem to get say check
  8. Thanks got it working by creating a Txt file in the archive file, as long as I edit and save it in a text editor and only copy it in game, then it works, it still won't save in game. If I have an until loop. What is the proper syntax for checking if If Verticalspeed >-3 <0 { It doesn't throw up a syntax error, but doesn't appear to work either. Sorry for so many questions trying to figure it all out. I expect this is because the speed isn't actually -3 it's just 3 but in a down direction, so is there a way for checking if the velocity is going towards or away for the planet. Edit - ac
  9. How do you work out TWR I assume you use maxthrust and mass, but what's the equation. Is it (mass x9.81)/maxthrust ? Also the save and copy from achieve aren't working, where is the archive folder meant to be?
  10. This is really interesting. But does anyone know the equations for ideal trajectory and ideal velocity for different altitudes to obtain an orbit around kerbin.
  11. Is it broke for just me. But when the wing is still green it shows the centre of lift, as soon as I attach it, the lift change back to how it would be if procedural wings weren't there and on the runway it appears to generate no lift. Am I doing something wrong or? Anyway to fix the I assume its the mesh so you can attach stuff properly to the wing surface.
  12. How do you install this? Nothing shows up, when the games loaded, the file structure, well what file structure compared to other add-ons. Confused
  13. Am I blind? Or is there no target pro/retrograde in smart a.s.s or is it hurried in another section. If not can we have it please. Also loving version 2.
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