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  1. I am trying to troubleshoot my KSP but not sure what do I look for to find out which mod is causing the error. It loads the game gets to the main screen and I am not able to select any of menu. Player.log KSP.log
  2. Not sure if this is relative to get KRD to work, but JPLRepo mentioned a upgrade module in the Modder's Notes for 1.2
  3. There is already one available in the AoATech, but it is a twin seater version and has no IVA space complete.
  4. It is from [1.9.1]Automated Aerial Refueling System Continued.
  5. Does anyone have the same issue that neither the fuel lines, the kickback SRB and the RE-L10 Poodle show up in the game? Edit: I forgot to delete the patch was used to temporary whitelisted the parts that were not working from 1.10
  6. That is odd. All I did was converted the texture from DXT3 to DXT5 type. But I did replaced each texture individual. I didn't convert any from the HUDs
  7. What other textures are you missing? Can you post your log?
  8. I got mine to work for a bit while we get an official update from KernowdenKerbin. I linked the folder with the temporarily fix. All that is needs to be done is copy the files individually into the correct folder. Each folder has the name of the folder it needs to go to in the mod: GameData/NMB/Props. Just make sure to backup the whole mod file before replacing, in case of failure. Use at your own risk.
  9. It is because the textures are in DXT3 and not the DXT5 which KSP 1.8.X and 1.9.X uses. As well as the resolution is not in the right setting
  10. Here is my KSP log. As seen at the bottom, KSP dont' load NMB type20 launcher, IVA2 Base Color or IVA2 Base Color 1
  11. Has anyone have the same error with the RPM? [LOG 22:22:09.122] Load(Texture): JSI/RasterPropMonitor/Library/Components/NavBall/HDG [WRN 22:22:09.134] Texture resolution is not valid for compression: 'E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\JSI\RasterPropMonitor\Library\Components\NavBall\HDG.png' - consider changing the image's width and height to enable compression
  12. I looks like it has to do with the handrail's textures. The textures used was in a DXT3. KSP 1.8.1 doesn't support it anymore. It switch to DXT5
  13. Where is that patch located and also, how do you install it?
  14. I check the part compiler and see a few errors in loading props, but it show that it is compiled the cockpit correctly. ***Update*** I have to download CollisionFX but it still doesn't not load the part. The game keeps saying it is missing the part Game Image
  15. The version of KSP that I am using is 1.8.1 with the both DLCs. Where do I look to see what parts are complied?
  16. Does anyone have the issue of the F18C cockpit part not appearing?
  17. I planned to use it as a structural piece along the bottom of my craft to make it lighter.
  18. Are there any plans to add a pre-cooler for the new MK3S or a hollowed-out version of the MK3S tanks?
  19. You can manually delete the radar in the config file of each cockpit. Just look for ModularRadar and delete the Module related to that.
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