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  1. thank you, though it should really be more obvious that way more people know about it
  2. So I was doing a complete re-install of ksp and as such deleted the kerbalx mod and when i looked to download it again i couldn't find it anywhere on the home page of kerbalx, as something so useful and something you were trying to promote i think it would be good to have it displayed somewhere on the main page. Not necessarily in everyone's' face but at least a little link at the bottom. -Sincerely Your Companion Cube
  3. before asking a question please read the previous comments, this problem and many others have been answered already, as to you problem, BD Armory addons (like this one) are instaled like any other mod you just put them into gamedata not the BD Armory folder itself.
  4. please read previous comments before asking your question, this particular question was answered a few comments ago.
  5. i would like to share this resource on munition prices because i feel that some of the missles and bombs may ba a bit cheap (though kerbal money is more valuable than the USD) http://fas.org/man/dod-101/usaf/docs/munition-cost-11-1.htm
  6. actually you just need the weapon manager then you can use any weapons action groups are not required
  7. spanner could you start your own thread or is that against the rules? i ask because it would make this much easier to follow.
  8. yeah it's like never enuf dakka with better models, decent scale, and hitboxes that actually make some kind of sense. so it's a very much not a bad thing
  9. hey so just thought i would let you know that on your kerbal stuff page it said that this is on CKAN and yet i can't seem to find it, and i would love to see it on CKAN
  10. so i love this mod it's great as are all your mods BD but i have a small problem when trying to put boats on the water, it thinks the "surface" it shold land on is the terrain below the water which has brought about many a disintegrated ship just thought i'd let you know
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