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  1. I started a new career for 1.4, and this time I decided I wanted to be as efficient as possible in regards to delta v so I started to use delta v maps to help me plan out rockets rather than just winging it and over building. Made a nice rocket for the intent of getting a Mun orbit and a bit of basic science stuff. Everything went well, I had a lovely fuel efficient rocket... But I forgot one very important thing. Jeb at some point wanted to come back from Mun orbit. Yep, I completely forgot to factor in delta v for the return trip.
  2. It's not limited to linux either. I have the same issue on Win10. Only affects the icons on the top line.
  3. A few minor graphical issues for me. The tops of all the icons in VAB are missing. And there's this hideous legal waffle on load instead of the beautiful kerbal screens there used to be. I guess I should be happy that's the only things that bother me. (well that and the obvious outdated mod issues) I guess the question is, do I wait for my mods to be updated, or start over again and just add them back as they become available. Hmm. Choices choices.
  4. The decision to de-orbit my Big A(rear) Satellite. When I made it I was so proud of it, it might not be a looker but it was the first manned satellite I ever launched. However because of a weak system at the time, resupply missions became a real pain at 7FPS. I also knew it was going to be an FPS killer, but I intended to take off multiple parts like the side mounted RCS tanks, additional lighting and thrusters used for docking the bits of station together to help reduce part count. So the decision was made to abandon and de-orbit. The tug used to move it out of Polar orbit is still attac
  5. Beats paying him for overtime I guess. I've never lost a Kerbal in career, came close a few times. I mean there was that remotely flown tourist thing one time, but we don't talk about that.
  6. So I just ran a quick test, a basic rocket with 51 parts (I may have gone overboard with the solar panels, batteries, and comms). This was an unmanned flight. Apo 131k and Peri 80k Kerbal time reported a mission of 3m45s, Real time was 3m51s If you want to share a specific rocket with a specific Ap/Peri I'd be happy to run the test again.
  7. Didn't the ISS switch exclusively to linux back in 2013?
  8. Last mission of the day was to take up the 2nd half of the array. Managed to get a rendezvous with the station of 0.0 separation and 7.2m/s relative speed. Quite chuffed with that. I'm either coming in much faster or I have to force the rendezvous a little. Did involve two orbits to do it though. Messed up the initial orbit burn and went to 350k instead of 250k. Oopsie. If you look carefully you can just make out the command pod to the right hand side of the top/right most solar panel. Gratuitous horribly inefficient rocket shot.
  9. Today I have mostly been building a new space station for Minmus (contract). The main command module was taken up first via shuttle (vertical lift) the array was taken up the following day via rocket. There were slight issues with the array in that someone forgot to include command/control options, so when the command ship disconnected from the 6-way the array had no control and would have been stranded 30 metres away from the Command module, fortunately there was still some mono-propellent left in the Command Module to use that to connect to the array and 6-way. Small blessings.
  10. For me it depends entirely on the situation. In general if it means going into ALT+F12 and clicking on that wee section called "cheats" then it's cheating. But it also depends what I am doing, if I am just messing about for kicks then there is nothing I would consider cheating. If I am playing career (which I take seriously) then using the cheat menu if I run out of fuel etc is cheating. To some extent using the quick save/load system on a user error is also "cheating" because you are by passing the consequences of your actions. Using it because of the Kraken is fine. That said I som
  11. RCS. I like to keep things somewhat realistic. But it really depends on what I am doing and how much time I have. If I don't have much time, like maybe I only have time to do that one mission, I am more likely to speed things up by using the engines. But if I have plenty of time I will get within 200 meters and then RCS only.
  12. 78 currently and that is after I removed a few I don't feel are needed in 1.3x. Why? I believe it's already been said. KSP is good, but it misses a lot of features that I am really surprised weren't considered for stock. In some cases it's because I just want a bit more variety and options, I also like making planes so many packs are plane packs.
  13. That's generally not true. Most people prefer a game to have content as stock/DLC because they know it means it will work with all future updates without having to wait for modders to update. Read through the forums here in the "what mods would you like to see in official update" type threads. They're full of mods people want as stock and although I'm sure they would rather have them as free updates, you can bet most would pay for it as DLC too. Some people might not want to pay, that's normal. But it's not really about "it used to be free" it's more a case of "It's not worth paying
  14. Well this is great news. All those people who hated the fact the price per kerbal increases with the more Kerbals you've hired can now rejoice when the recruitment agency offers you a $1 per kerbal micro-transaction options. That started as a joke, let's hope it continues to be one a year from now. If I am honest, it doesn't really bother me, there's nothing I can do about it and as long as it doesn't negatively affect KSP than that's all that really matters to me. But as was mentioned above, I too will start keeping a back up of game files with each update "just in case". Hope
  15. TBH I don't care in the slightest. I watch videos to be entertained, his videos are entertaining. I do believe he should have noted in the video that he was using modified parts or infinite fuel, but all in all, I don't watch videos because I want the person to be doing everything by the book. I want to be entertained. Yes I do enjoy videos of that nature that are 100% legit, I specifically subbed to Matt's channel because of his "X Kerbals to X location" videos, I can understand why some people are annoyed, if you watch videos like this because it's something you want to do yourself
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