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  1. I got fed up of constant game crashes (mods vs ram) so when I heard 1.1 is coming I decided to stop playing KPS until it was released. Having spotted this topic yesterday, my desire to play has also returned. But given that I will be starting fresh with 1.1 I am resisting the urge. It hasn't been too bad as I have been beta testing for two other games, but with their current beta phase ending this week and KPS pre-release on the horizon, I am having a hard time keeping myself distracted.
  2. Personally I do neither. I just say Kerbal Space Program :P even when I read it, it auto-translates to the full words in my brain. Ya know cos I'm weird like that. Technically though KSP is an initialism, therefore English Language dictates you say it the letters. ;)
  3. Once a clone has free will it is its own person and can make its own choices. If it has cloned memories it may still use the originals history to make decisions but those decisions may not be the same clone to clone. Sincerely Kerbal Bioengineer Department.
  4. *Enters KPS changes random Kerbal's name to kiwi1960 Kerman... Time for a test flight.
  5. I'm honestly surprised it wasn't just added to the base game with this update.
  6. Very slowly. I tend to play the game in my own controlled manner. I'm not a grinder, and I like to take my time with tech. For example; when I start a new career I don't just shove Jeb on top of a flea and launch him. I will raise the fuel and thrust and progressively rather than go all out in the first launch. Mostly due to the fact when I was playing the demo I had the Kerbal Protection agency on my back for mass murder through negligence.
  7. You're probably already aware of the issue, but 1.0.5 seems to have broken the RADAR Altimetry Sensor for me. There's absolutely no right click menu when Rclicking the part on a craft.
  8. I completed the 10k altitude test in two different flights by accident. I want to do these contracts with aircraft, but I acquired the height doing a rocket test, then acquired the landing part during take-off of my bi-plane when going to the island as it was on the runway long enough for the timer. Is it at all possible to make these altitude ones only "complete" when all parameters are met within a single flight?
  9. I've run Kerbal on both HDD and SDD (and it makes no difference I might add) currently it's on my SSD.
  10. Right now it's other. I've started a highly modded career, so I am still getting used to landing low altitude air craft. My issue is balancing lift with weight. My current jet requires me to approach at 140m/s to keep enough lift so I don't nose down. The breaks on the first set of wheels are so useless for this I have to approach over the sea and expect to come to a full stop 3,000meters away from KPS. Sure I could use parachutes, but where's the fun in that?
  11. I take it the topic starter doesn't own a dictionary. I'm pretty sure the definitions of 'cheat' and 'cheating' are in there. But if you want an opinion: Yes it is. You are cheating yourself by not adhering to the game boundries in career. (You may as well just be in sandbox) Does anyone care: No.
  12. I play at 1920x1080p given that my "monitor" is a Sony Bravia TV and that is its highest resolution.
  13. Today I decided to start a new career with a bunch of procedural mods installed. All was going well and after a few suborbital tourist runs to gain a bit of cash to upgrade a few buildings, I decided it was time to try for the 2,500m/s target. Now I have already unlocked the stayputnik, so I figured I would go for an unmanned run which lifted safety off the table. No Kerbals are dying on my watch! So my basic set up was a stayputnik on top of a conical procedural solid fuel booster with the max allowable thruster. The first tests showed that there just wasn't enough fuel to hit the required speed. So I went two staged, basically the same set up with a decoupler and the same conical solid booster underneath. My intent was to give it some speed and altitude, ditch the stage and let that final stage do its things. It didn't all go to plan. Entering stage two, the rocket hit 1000m/s and promptly exploded due to drag/overheating. Back in the VAB I decided on two things. First I would add a couple of fleas to the first stage, not so much for the speed but to help it get higher faster, hoping it would be high enough that drag wasn't an issue. I also added radiators to the SPN in an octagonal formation so that the top was completely covered and it spiralled back in a conical fashion. Help radiate the heat and be somewhat aerodynamic. My plan was somewhat successful, the rocket was able to survive a lot more drag/heat reaching a whopping 1900m/s before succumbing to inevitable destruction. So I decided a redesign was in order. I kept the final stage as is, but chose a liquid fuel option for the first stage. My thinking being, a slower accent to reach a higher altitude before firing the final stage. Just to help get it off the ground I added some thumpers. Well, this new idea certainly did the job. By the time I jettisoned the first stage I was already well past 20k, with less drag at high altitude the final stage managed to hit 2,500m/s without a problem and it kept goings. I was wondering how far the rocket would go before Kerbin's SOI would pull it back, so I put it on 4x warp and celebrated my victory with a fizzy drink and that's went the Mun flew past. It took me a moment to realise what I just saw. Switching to the orbital map to I was surprised to see that I had managed to push my rocket into a solar orbit. I quickly left Mission Control before any one asked why the monitors smell like Iron Bru.
  14. The only thing that bothers me about "is x cheating" threads, is the lack of understand of the word 'cheating'. Read a dictionary; save an unnecessary forum thread. KPS is a single player game, play it how you want. It doesn't affect any one else if you decide to use cheats or not.
  15. I took a rocket with a claw and big cargo hold to the Mun to recover a craft (contract). Didn't have the best Mun orbit, had to do some node work to get it all lined up, took some time and some work. Opened the cargo bay released the claw, grabbed the craft and had some issues getting back since the RCS thrusters were no longer at CoM. Finally made it back to the rocket after the clumsiest RCS work ever, only to find the thing was about 2inches too big! I did make sure the part fit in the VAB, what I forgot to do was include the length with the claw on it. *slow claps* So I returned the part into a Mun orbit and sent the claw into a decaying orbit out of anger before returning the rocket back to Kerbin.
  16. Space flights and orbits are very accurate things for a reason. It's good that Kerbal gives such exact parameters, as that is a realistic thing. Fortunately for us Kerbal is also very forgiving. I've put up a satellite that was over 600,000km out and it still popped as completed as I was about to adjust my trajectory. It could be a lot worse than it is.
  17. Today I have mostly been rescuing the weirdest thing from orbit. The claw was set up in such a way that I could have brought it home on it's own. But I wanted to see if I could return it to the cargo bay and bring it all back together. She may not be the most fuel efficient, but she did the job.
  18. I'm currently painting some gerbils green and sending them up in bottle rockets. I'm having a hard time grinding the science though.
  19. Am I the only one looking at these things thinking: Why can't I be this creative?
  20. He may have a problem. His laptop certainly does.
  21. Contracts are often require a little bit of thought. Just because you're taking tourists for a ride doesn't mean you can't use the opportunity to do other things like science experiments and the like. It really depends on how early you are in career to what you can do to make the trip worth while. A basic rocket capable of Kerbal Orbit isn't going to cost you too much, but you do want to design it with multiple contracts in mind. For example a recent contract I had for Ferrying 5 Tourists and a contract for landing a station on the Mun. Now the vessel I use for tourists that want to goto Minmus/Mun costs 262,038 (includes the ports/antenna for the Mun Station contract) and the contract for the Mun station landing was 78,416 advance and 208,129 on completion. Now yes, the total amount would be just over 20k more than the cost, but a 20k return isn't much when you consider the expense. So I took the tourists with me. My completion total was in excess of 688,731 well worth the trip, this was just to tourist Newsy completing her full itinerary with the Mun landing. The point being, as I am sure has already been mentioned. Doing multiple contracts in one go is often the best way to do things when it comes to saving money. See what you have, see what you are capable of achieving with your tech level and make it work for you, and don't forget that you don't have to do contracts immediately, most of them have deadlines of years so if need be, accept the contracts and just hold onto them until you can do multiple ones together. It's best to upgrade your mission control building early so that you can store contracts as some of them, although maybe out of reach, give great advance bonuses.
  22. Clearly Jerbick accepted a tourist contract for a suborbital sun flight. After getting stuck he did the smartest thing he could. Ditched his tourist.
  23. I've been experimenting with an SSTO ship and making it into a 4 stage rocket w/shuttle as the craft doesn't have the fuel to get into a high orbit. Needless to say I mostly ended up doing back flips. The drag on the shuttle just forces back flips even with the engines on for the shuttle. It is a bit large though, so maybe a new shuttle design would work better. I suppose the saving grace is I remembered to set up an abort sequence so at least there were no Kerbal losses.
  24. So I have a few Tourist contracts with 6 kerbals who want to land on the Mun as well as a mun base contract capable of holding 5 kerbals, 1 antenna, and a docking port. I figured I would use my tourist vessel to complete both. Since my tourist vessel comprises of a MK1-2 command pod and a hitchhiker compartment, I thought, slap on the antenna and docking port and kill two birds with one stone. It's not like the Mun base has to stay on the Mun so long as it's stable for 10 seconds. All seemed to be going according to plan, not the most efficient Mun landing as I started to drift sideways with no RCS available. But other than that a good landing... That's when I realised I forgot my antenna and docking ports. The tourists all laughed at me, I was tempted to leave them on the Mun.
  25. I did that yesterday. Fortunately I realised while still on the launch pad.