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  1. Fire the review board. Let's face it; they're taking money for wages for sitting around talking about something no Kerbal can rectify. So fire the useless muppets and move on.
  2. I currently have 10 rescued Kerbals on an even 5/5 split.
  3. I wouldn't avoid the suborbital sun ones, you'll get the reward simply for changing the trajectory to suborbital and back again instantly. You don't really have to fly suicidally into the sun to do it. The only time I truly go suborbital for tourists is if one of them also wants to land somewhere. Other wise I just do a quick retrograde burn to change trajectory and then prograde to keep it in the orbit/leave orbit. I suppose it depends how your view them. I don't see travel itineraries as something to be done all at once, but things to do over time. So having differing itineraries makes sense, no one said you have to take all the tourists together, so why should they all be forced to go to the same place?
  4. I haven't hired any one as I really don't see the need to, I haven't killed any Kerbals in my current career and I have no need for more at this time thanks to early rescue missions. Iif I was to hire one I would be looking around the 328,500 mark now, so the price is certainly ridiculous. If I am completely honest, if I needed a new Kerbal I would either use the cheat console to give myself the money for one or trigger a rescue mission and hope it was the right class. I'm not a fan of cheating, I just dislike the kerbal buying scheme that much.
  5. When you come up against an issue and ending up dreaming about it that night and your dream gives you a workable solution.
  6. Just fill the tanks with enough fuel to take off and make a return course, then glide back or use the old runway on the Island just off the coast. Beats spending time making an additional craft just for what is essentially a simulated run.
  7. I don't use mechjeb, I prefer to play the game myself rather than watch mechjeb do it for me. I may not be the best pilot, but doing it myself means I am also learning how to play it better.
  8. I too would like a more realistically structured career/tech tree that starts from the beginning. Why am I making basic rockets when my kerbals haven't even mastered craft with propellers. If I had a perfect dream of an extended career mode it would be something like this: Starting off with basic manned ground probes for basic science exploration in and around KSC then allow you to pick a branch between advanced ground probes (still manned) that allow for further and faster travel for surveying further afield, or look towards flight. First flight aspects would be debatable of course. I wouldn't say no to hot air balloons leading into gliders > prop planes > jet engines and so on. They could even make the tech tree two fold. Give you the option of buying tech that is of a similar nature for a higher price (both science and money) or for a reduced cost, give you a tech tree specific to what you are wanting to achieve. Be it low/high altitude craft or rocketry. The Kerbal pricing is certainly a sore point. I believe they may have gone in this direction due to the lack of any real wage system, so the cost increases as it is one off. Maybe if they gave the Kerbals wages, they could do away with the otherwise silly system. Kerbals could be hired for X a week, with skill levels changing the base price. Then add risk bonuses on for first flight tests, space bonuses that increase the longer a kerbal is not within Kerbin's atmosphere. This would give you more to think about with money than just hiking up the price per hire. So far with contracts I haven't really had anything pop up yet that would be outside of my current tech abilities. So it's hard to really say what I do and don't like there. One thing I would really like to see added though, is the ability to put something in the cargo hold and have a Kerbal EVA to strap it down so it can be returned to Kerbin without having to use the Klaw to return it home.
  9. Building space stations. I lack creative vision alongside how to get it up there. I'm in the process of building a kerbal Space Station (which I eventually plan to move to Minmus or the Mun) The first stage is in orbit and consists of a Science module, hitchhiker module, mk1 pod + the usual power/RCS related things. Stage 2 is to launch and dock at least two of the Rockomax Jumbo-64 tanks and eventually some RCS tanks. I intend it to be a cross between a fuelling station and a science station, hence the plan to move it to one of the nearby moons. I am now stuck on the best way to get the tanks up there with good RCS manoeuvrability for docking as well as the thrust required to reach orbit. Stage 3 will probably include more solar panels and power storage to supplement the basic ones on the initial stage. Then of course I have to figure out how to get the thing to where ever I decide to send it.
  10. Water is an illusion. It's just blue grass that acts like sinking sand when anything is placed on it.
  11. Moh1336

    Heat Wave...

    No AC here either. My CPU is usually around 20-30C at idle, but this heat has had it up around 40-50c at idle the past week. Hasn't stopped me jumping on KSP though. The room temp has been hovering around 31c so keeping a close eye on PC temps as you can imagine. It does help that I have a ceiling fan in here though.
  12. Valentina used to be my favourite. Jeb is my sacrificial lamb if I feel something may go badly wrong.
  13. Today I was mostly landing on the roof of the R&D Building.
  14. I was travelling over 900m/s in my new high altitude plane to reach the last "above 19,000ft" of a temperature scan contract. Seeing how the marker was on the other side of the planet I kept jumping to x4 and back to x1 to do any necessary course corrections/altitude corrections. Noticed that my altitude was dropping, pulled up while still at x4 speed. It did not end well. 900m/s turned into 900 pieces of broken air craft. Oops.
  15. Today I mostly shoved random parts on fuselage to make a high altitude plane for those "temperature scans above 18k" contracts. Took her for a test flight (read: forgot to put thermometres on it, so I'm calling it a test flight) and she performed very well. Hit 1,220m/s very fast then tore itself apart because I was so busy watching the speed climb that I forgot to slow her down again.
  16. I don't see any reason not to update. I just started a new career a few days prior to 1.0.3 being released, so any issues with ships is minimal for me. I had nothing in orbit and no space stations to worry about. I bought the game when it was on 1.0.2 so I have no idea what earlier versions may have been like.
  17. My main goal is to reach the furthest celestial body, without science mining, anything else to me is the in between stuff. Whether that is rescues, part testing, simulated flights for fuel consumption checks or tourist flights.
  18. I don't hate anything about it, I do have a few pet peeves but they're aren't so much things that are wrong than they are things that are missing. A good example is the ability to set way points, paint creations and resize stock parts as needed. While I am fully aware there are mods for this, I do feel that the way points and resizing are things that should be in as default. One day I would also like to see a redesigned or second career mode. What we have right now is very good, I'm not criticizing it by any means. But after using Kerbal Aircraft Expansion, it makes me think it could be more. Sure it's Kerbal Space Program, but space flight came after air flight. So why not have the option of starting from wooden, barely flyable contraptions, to prop air craft and jet air craft. A long natural progression to space craft and space exploration.
  19. Today I have been making my first space plane. I'm sure a few of you may recognise the design as the one for Scott Manley's tutorial series. I got a humorous surprise when I did an IVA with the co-pilot. Though I'm sure it's old news to those of you who have been playing longer than I.
  20. I'm sure my old English teacher would moan about the overuse of the word moan in your moaning about moaners moaning about people having a moan comment.
  21. I was opening chutes at 280m/s today with out issue, though I tend to aim for 250m/s. I maybe imagining it, but I think they now take longer to fully deploy or simply don't slow you down a fast.
  22. I crashed him and his helicopter into a mountain earlier. I think that'd probably do it. A 65km walk back to base
  23. Would this sort of thing affect saved ships in the VAB/SPH, or would it just be ones that are active in the game?
  24. Here's my list having just done my last contracted rescue mission around Kerbin: 1 Scientist (female) 2 Engineers (the last one was an Engineer and both male.) 5 Pilots. (2 female)