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  1. Uhm... I don't really think that there is one... But honestly, I got sick of Liquid Hydrogen, I deleted the file that was doing it, so now my Nuclear Engines only use normal liquid fuel. <3
  2. I rather use the Extended Hangar plugin - - - Updated - - - That is a very huge ship Borsek... Wish I could build that big, but my CPU commits suicide when I do that.
  3. We all like to build spacecrafts right? Sometimes we create small, medium, or big crafts. But sometimes we just want to watch the world burn and make Behemoth crafts, with such weight that we need even more fuel and bigger engines to make it going... So after all that, show us the biggest craft you have ever built, and how many tons and parts it has... My little beast might be very small compared to the others I might see. But this is HWSS Osiris, it weights over 3800 tons, and it has 247 parts. I forgot to take pictures while flying... I have built this beast for a "Go and Back" mission to
  4. Some sort of dark magic of the Kraken made my ship bounce at Lauching Pad... And it started dancing...
  5. HOLY KERBAL GOD!! That Launch Control Center looks exactly the same!! It looks like they literally copied and pasted
  6. LOLZ, no no no, I'm talking about the design itself, the motivation and ideas simply vanish when you try building it... Like this one down here, I WANNA DO EET, but my brain refuses to let all the ideas take place in the VAB
  7. So basically today I woke up and was like: "Today I'm going to build a huge station with so much [email protected] and it will be awesome and so much wow", then you open the VAB and blank, you have no Idea on where to start or how it will fuction, sometimes you build something but you think it looks like crap and don't even know how you will lift it or how far it can get... Am I the only one that ever feel that every fricking time? I have a huge problem on building huge ships or permanent stations...
  8. Maybe the aliens gave up on the Kerbals, so they quit trying to send the message...
  9. He is dead... Yeah, you know, that happens to all of us and- OMG I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!
  10. As long as I know... Nova gave us a reading about that, that all the easter eggs were connected somehow, and that the SSTV signal was just a part of a big puzzle. That is veeery odd, love it.
  11. This is the SSTV image that is transmitted after listening to the signal located at Duna, on a pyramid... I kinda looked at this and I thought it in a very weird way: 1- The pyarmid is kinda there, 100% that it is the Pyramid that sends the signal... It was a red line, might be a laser beam and it is poiting at something in the sky, so it might be sending something to it, or receiving something... Probably receiving the SSTV signal to be transmitted, like showing how the message was transmitted... 2- The orange planet at the corner is obviously Duna, you can see the frozen poles on it. Maybe a
  12. Forget the multiplayer plugins, I'm talking about an official release, allowing you to create servers with friends and stuff... Do you think it would ever be possible? I guess the only thing that makes it hard is the Time-Warp in multiplayer mode...
  13. Yay... I finally found it, and claimed as my property, with a flag on it... <3
  14. Now that I think about it, that might explaing the Report while I was flying around the poles... I seriously thought it was the Magic Bolder.
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