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  1. Hey, just a quick note: I love the idea of this mod! And it seems to be quite sophisticated already, especially with the fancy visuals and I already spent quite some good time "Beyond Home". Maybe it would be nice to update the install instructions for up-to-date gameversion, but I guess you already had that in mind for your next update. I expected a much bigger impact on framerate, in fact your mod seems to be optimized very well regarding this, gj! Thanks for your work, keep going!
  2. duuuude that looks promising, just what I wanted! LETS GIVE IT A TRY! edit: Wow even compatible with snacks, good thinking bro.
  3. thanks for updating this great mod, I waited patiently! :) Is there already a down-scale version available for the new version? Any heads up?
  4. squad sadly really screwed up on this, yes they are not to blame for the shutdown, yet they failed to response to all the things happened with common sense. Curse is from the past century and just sucks, sorry.
  5. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE - BEST MOD - THANKS Which Visual Enhancement Mod do you recommend for your mod? EDIT: something is wrong, before I can even reach the moon I somehow always leave the gravitational field of the earth. wat
  6. Thanks for pushing the release date to 2016, I appreciate that you rather release quality. :)
  7. So I installed RSS together with this mod and the Historic Missions Contracts - so far I have a ....load of fun, thanks my friend. Is there a way to get clouds up and working with this? So far I had no luck trying different methods - has anyone succeeded and could give me a heads-up?
  8. It was not only correct, but lovely aswell. Thanks for the heads-up!
  9. Having spent over 400 hours on this game, I can pretty much agree with the OP. I tried almost all mods that are out there and still, there is always this point in the game where you have built your stuff, sent it to other planets, landed more or less carefully and done the experiments - and then? Besides building more and more advanced stuff, there isn't really long time motivation in this game - besides new mods. But I am not being a negative nancy here, I am sure the developers are aware of this fact. I agree that there are more important things atm, and this is first and foremost the engine update to unity 5. Once this is done, all the somewhat anoying restrictions of a 32-bit program are gone and we can have all them mods without a screwed up framerate. Once Unity 5 is up and running, I am sure the devs will start to work on that long time motivation - having already begun with contextual contracts.