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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    hype? anyone?
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread Seems about the right size to me.
  3. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No one posted this yet?
  4. Camera Obscura

    Cool, but I don't feel like covering my room in photographic paper
  5. Camera Obscura

    When the roller blinds in my room are almost closed, magical horizontal lines appear on the wall. I realized that those lines correspond to the horizontal features of the neighbor's house. This inspired me to convert my room to a camera obscura. For a long time, I was too lazy to actually do it. But I got bored yesterday, so I decided to put the idea to the test. I improvised a pinhole using stuff lying around: The result was pretty cool: Here is an enhanced image for your viewing pleasure: It is quite fun to see people walk by upside down on the wall
  6. Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    Hmm... where have I seen this before? Second stage recovery was part of the original plan afaik. Musk on the upper stage:
  7. Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    What happened to EDIT Oh nvm, it's now.
  8. Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    nah, they have done a t +0 abort
  9. Blue Origin Thread (merged)