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  1. Sirad

    I'm joining the Squad Team!!!

    Gratulations! Now Bugs get fixed ?
  2. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    My Girl is Born at the 21.07.1969...
  3. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    There are plenty of bugs that will never gets fixed, because the game sells quite well with them not being fixed. I've learned to deal with it and have already implemented a slalom-like style of playing the game by carefully avoiding all of the open ends and/or examples of sloppy or guess-driven coding :-)
  4. Sirad

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Not Today, Yesterday. Just for my own historical record. First manned Moon landing and Return to earth with Fullsize RSS.
  5. I Checked now. This works as intended, (i inserted both arguments) Thanks. Now i can Build large arrays that stay in shape. Quite cool.
  6. GREAT! Just ad a textfile containing this and put it in the dir where usually the mods are put in ?
  7. Kerbal style solutions: 'mount other panels on sticks' 'mount NO panels at all so turning is no problem' 'prevent moving your station so the panels dont turn' up to 'don't start KSP so this issue is not present' A MM fix would be fine....
  8. Yes. How can i prevent the Solar Panels turning to the Sun ? I want to Build a Station where the motion of the Panels would not look cool. If we had hinges i could create my own inflatable Solar Panel but we dont... So, how to manipulate the game to prevent the solar panels to stick to the sun ?
  9. Sirad

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    It is accurate anyway because 'next week' is not this week and points accurately. Its done when its done. i prefer waiting quite a very long value if its really done then.
  10. Sirad

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    ' And when devs are operating in a bug-rich environment... ' I love that Sentence. So the Dev's created their own microclimate... This is something self fulfilling aint ?
  11. Sirad

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    I have read carefulle but maybe i overread it. Will the offset Engines/Parts be fixed too ?
  12. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The FELT

    Since i would prefer to have the new Version right now... ..take the time to get it right, this time. no rushing needed. I can wait... all others can wait i want it NOW!
  13. Sirad

    Anyone else still playing 1.2?

    I use frequently 1.2.2. For Playing RSS.
  14. Sirad

    1.4.1 bugged to all hell. unplayable.

    Well, you already posted the points you were pulling out. I did not see any Point that claims 'Mods made Stock' Looks like a randomly picked list. Quickly Rushed and Buggy (dejavu) not usable for this half assed insinuation. - The game has actually many Bugs. Stated Fact. Even the Church of KSK had to agree. - The release got rushed out buggy. Well. I just corrected that statemend another user wrote about that the game is 'Pushed broken.' KSP it's not Broken. its IMHO actually half-assed done and Buggy. So instead pulling this nonsense out against me you should be happy about someone dont let this stand uncorrected. You didnt. You think its broken ? - i made a joke about that one guy who said its all so damn easy. he replied. i replied and the tiny dispute was settled. Some have humor, some not. I have. even now. - i mentioned that it is possible to design far more efficient rockets if you use Tools/Mods. This is what i get my fun out of it. ...Lots of Posts, you widely missed the Point. Bad Example. - i explained how i learned to master this game until that level to be able to eyeball things too. Did i mentioned it has to be done that way ? - Waiting for a working KSP. Well im not the only one. and this will stand here until Bug #5235 gets fixed. Gosh, You really make me laugh. While i still se not the slightest hint that i was forcing or stating 'Mods' has to be made stock i feel insulted, oh I really feel insulted. i dont feel insulted because someone insinuated me that i was pushing into the 'mods made stock' sheme, no... I feel insulted because it was done so sloppy and with no proper love for the needed details. You must know, it is a sign of disrespect i absolutely love Details. I deserve to get my written word turned into utter lies and nonsense, a proper, stylish and well outthought way.... Besides that and all the Bugs this game currently has, an objective look to the way this game is actually heading and the way it MAY possibly go, leads to the insight that we, alltogether here and everyone who already bought the Game wont buy it a second time to support tce Cause of T2 (and a fraction of Squad) Maybe a lot here will pretend to do but at least---- So the Only way this game will live on is: New Customers. After all the Years i suggest that any Nerd in this Planetary system (and i proudly count myself to that group of dedicated Players) already own that game. Most of us even get the DLC's for free. So What kind of Future Customers this game is lurking at to wash in additional cash ? The un-nerdy-average-gamer. (oh what a blasphemic sentence) So we have a Game with no seriuos ingame help where a few additional graphics that could be F1-ed ingame would help the average gamer. Half assed features like the 'Radar Altimeter' could enter the Game fully, not hidden somewhere in IVA view, the a-1000-times mentioned DV Readout could enter the game too. There is Plenty of stuff that could enter the game to open it for a wider audience. Not for the sake of 'Mods made Stock' but for the sake of getting the Cash or get dropped. The decisions what to do are upon T2 at least. What does the average gamer do, who intentionally or accidentally Buys that game. He starts it. If he is a Nerd, he continues because he loves spaceflight and is willing to swim from dover to calais because of reasons. If he is a Typical gamer he tries to understand how it works and if he reaches no sucess in a specific amount of Time he drops it and writes a [snip] review. Or refund it. (oh what a blasphemic view) But this is how it goes. So we all know. whatever amount of money were earned selling this game long time ago is lost. any future Development only will happen if this game will open for a wider auditorium. And future customers entering. And i tell you a secret: We are not the average Gamer/Whale/Whatever kind of customer T2 is looking at. The development of the game has to, should go on for a long time because plenty Users are waiting for New features/new parts. Fact: No new customers no new content. T2 is no charity foundation. Im here because i like this game. Most of the Times... I expected more.
  15. Sirad

    The No Contract Career Challenge

    Great challenge!