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  1. So what's up with all the Buyers that are not here present in the Forum ? Just like 'the plans were available for viewing at alpha centauri for several years, noone complained, now your Planet gets destroyed' This may not come into validity in EU. Maybe in Zimbabwe ? North Corea ?
  2. Sirad

    KSP Loading... Our New Dev Diary!

    Yes, indeed. I, as someone who just denied to put away his tinfoil head for a long, long time about the ongoing development of the Game, i must admit: There is something going on! Well, besides that, everything can be modded in, its quite good to see that old assets get an art pass and the Game is refreshed to leave the junkyard state (whoever wants the old parts, i bet there will be a mod for the old assets) I Love all those new things added, i love the new crew can added, that will perfectly fit for rovers. Now, if we flip over our rovers, until they explode, we can say: Damn they looked SLEEEEEEK until they went Boom.
  3. Sirad

    KSP Loading... Our New Dev Diary!

    Great Work! How about revamping and adding some structural Girder Parts for Starbases ? -- maybe the next Update ?
  4. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    THIS is Great! Well now im really thinking about taking of my Tinfoil Hat...
  5. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Yes of course. That would fit quite 2 good causes. He can donate all his money and do something good to make this game available for others.
  6. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    I just was asking a simple question. And the typical replys that come up long before those, who know, (The team here or T2 or whoever decides that) Answers it, makes me smile too. Something about the Past that does not answer what may happen in the Future. (sigh) I, for myself regret to see this game as a sort of 'Replacement Religion' and rather see it as a Game. A Game has costs, a Game holds Fun. Whatever Squad promised to us early acessors was not Part of any License agreement we signed so far so ANYTHING can happen nor? (if the 'we get any upgrades for free' was ever part of any license agreement, im wrong but....) There is the Team that may or may not answer this question. Defending something in advance by the obvious 'we got it all for free' does not in any way answers the Question. Sorry.
  7. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    I think it should be no hassle to get the bank account data from Squad and sending them some money. Just write an email to and ask for Bank data. Then afterwards come back and tell us how much money you contributed. that would be a good way, instead of writing over something that wouldnt happen init ?
  8. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Well. This week i have nothing to criticise, and this means something. Those new Tanks look just consistent to each other. Thats Great. Well as far as somethings just tend to look TOO good i have one question: Those promised, regularily frequent Updates, will they be free of Charge ? Or will just now enter the monetarising aspect of the new Owner enters Place ?
  9. Hm Sorry for the Clipping, it was only for visual appealing :-) This rocket flies quite well without the Science container clipped into the Battery Thanks for the Badge, I already proudly added it.
  10. Well. Now im adding my Contribution to this Challenge. Played with 1.45 I did the Caveman Challenge at Hard. These were my settingd And my Flag :-) First research is done the usual Way. Slab together some stuff and try to get as high as possible. One of my major Rockets a bit later. Orbiting Mun, Orbiting Minmus High and Low Science. Not Capable of Returning Physical Science. only transfering Science. Looks weir, but i havent researched the small decoupley by now Performing. In Orbit. View in Orbit. Landed At Minmus Trying to get back, but not enough DV left so quickly transfering what i got from the Ground. Now this is the S13, 2 Generations afar, this Rocket is able to land on Minmus and Return Physical Science from there. This was the Workhorse. Each Biome just returned 90 Science from Minmus. Orbit View While Landing Landed. (well i managed to get off the Planet even being topped over) Praise RCS And Off she goes In Orbit of Minmus, quite enough DV left to get back to Kerbin 6-7 Rounds breaking Orbits have to be flown because the Top of the rocket is very vulnerable to Heat Made it. First Return of Science from Minmus This is the Precious S13 Looks just... Cavemany This got Routine and the S13 brought me back 90 Science from each Biome of Minmus. This rocket was even capable of landing at Mun (some science returned from there) but not take off. Last Entry to Minmus Atmosphere for the last bit of Science. Done! For the Statistic 2 3 4 5 Thats it. inbetween there was a high hurdle where i'd have to take a line of some testing contracts but in case that this dont count i have 2 Biomes left at Minmus so i could even get some additional Science there.... Well. now im feeling.... hm.... having lost my knowledge of everything beyond the Use of Fire. am i Valid for the Badge now ?
  11. What proof i have to provide to getting added to the Caveman List ?
  12. Sirad

    I'm joining the Squad Team!!!

    Gratulations! Now Bugs get fixed ?
  13. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    My Girl is Born at the 21.07.1969...
  14. Sirad

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    There are plenty of bugs that will never gets fixed, because the game sells quite well with them not being fixed. I've learned to deal with it and have already implemented a slalom-like style of playing the game by carefully avoiding all of the open ends and/or examples of sloppy or guess-driven coding :-)
  15. Sirad

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Not Today, Yesterday. Just for my own historical record. First manned Moon landing and Return to earth with Fullsize RSS.