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  1. Well i was suggesting something like that. I have given up on docking at ground level. Maybe next update this is fixed.
  2. Well. Since i discovered that my SSTO turns on ground slowly clockwise (never ehard of that the ground is so slippery) eve if i dont control it, there is no way of connecting my tanker to the plane because each time i line them up for docking ths plane is skying clockwise. It takes about half an hour to completely rotate the plane wether i have brakes on or not. Possibly Kerbal tires are made of something else except rubber.
  3. Oh i so seldom rarely use the aerobrakes i nearly forgot about them, good hint! Currently my design gets the cargo connected horizontally to the aft of the ssto via the large connector. Its not perfect now and does not fly self stable like a cessna. If i master my self set goal i provide some pics
  4. Yap. Refueling is one of the Things i solved Via your suggestion already and Via using the Claw. There is a way for that. But Maybe someone else found out better ways ? Thats an option. But that wouldnt be pure Vanilla. I Found a Video somewhere Long time ago in the net where someone has used the Docking Ports as 'chains'. Maybe if im mentally strong enough i try that one. Hanging the load onto that Chain and then shove the ship below it until the Load tummmmmbles into the Bay. (Or Krakens off) I feel my Hair is growing white just by the thought of it....
  5. Well, i think i was not specific enough in my request. I have to add a disclaimer: If anyone feels the need to answer with 'why not recovering that thing' he should carefully read my Question. I just DONT want to recover the Ship. I want to reuse it. (and as a sidequestion, did anyone ever mastered all aspects of the Game without ever using recover ?) [and if i think long enough about it, that could be a good Challenge]
  6. Well I like to Build SSTO's that can manage to enter Orbit with some Payload and Land them afterwards (with more or less Success) I'm missing some useful possibility to Fuel and Reload a previously landed SSTO. Open Cargo Bay and put new stuff in and start Again. Whats the Pojnt in being able to Build fine SSTO's if i can only reload or refuel with Mods ? As i like to play plain Vanilla often i have not come over any easy way to do it. Only things that involve the risk of the Kraken showing up. If someone has done stuff like that, im open to any suggestion.
  7. Guess what happened (you have 3 guesses free....) I forgot module manager. Thanks a lot for the Help, those are the Moments i start to love that community here.
  8. Its a Plain install with mechjeb. Yes i'm running 1.9.1. Well that does not ruin my games in general but if someone wants to Build some Spacelab-style etc... So when did turning solarpanels entered human spaceflight ? I could workaround to fit a bunch of slamm solar panels on a stick but this is not launchable in any way to space. And even if, this would kill immersion. If someone has any hints how to stop the damn thing from turning towards the sun, he is welcome....
  9. Thats the actual "solar.cfg" @PART[largeSolarPanel] { @MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel] { sunTracking = false @sunTracking = false @isTracking = false isTracking = false } } It still turns toward the sun. So there must be something else that is changed in recent version. Or its hardcoded. (that would be bad)
  10. Well. i tried that one. Named it 'solar.cfg' and put it into gamedata... restarted the game.... - didnt worked. Solar Array is still turning to the sun. Any other hints would be welcome. I Know that worked long time ago. (1.7 ?) but now this no longer works.
  11. Again. this was once solved but the Additional cfg i have file does not work any longer. So, HOW do i prevent the gigantor solar Panel from rotating to the sun ? Is there any new fix for it ?
  12. Well. i Tested. Making a clean install of 1.9 fails. making an install of 1.8.1 and then patching it to 1.9 works. Buddys, tha bug is not on my side ...
  13. Well looked at the Topic, wrong thread. have to open a new one or, eh nevermind... While every version of ksp ran quite well on my rig, this one dont. No logs, because no logs getting created. (besides: where to look at ?) I wait for a new version, maybe next iteration solves it.
  14. Fresh install on Win7 DX11 already installed No Mods. KSP 1.9 crashes. Spec: 16Gb / SSD / Geforce 1070 Fun fact: 1.8 runs fine.
  15. Got to often burned by hype, no deal. I'll buy if its out and the reviews fit.
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