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  1. Well, when i post the Report from my Tylo landing i will put screens from all Crafts and the Craft files too into the folder. The Crafts are all the same and meanwhile i've got over 60 of them in that game, some may be worth Posting. Maybe someone could use them. Only a few ones that are very hard to get to orbit (Engine modules and lander modules) all else fly smooth and fine. Yes i had to revert while my ascent from duna once, because i tilted over a Rockstable flying craft while ascent (), ---> My doorbell was ringing (typical external kraken attack) i was so concentrated and sunken
  2. Thanks a Lot! So i got not only rewarded once, i got rewarded twice! I got rewarded by this new beautiful Badge and i got rewarded in gaining lots of Experience. Thanks a lot again! The next Step for me is to land Jeb on Tylo and return him safely to Kerbin. Im actually building the needed Mothership for it. Is it ok to continue the actual Game where i've landed him on Duna ?
  3. This is exactly what i used. I actually created a fire control solution to land a kerbal on Tylo and return him safely to Kerbin in caveman mode. Anyone ever tried to do this on Eve ? I have to calc if its possible :-)
  4. Here it comes. Im not so good at writing in englis so it has text for any picture but not so much...
  5. Hello Alltogether. This is my Attempt in Playing Caveman (on Normal difficulty) to Fly Jeb To duna and bring him back Savely to Kerbin. To Achieve this a lot of work has flown into it, including mastering the Art of Docking without Monoprop, Building explicitely useful crafts (lift more than 2tons to Orbit 200km of Kerbit) and planning and assembling a Ship in Orbit that is capable to savely Fly jeb to and Back to Duna. It took me 5 Days for Planning and 2 Days for the mission itself. Including a Lithobrake at the and at Kerbin... I learned alot while this and call myself now a
  6. The Real Trip to Duna was without Mechjeb, of course. Just checking if its possible as i've got planned. Well im having difficulty creating an account on imgur, they wont accept my phone number. Im creating another Thread in missions and link it here. Possibly that will do. 'Yes, that's permitted. After all, it's what @paul_c used to calculate the transfer window for his successful Nano-diamond attempt.' Great to hear. So everything is fine. It will Take some time to comment all Pics...
  7. Yes, of course... I was just asking if anyone built a rocket (excluding the assembly on launchpad) that lifted up larger fuel Tanks. Just my guess was this is near the Limit but as it always is, surely someone has done better i think :-)
  8. Hello Alltogether I've got a Question. Since some Time i discovered the Fun in Playing with no Facilities upgraded (Like Caveman Mode) because one is limited... So Ive got a Question. After Building and Testing more than 100 Different Crafts i was able to create a Rocket that is able to lift a FL-T400 to Orbit 200KM and plenty of DV (~250) To Dock RCS-Less to my Station. But anyhow i try, i fail in lifting somewhat more to Orbit. Here a Picture of the Craft Here with no Shroud Here is The Station im actually Building. So The actual Payload cons
  9. Did it :-) Im just dunno where to post the mess of 180+ screenshots to document it...
  10. Is there a special Bagde if you land Jeb on Duna and return him savely to Kerbin in Caveman Mode ? And as an additional question. Is it allowed to use this: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ and, if so, the journey consists of more than 180 screenshots to document it... I think, i shall rather not post them here....
  11. Hm. i dont know why that happens. They are on my webspace/domain. What browser you use ? Anyone else that dont have pics displayed ? Im just refreshing my SSL certificate. maybe that helps.
  12. Hello DVQuill I get exact Data from that Tool (angles of Planets and angle of descent) But i wont draw some Lines on My Monitor to measure it out :-) So is there something else i may have not noticed, except the navball at all ?
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