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  1. Good to read. Finally we are gettin' an Art pass. New Decouplers & Tank's look Great. Great in Terms that we can Build some rockets, fly them and show them to our Friends without having to be ashamed of the visual Style.
  2. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    Well.... GREAT! End of January 2018 is something to look forward to. Hey Ho finally its a Date! I promise to stay in January 2018 until it gets released! No glimpse of February will ever crouch along until this Piece of Software gets released!
  3. What are the worst mistakes you've made in KSP?

    buying the Console version for my Son.
  4. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    Shhhhhhh dont ask, thats RUDE!
  5. KSP Weekly: A Voyage in a Lifetime

    I guess, if its part of the expansion pack, its more about preventing modders to recreate that functionality.
  6. KSP Weekly: Docking for peace

    Good point. seems like this minor detail just fell under the table while.... Oh this is really a minor detail. [laughs out] Design a apollo-looking lander and really no iva view to landing site from inside the apollo lander ? [laughs out again]
  7. KSP Weekly: Venerating the Venera

    I just didnt realized that i had to describe the complete remodeling process to get the 'passed qc' stamp from you on my short words of 'replacing textures' Sorry. For the future i'll change that.
  8. KSP Weekly: Venerating the Venera

    Ah. this is cool. we dont need to replace the Model at all, we can replace the placeholder textures with a proper and good looking one. As long as the common user can do that, its fine! Does this open opportunities for microtransactions to sell textures too?
  9. Have you checked that your electricity haven't run out ?
  10. KSP Making History

    Well just like me. The new owner may take some time to sort everything out completely and may surprise the userbase with some sort of a 'Roadmap' where everything that cliffhangs from 1 to 4 Years back in time (etc.) gets sorted out and we all then know what is happening.... If this happens we all know what is going on. Maybe all those long awaited thing's were (absolutely by pure and sheer accident) held back because stuff like 'additional gas planet 2' or 'Multiplayer' or 'DV readout' perfecly fits into the DLC sheme. Soon we'll know what direction the ship is sailing.
  11. KSP Making History

    I can not actually confirm the today's costs of physical 'Boxed games' i just know what it's costs were in the late 90's. Lets say, the investment on that 'GTA' was the mentioned 265 million and the total revenue is (lets say to have easier numbers) 2.65 billion dollars (to cover taxes, hookers, beer, Steam shares what ever, it still grows) The interesting thing upon that all is, the remaining 90% of the incoming GTA funds is pure revenue cash for the investors pocket, in that case (gta5) a legal fair share to cover the risk of the 265 million dollar vaporizing. Back to KSP So.... .... uh ..... oh. wait.... i nearly forgot. KSP was 'Early Access' okay this was a bad example.... Customer took nearly all risks. What should i say ? 'okay i'm fine because all the money they got from million's and millions of customers around the World vaporized without the game gotten completed at all, long promised stuff (according to the wiki) like 'redrawing parts and assets' got dropped 'indefinetly' ? come on, no problem i give you MOAR money because this time, for sure, (reaaaaaaally) you promised and will use it for development.... really ? The more money you push into something thats not completed yet, the less work is being done because if the key to MOAR is delaying and delaying, one can endlessly ask for more money pointing at the missing gaps and ends, unless its not finished. I personally rather tend to say '[insert actual owner here] go into your golden Hall, sit yourself on your golden, diamond encrusted chair use your Emerald Keyboard and complete the ###### game.' Some holes wont fill up, regardless how much money is thrown in.
  12. Quite a little bit more than This or that would be fine stuff. Show the Customers what to expect in the Future.
  13. KSP Making History

    A sharp look on the List offers that the 'invested money' for GTA V is somewhat around 265 million Dollars. So lets come to 'the right numbers' with me trying to not be insulting. Not only the numbers count it also count what the numbers SAY and one needs to read the complete text to understand what the numbers mean. in the article you are referring to it was written (referring to the top-seller Tetris) ' it was later popularised upon its release for the Game Boy in 1989.[1] The game has been ported to a wide range of platforms and sold in excess of 495 million units' GTA5 actually was SOLD 80 million TIMES. 80 millions multiplied by 59.99 (actual Steam sale) gives ehhh, no offense meant this is only a marginal error no businessman would ever care upon.... somewhat around 4.500.000.000$ (four point five billions) How much is this in Pounds?.Great i succeeded calculating that. Dont mind the ingame DLC and Shark cards. App. one can add 1 Billion$ top of that. so we have already passed 5 Billions. Besides that, Boxing a game and creating Media/Manual (they actually did print a paper manual) overall (once) costed around 2$ up to 5$ per Box. Costs for maintaining servers: lets say 1% of the costs for boxing it. So i was underestimating my assumption. it is 1000 times. ? 2000 times ? So there is absolutely nothing wrong with me if i say it is more than 100 times. you can only say to me 'you are wrong because it is even more than that' (if you still mind the numbers)
  14. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    keep fingers crossed for this. My dream: No bad surprises, game gets finally bugfixed and remains moddable.
  15. KSP Making History

    [snip] Whenever something is written that doesnt fit everyones behalves its always a problem. If i wanted to get many likes i would have joined the 'everything is fine and the Investor is Mother Theresa Club' [snip] Others have their opinion and even if they are opposing mine, i can accept that.