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  1. Its always nice when the Kraken rips my ships apart when I'm not looking, and loading in to see pieces flying at lightspeeds all over the place.
  2. You get a solar system and all the parts you "need" for 40 bucks.(And on top of that you get to dig around in so many mods, that when you are tired of the stock game you can more or less compose a completely new game.) And all that is stopping you is your creativity. That is more than enough for me to justify spending 40 dollars on it. I've spendt more money on other random useless .... through the times anyway
  3. Never really had any issue with the stock fairings, but then again I rarely use them. I only use them for small probes I make that looks akward, and to make it look like the lifter stage is actually lifting something
  4. It's always fun when you switch to a vessel on its way to another planet and suddenly goes through a rapid unplanned dissasembly on load and sends random parts flying through space at velocities over the speed of light Dont know what kind of kraken that is, but it happends -UniQ
  5. Lurking on the edge of the ram limit with my main ksp game, and still have more I want to install but can't But i also have a install with only information mods such as KER and MJ, MJ just for the convinience. And I have a plain stock install just for copying out of since I have the steam version stuff breaks when ksp is updated and steam just furiously goes and update it when I open Steam -UniQ
  6. I'm Mostly hanging around with the 2.5m parts since the habitation module and stuff like that is nice to bring along for interstellar missions. And I find the poodle to be the engine I tend to use the most for pretty much everything I do in space -UniQ
  7. I'm Chill as a breeze Just pointing out that in today's society you are pretty much being tracked and stored information about all the time. And the internet is exceptionally usefull for doing that. I'm all for anonymity on the internet and i whish big corporations wouldnt stick their nose down into regular people's private life but I guess that's just how it has turned out. -UniQ
  8. You know you can turn off most of it right? But still if you are obnoxious about companies gathering info about you, you should probably throw away everything that you have that connects to the internet. Anyway, I've been sticking to windows all these years and it wont change now due to compability with other games that I play. -UniQ
  9. IIRC I think I saw it mentioned somewhere that it wouldnt break your saved games. I might be wrong tho
  10. Go and explore the rest of the kerbol system? On the other hand, building a space station, docking and rendezvousing is something that is hard at first but as you learn how to do it, it becomes fairly easy. Just put up a pod with a docking port and try to rendezvous and dock with it just for the practise. And F5 is your friend for such learning missions. And dont neclect the usefullness of minmus, its a sutable place for refueling your rockets for interplanetery missions. -UniQ
  11. Currently running on 16gigs, and if that is by no means enough when they get out the 64bit version of KSP and I'm done going ham with the mods I'll just get around to upgrading. Even tho running the game now as the 32-bit version and still fitting in the mods I "need" while still beeing under 3.6gigs of mem during a gaming session
  12. Can't wait till I get my hands on these new parts to play around with