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  1. Exactly what title says, is there any way to remove some part (namel decoupler) from staging entirely (I recall this was possible in earlier versions)?
  2. Using the mod with KRASH (notably, KCT+KRASH) makes "running experiment" entries stuck on the tracker list. Not sure if any other side-effects other than cosmetic tho.
  3. Playing career mode I noticed that material lab modular K&K Science Container included in this mod costs 23k, that is probably not intended, comparing to stock 880 credits material lab.
  4. Sadly this mod isnt working well in 1.1 spamming log with (Filename: Line: -1) TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'ConfigNode' from assembly 'Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. at KerbalMass.KerbalMassConfigManager..cctor () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Rethrow as TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for KerbalMass.KerbalMassConfigManager at KerbalMass.KerbalMassModule.Start () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Ok it was just 1 dependancy missing, recompiled for 1.13 version if someone needs it http://rgho.st/8Kz6DSYJt
  5. Seem to be working for me (including alarm sound) but I do not guarantee anything. Release branch compiled for 1.13: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6TnrNxfEXJmTFVQcFh4ekRpVU0/view?usp=sharing Debug branch compiled for 1.13 http://rgho.st/87Kbp7jJK I initially uploaded debug branch compile with 2 debug buttons present for almost each part. Now there is also a Release branch compile, seem to be working fine for me, at least random failures, leaking, highlight, sound, alert messages - all was working properly. Aslo I want to thank Ippo, Coffeeman and everyone contributed to this mod - it is so awesome and must have for me that I see little reason to playing without it. Thank you guys, great job.
  6. I had no issues running it from 1.0.4 update.
  7. Is it possible to change payment multiplier for Mission Controller 2 contracts? They seem to be somewhat overpowered compared to stock and other mod's, especially satellite ones. I found a line "Contract_Payment_Multiplier = 1" in Config.cfg in mod's folder but it only accepts integer values and seem to be useless since I couldn't find any difference between setting it 1 and 10. P. S. Checked source and sadly it seems that Mission Controller has same payment for all difficulty mods so no reduction for Hard, if I correctly understood it: "Network1.SetFunds(90000, 100000, targetBody);"
  8. I have an issue with electricity consumtion. It is simply not consumed if I am timewarping in KSC, i. e. not in any active flight. I tested v 1.0.4 with various mods and v 1.0.2 with only TAC LS and Stage Recovery - result is still the same. Steps to reproduce: 1) Build ship with an electricity stock (I tried both with only Mk 1 Command module and with about 2k electricity from batteries) 2) Go to Kerbin orbit 100km/100km 3) Quit flight to space center 5) Warp time (any portion, I tried even for 9 days) 6) Return to ship through tracking station. 7) Result: your electricity stock is still same as the time you left ship Other resources consumption is calculated properly. Screenshot (check Time from launch at left side): http://prntscr.com/7nlp1g P. S. I tested out stock probes - they're also not consuming electricity when you're warping in space center. Here's a screenshot of 60 days on orbit with same amount of electricity: http://prntscr.com/7nm8jn Howewer, I'm not really sure if its intended (like probes going to "sleep" mode when you're not controlling them) or bug.
  9. Try to check parachute info window (open it by right mouse click on it) before deploying - it says if it's unsafe, safe or risky. Open only at safe. If you will still loose your chutes even if it's saying "safe" - then probably you encountered some kind of bug. Thresholds by the way are below 240 m/s as well as I know. And the problem is that you're have only like 1.25 m diameter surface to slow you down with small size, yea? It is more than enough to slow down a drone with weight of 0.1 ton. Its pretty enough to slow down capsule of 0.8 ton. But its not enough to slow down a capsule+empty_tanks+engine for total of 2-3 tons, and that is your case. Also you should consider aerodynamics of a surface you're going first into atmosphere, because the better it is, the worst brake you will have. How you can deal with it: - Separate engine stage and capsuse on falling down. You will have twice more surface to brake down now (one on separated engine stage, one on capsule) and it will be almost 100% enough for capsule still engines will crush the ground on higlands and mountains eventually. If you want to have your cash back from engine stage use Stage Recovery mod. - Add winglets (tail fins are perfect for that) of any king and deploy them by right clicking and pressing "deploy" on reentry. They will increase surface that will be stopping you, efficiently acting as an aerobrakes, also they will cause instability that will eventually turn your craft around, also increasing surface exposed to coming air. Also winglet brake efficiency depends on control surface area, so use one's with the biggest. - Just leave some fuel to slow yourself down burning retrograde during descent.
  10. It seems that a transaction starts exactly when speed*pressure (in Kerbin atm.) is above 100. As mentioned before, there's a line in .cfg: So comparing test results by Reactordrone with wiki Kerbin atmosphere values: 15 000m is 0.66 atm. pressure results in 100/0.066 = 1515 m/s speed required for turbulence start, and tested value is very close: 1526m/s at 15,334m So if this is true, then the height/speed table for transaction start is: 10 000m - 564 m/s 15 000m - 1 515 m/s 20 000m - 4 000 m/s 25 000m - 10 000 m/s
  11. Well, if the current state is as described by OP (by Magniff, before thread merge), it probably could be done better. Even if it's not a hardcoded heat multiplier or heat burst but a generally somewhat smooth progression the result is still weird. Particularly I'm not sure if such fast and powerful hit blow is realistic (maybe destruction in 5-10 seconds not instantly). But the time it starts is probably right. After reading abit about laminar-turbulent transaction and Reynolds number I think that a relatively sudden ship destruction is possible even after initial temperature peak due to a nature of a process. The transaction leads to very big stress to a vessel and itself is triggered by certain amount of speed*pressure, so even your speed is getting lower its still possible that pressure will be growing fast enough to trigger transaction process (which itself is very close to turbulence, starting sudden and hitting hard). It happened not because "too fast, too low" but because heat protection on one of the wings was damaged, resulting in extremely heated gases passing inside the wing. So it's not relevant to topic.
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