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  1. If magico doesn't want to accept the PR, I will. I'm the other maintainer for BROKE but I've been crazy busy with school and other projects for KSP work. It'd be great if we could get it working in 1.2!
  2. That's what it looks like! I'm really looking forward to using this myself. (Will make updating ShipSections to work in flight mode a little easier).
  3. We're working on adding part of this as part of BROKE. I have the link to the thread in my signature. Take a look!
  4. If you had read the first few pages of the principia thread you would have seen that eggrobin does distribution the way he does because he wants to focus on the physics he is implementing and not have his dev thread turn into something like FARs thread where there's tons of people who don't understand what the new physics are and bugging eggrobin about it.
  5. I vote for the ISO standard (as per xkcd). I actually use ISO for as many things as I can. Makes life much easier.
  6. One thing that Squad could do that would be a big step would be having one of the Get Mods links go to a page that has Curse and SpacePort mentioned. You could phrase it like "Curse, the official mod repository" and "SpacePort, the community run mod repository". Just having info on both for new players easily accessible would fix the visibility issue that people complain about and Curse would stay the official repository. Any thoughts?
  7. Yep. Just point the references to the versions in the new game folder and compile. Stuff might (and for 1.1 will without question) break in some way and require updated code, so make sure you do some testing before updating the release.
  8. Most of Principia is written in native code (C++) except for a little C# for integrating it into KSP. That's the only one I know. It happens rarely because it is more hassle than it's worth unless you need the speed improvements afforded by having some native code.
  9. @SirSalami: does Nexus have an API that an uploader program could hook into? In working on a Visual Studio extension for KSP and one of the features is going to be setting up mod releases on GitHub and SpaceDock. I'd love to make it available for Nexus as well.
  10. GitHub has webhooks for release publishing. SpaceDock could hook into that to pull updated releases over.
  11. By not using Kerbal in the name they avoid one of the original issues that KerbalStuff had, getting sued for trademark infringement. This would be a problem since it isn't official and the trademark is registered.
  12. Take a look here: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/KerbalStuff-Reborn/issues Communication seems to be here for now.
  13. I suggest Visual Studio Community 2015 over Visual Studio 2015 Express. It has more features and enables you to install Visual Studio Tools for Unity (which can be very useful for debugging).