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  1. I've been thinking of posting my space program on the forums for feedback. It's been a while since I last played (I last played v0.90) so excuse my inefficiency. There's no real proper 'goal', although I guess making bases and space stations on most bodies would be nice. DAY 1 I don't have many screenshots in this one, since I didn't think of making something like this when I did this. I thought of making a neat little space station around Kerbin as a refresher, but then I realized I messed up as I used the inflatable airlocks by themselves and had no way to dock. Now the situation was that the original three was stuck on a broken station and Valentina and a few scientists were stuck on a unusable module. I decided to launch a rescue probe with a arm to pull the station out of orbit. Things went okay, until I tried to decouple the inflatable heat shield, for some reason it kept smacking the ship and destroying it. A few retries later and I got away with only the probe core destroyed, which was fine since the cockpit can somehow control the rescue craft through a arm. Anyway, the landing went well (nothing exploded atleast) and the original three was fine What do you think? The next mission I'll try is to go to Duna, which is a bad idea considering I'm still trying to get better with manuever nodes, but eh.
  2. Oh, didn't know it required kerbal foundries. They work nicely now. I have noticed I need to invert the tracks everytime, (I invert the ones on the right, and un-invert the ones on the left).
  3. I have the same issue as above, however installing worldstabilizer didn't seem to help. I also have it on normal wheels from the mod too. (Stock works fine)
  4. Well, construction of the carrier is half succesful and half, wibbly wobbly strut immune head banging crazy carrier! The problem was worse without struts, but somehow half of the craft is immune to struts! I may keep the inside worm thing, maybe. Ah well So current progress Line of supplies. Soon to be missile bay (Why not) Hangar for dropping missile bases. 12 Excalibur reactors . 3 Giant B9 reactors. It was mildy hard to explain it due to distractions.
  5. Lore: Kerbin has gone unstable. Greenhouse gases massively increase and species of animals die due to climate change. Kerbals require a new planet to live in, and so every nation worked together to use all of Resources to construct as much colony ships as possible, and become a Type 1.5 (If you watch Kurzesagt you know what I mean) civilization. I'll try to post as frequently as possible, but things don't always go to plan
  6. A shame for that was 2 years ago!
  7. Wink faces are shameful
  8. Made a jet fighter go 1.5 kilometers per second for no apparent reason. It can last like this for around 2 and a half minutes with a couple radiators on the side of the engines, which is shockingly the only thing overheating. After this time it is dangerous to continue like this since the engine likes to blow up. No kernels have died because of engine overheating though, due to my extensive skills at losing everything but the cockpit when landing.
  9. I'm on phone, so can't really post a picture, but it is essentially Aeris 1A without the front elevators and a whiplash engine. So by farther CoM you mean just make the CoL farther from the CoM? If it is so thank you for the quick answer.
  10. Title. So far in my almost 3 year karrer I only made a working plane on Friday. I've made 2 working ones so far but both are slow at pitching. So I wonder how does one make something pitch faster? (Except for more ailerons and stuff like that)
  11. It's been a while since I've played KSP, around half a year. I am back! No one probably knows me much tho. Looking forward to trashing the game data folder with add ons
  12. I meant offseting parts inside one another, I know it states cheating is not allowed but maybe it counts only for alt f12 cheats?
  13. This is my kind of challenge! Def gonna try this out! Also is offset allowed?
  14. Thank you and the hub is now on space *cough cough* Hyperedit *cough cough* May or may not have escape pods and mass relay.
  15. Remember the old days of the IYSS? People like me can often miss it with its collaborative work. I decided to make this but this time anyone can add anything to the station instead of chosen ones. Although to prevent hazard, rules are applied to the station and is follows: 1. Stock parts only. I may allow a few mods in the future 2. Each module needs atleast one extra docking station to make sure expansion is not stalled. 3. The system uses save files, not craft files. I will explain this later 4. Feel free to use hyperedit Save file system means you download the save, add the module, then post the save download. Feel free to start the hub, I need to go to sleep for school.