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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    More erratic rovering. After visiting the Twin Craters the Globetrotter angled southwest towards the pole with the intention of ticking off more biomes and checking out an anomaly. The added south component of their course meant that the big black was now catching up with them. Val decided to unstow the solar array which whilst increasing top hamper allowed them to keep the EC topped up even with low angle light. The chassis took this well staying sure footed even when its feet weren't actually touching anything. Finding some relatively clear terrain allowed them to make good time darting around craters like a Vespa in Milan treats traffic. The non by the book but skilfully driven tactic brought them to the polar region just as shadows were making picking a course "interesting". Realising they would be unable to reach the target (or even see it) Val elected to take the shortest route into the poles Ticking off the poles from the list Val parked up on the east wall to get maximum use of the next mornings light. Current situation 40km from target with 2 more biomes straddling their currently planned route and arguing over wether or not to nip out and plant a bunch of flags to clog up mission control's screens.
  2. What's behind your username?

    Its my usual IGN for multiplayer. Came about mostly as a reaction to all the frankly rather sad XXX_killabeast_1985_XXX stuff. Oh and Danger really is my middle name. Honest. Also have a couple of alt accounts on the floaty battle boats game- Havenaklu and Dontshootimharmless.
  3. spacedock is down?

    Pass the tinfoil hats out chaps, the Extrapolation is upon us.
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    With the Duna probe nearing the halfway point and plenty of spenderoonies lying about the engineering dept were casting about for a project to fill the time. They came up with proposals for a nuclear powered rover (Project Glowworm ) and a nuclear powered airship (Project Highsotope). Catching wind of this Val rapidly kidnapped an engineer and scientist and headed out to a safe distance. Calling in the Globetrotter rover they set off on a circumnavigation to hoover up the remaining science and visit all the unchecked anomalies around the equator. After picking their way out of the major crater and entering the Midlands Val was able to open the taps somewhat. With a bit of hooning thrown in. 140 km later they located the first of the anomalies on their list. Which was nice.
  5. What do you think KSC recovery team looks like?

    Trawling through the archives this picture of part of the team has surfaced. Sources within the organization insist they were merely washing the pilots cars and not getting revenge as a casual observer may think.
  6. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    For complicated reasons our entire theatre team have spent the last four days humming and singing Free Nelson Mandela. This has escalated to the point where the computer meant to display X Rays (had to bring in our own cables and speakers due to NHS stinginess) is used to blast it out at the end of our last case. Any sedated patients who groggily demand something else are swiftly dealt with by light application of a medical mallet.
  7. What do you think KSC recovery team looks like?

    Good team for a bank job but lacking the greatest space engineer of them all.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    With the despatch of the Duna survey probe it's been back to housekeeping. Mostly easy contracts using the Consat's already up. The crew of the orbital telescope returned to the fold and were immediately stuffed into the MinMun lander to gain some experience. They also managed to tick off a couple of anomalies. This also ticked off the crews at the Mun and Minbases who were looking forward to some long distance rover trips. Allegedly. They are having to make do with bouncing around the base doing decidedly unheroic observation contracts. A careful look at the small print also revealed why the Sentinel's were no longer spotting those lovely money making asteroid$$$$. A quick rejig of the orbit later the cash machine was back in operation.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    The Minmus Globetrotter, having been sent out on a routine obtain readings contract to the west decided to ignore the steering functionality of their rover. Unable to contact them due to a broken antenna control decided to plonk a goody ship in their path with a new antenna, some newly researched wheels and extra chassis parts. After bolting on the new antenna the crew were able to point out the new wheels weren't as good as the ones they had and please check the craft specs before sending stuff. They did however take advantage of the chassis parts to widen the wheelbase somewhat. Girim's attempt to emulate an F1 pit crew fell short in the functionality test. After a bit of jiggling it was eventually decided to stash the wheels in the upright and ignored position. They are now a trifling 120km from Minbase having visited every biome except the poles and ticked off a Minolith to boot.
  10. It's a bit weird for sure.. A rover with no ore on board which I had left production and recycling on appeared to be neither consuming nor producing soil despite having 3 crew. After the testing with a fresh install I went back to the original install and everything seemed to be working as intended. Currently all the craft appear to be following the rules. Starting to think it may have been a glitchy save. Recyclers set at default 40%
  11. Ok, did the usual elimination tests. Took a fresh unmolested install and put Snacks and MM only in. Started career game.Working. Added all the mods from the balky install gradually. Working. Copied the ships from balky install. Working. (Both new craft and copied ships). Copied offending career over. New career working, offending career not. Took a look at the naughty career file with my untutored eyes, couldn't see anything. Nobody on the roster is marked exempt from consumption. Officially stumped here. Edit. The weirdness intensifies... Just gone back to the troublesome save and turned off all the snack processors/recyclers and snacks are now being consumed. The strange part is they weren't being consumed even on craft that had no ore to process.
  12. Having the same issue. Snacks were being consumed/produced/recycled but suddenly stopped being consumed. Was too busy congratulating myself on the efficiency of the production/recycling side to notice at first.... now convinced I hit some esoteric key combination. Going to try a reinstall of the mod and will report back. Update. Deleted Snacks and restarted game. Then reinstalled and used a quicksave to get the vessels back. No change. Loaded a new career and no change. Sandbox unaffected. Science career affected. Reverted Module Manager to 2.8.0 no change. Will try plonking a new vessel on the runway to check if production is still working. Update the second. Brand new vessel produces snacks but not soil. However putting soil into hitchhiker allows soil to be recycled.
  13. why isn't this mission finished?

    Can't see your pictures but I think you have the answer. If the contract specifies "land the ore on Kerbin" it does indeed mean a splashdown doesn't count.
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Thanks to countless tourist flights combined with plant a flag contracts DH has an embarrassment of riches. However all this frantic avarice has meant that the probe designed for Duna has missed the transfer window <embarrassment intensifies>. To fill in the time Munar and Minimal bases are being deployed. Supposedly to fulfil contracts and support future exploration but mostly for funsies. The old MOM (Mission Oriented Module) concept designs were dragged over from 2.whatever and updated. Landed using the Deliverance system all went well. The Mun packages landed surprisingly close to the Deli class lander and it's Giggity rover. The Minmus missions landed on the same Flats at least and had to delicately trundle across to the planned site. With the core modules in place digging up ore and turning it into crunchy snacks attention turned to the expedition rovers. The Globetrotter design received a few tweaks and took a few test runs totally failing to crash, explode or suffer any existence failures. However it was felt the upscaled Deliverance (which could land two of the rovers) and is commonly known as "McDonalds" was a tad overblown and needed a replacement. The booster stage has been retained in case we need to place an office building in orbit (lack of Frogstar fighters). A slightly widened cargo bay cunningly flipped gives clearance for the wider rover whilst removing the need for a 200ft shoehorn to get out. After a few hamfisted attempts at space an uncrewed rover was eventually deposited on the Mun. Glaring design flaws were immediately apparent when after wrestling the Deliverance into position the EC ran out. Oooops. With nothing to lose it was decided to try and lever the hulk clear by extending the Gigantor. Initially it appeared to be working..... However things rapidly took a turn for the Kerbal. The mission was quickly reclassified as "seismic testing" and a couple of solar panels placed outside. Feeling that the overall design was valid two scientists and an engineer were stuffed into a replacement and hurled Munwards. This time things went flawlessly except for an unexpectedly broken antenna. Loss of contact proved no hurdle to the crew who bundled the engineer out to scavenge the lower rated one off the Deliverance. It's not like it was going to need it... With all the assets in place the slide rule jockeys put heir feet up and the grease monkey tried to up the mining efficiency whilst contemplating rejigging the Giggity rover as a personal transport using the seats stowed in it's lockers. With all the kinks worked out the Minmus side of things went off without a hitch. Except for the rover antenna breaking again. Ho hum.
  15. Kerbal Anatomy

    They originated on the planet Meme in the Comic system.