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  1. So I did end up going in and deleting the conflicting files, and everything appears to be fine! Thank you for telling me!
  2. I'm betting I shouldn't try to play God and change file names, but it seems the most Kerbal thing to do at the moment.
  3. Hello, I recently freshly download KSP 1.6 on my new computer, and while playing I noticed that the size 1 FL-series tanks kept reverting to their original style, and that I couldn't find any "backup" part like with the other restyled parts. I think the easiest solution might be a reinstallation, but I don't want to lose my saves or interfere with something else in the process. Does anyone know what's going on?
  4. With the success of the Artemis 2-RL in biome-hopping and tech-tree-chopping, the KSC was scrambling to create a rocket that could give the same treatment to Minmus on short notice. The engineering department thinks they did a rather good job with the parts they "salvaged" from a private scrapyard. Alright, say it with me, kids: bad design works and gives you a huge profit. Real talk, though: I think -- think -- I should have sufficient tech for Duna with that extra 2.6k science. Wish me luck: the window is 28 days away, and is my next mission for sure.
  5. A little sneak peak of what's to come, because I love you all so much:
  6. I finally took the Artemis 2-RL to the Mun for some serious sciencination, but I got so burned out from abusing my F9 key to land on some girders with a booster stage I only saved a single screenshot. And holy crap, is it a good screenshot. Better, more-screenshotted missions soon!
  7. With every series of great achievements, there must come a tragedy. The great ship Artemis 2 was no exception. It was not the fault of the brave pilot, Lisley Kerman, nor was it the fault of the rovers her ship was carrying -- okay, it actually was the fault of the rovers. The stupid friggin' rovers. Okay, but seriously, I have never liked making rovers. They either never work right or get screwed up when I import them to the VAB. I'm really thinking about removing the rovers and fairing from the Artemis 2 and doing some good-old-fashioned biome hopping. I need to finish the 160s and get a couple 300s (namely Nuclear Propulsion and Field Science) before I even think about Duna.
  8. After the resounding success of the Spearmint 2, the KSC immediately began planning an excursion to the Mun. Wiloly Kerman was the obvious candidate for a Munar excursion. She had started her training the day the KSC was established, and had just graduated as a five-star pilot. Wehrdan Kerman just happened to be hanging around the administration building bragging. I'm really not sure where to go from here besides Duna, but I don't really have the tech for what I have planned yet. Maybe a base somewhere?...
  9. After Bob's month-long stay flying to and from Minmus, he was... not enthused, to say the least. In fact, he was so out of it that the KSC put a temporary ban on veteran kerbonauts going into space. Unfortunately, the voyage of the Spearmint 2 was just on the horizon, and KSC had to scramble to find an adequate pilot-scientist. Wehrdan was not that Kerbal. This one is pretty long, so I've put it in two spoilers. Part 1: The Trip Part 2: The Return This was such a fun experience! I did have to re-learn how to launch a horizontal rocket and do a few orbital things, but that's all part of the fun. Now how am I going to spend all these science points?...
  10. I just started a new science mode save, and began the Spearmint program. Its goal: to make contact with Minmal soil and then immediately rip it apart looking for soil samples. This is the Spearmint 1. I was really hoping that I could land on Minmus with the first Spearmint, but I just didn't have the dV. Not pictured is an experiment can on top of the capsule; I took the screenshot before I thought about it. Here's Bob after putting the Spearmint 1 in orbit. The only reason I didn't let Jeb sneak in was that he couldn't restore experiments. I took a glamour shot of Bob cleaning up after a high-Minmus science spree. He's got a thankless job. Here's the would-be lander in all its glory. You can almost see the marks where the engineering department frantically ripped off the landing legs when the dV problem came to light. The taunting figure of Minmus hangs above Bob's craft. Not today. Not today... This is a shot of Bob screaming down towards Kerbin, both in terms of speed and literal screaming. Trust me, the wailing did not stop at splashdown. Here are the results of Spearmint 1. 379.5 science isn't bad for about a month in space and a whole bundle of traumatic memories.
  11. To get myself back into KSP, I did a quick and sloppy Minmus mission in Sandbox. This beautiful hunk of junk is the MN-1 Minraker. I put this together once I remembered that S1.5 parts existed and looked cool. Here's the lander portion resting on a slight Minmal slope. As you can imagine, Jeb was pretty stoked. He also didn't seem to notice his craft had slid about 10 meters in the time it took for him to get out and write something completely inane on the flag. After a large amount of orbital stupidity, Jeb plonked her down between two mountains. Jeb was decidedly less stoked and wrote something decidedly less inane. He also seems to have eaten all the soil samples he picked up. The blasted thing was so over-specced. I probably could have at least hopped a biome or two, or even probably taken it to the Mun. I might try that.
  12. Thank you so much! I did have to reinstall one last time to get the 64-bit version, but other than that it works swimmingly!