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  1. Well, what a shame. I thought KSP 2 had so much potential, but to see it die so soon… it's heartbreaking.
  2. I think that's a decal mod. I cannot tell, as the image is very small and has a lot of whitespace. Is it possible you could find the original image and post it instead?
  3. If modding support is added, will there be a way for KSP 1 modders to acquire the neccessary tools to port their mods over before the game launches?
  4. IUS looking good. Can't wait to find a use for it - this may be hard though, since Transtage™ is throttle-able, restart-able, and for trans rights.
  5. we have comic sans here too. (or not)
  6. has anything happened with this mod?
  7. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a bug I'm having. I've been trying to enable wire-frame mode, and for some reason, clicking the button does nothing. The buildings and such do not appear as wire frames no matter where I am, how many times I click, how far I zoom in or out, or how long I wait. I'm on 1.4.2, using Debian Linux, and my graphics card is an Intel HD 4000 that can do up to OpenGL 4.2. I am an idiot and did not know/realize there were instructions. never mind.
  8. Any chance we could get a 1.875 m reactor? It could fill a niche between the GARNET and Prometheus (possibly somewhere between 900-1200 ec/s), and would be more aesthetically pleasing in 1.875 m rockets. I know that having a 1.875 m reactor with no engines or tanks to fit on it would be a weird part to have, but since 1.875 is now a more official size, I think people would use it if it were made.
  9. Sorry for the dumb request, but any chance we could get a way to extend the length of the BLAM panels? I'm having issues fitting any AARDVark Block II I make in the standard BLAM or the standard LAM. I was thinking a sort of 'extension panel', that fits onto the BLAM base on a bottom node and can have the current Lander Adapter Segment on a top node (Or another 'extension panel' on either node, leading to truly ridiculous lengths of 3¾ m fairings). And it could simply be a quarter of a cylinder, probably reusing the texture for the current BLAM/LAM, reducing the amount of effort needed to make it. If it were implemented, it would make the 'extended fairing' shown here possible.
  10. I have an suggestion: What about the Gemini Erector? That's probably not what it's called, but it sounds cool I know you can't make a part that moves other parts (Easily), but even if it just went up and down by itself, it would still be pretty cool.
  11. Dang it, That's practically my backyard. Why am I living vicariously through you when I can just get on a combination of trains and buses? I mean, I am pretty lazy and it costs a lot to get there, but still, I haven't been to Goodard in a long time....