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  1. Oh cool. This really helped me. I went from hundreds of kilometres off-target with my stabs in the dark, to 3 kilometres using this mod. It works splendidly with JNSQ.
  2. Does this mod support any planet with an atmosphere, or are the planet mods specified hard-coded in? I'm playing with JNSQ, and I just realized I have no idea how to land two Duna landers anywhere near each other. The OP doesn't explicitly mention JNSQ, so I was wondering if Trajectories simply checked the planet definitions to get its predictions, or if it needs those atmospheres in a mod-specific config file.
  3. Then here is my comment: please, for the love of god, give us a discrete NK-33 so that we may use it however we please.
  4. Well, what a shame. I thought KSP 2 had so much potential, but to see it die so soon… it's heartbreaking.
  5. I think that's a decal mod. I cannot tell, as the image is very small and has a lot of whitespace. Is it possible you could find the original image and post it instead?
  6. If modding support is added, will there be a way for KSP 1 modders to acquire the neccessary tools to port their mods over before the game launches?
  7. IUS looking good. Can't wait to find a use for it - this may be hard though, since Transtage™ is throttle-able, restart-able, and for trans rights.
  8. we have comic sans here too. (or not)
  9. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a bug I'm having. I've been trying to enable wire-frame mode, and for some reason, clicking the button does nothing. The buildings and such do not appear as wire frames no matter where I am, how many times I click, how far I zoom in or out, or how long I wait. I'm on 1.4.2, using Debian Linux, and my graphics card is an Intel HD 4000 that can do up to OpenGL 4.2. I am an idiot and did not know/realize there were instructions. never mind.
  10. Any chance we could get a 1.875 m reactor? It could fill a niche between the GARNET and Prometheus (possibly somewhere between 900-1200 ec/s), and would be more aesthetically pleasing in 1.875 m rockets. I know that having a 1.875 m reactor with no engines or tanks to fit on it would be a weird part to have, but since 1.875 is now a more official size, I think people would use it if it were made.
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