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  1. With 1.12 and KAC being implemented as stock, I don't expect it to be too difficult to convert to using the stock system since it's basically the same code, so looking forward to that update I know you're busy so no pressure!
  2. So - Flashlight? Light-o-matic? Gotta have some wordplay with Lantern for the Kerb-ified name.
  3. @TriggerAu I was having this problem as well. In case it helps, as a workaround I resolved it by setting the resolution to lowest setting, restarting the game, and then changing the resolution to my normal setting.
  4. USI Colonization mod adds a bunch of new professions: Scouts, Medics, Quartermasters, about a dozen others. "Colonists" are one of them. Also life support mods are not required if you don't want that hassle. They boost funds/science gains from colonies. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki
  5. Guys I don't see why people are always either "Yes, this or that feature should be in the game" or "No, it shouldn't". KSP 1 has done pretty good with customization settings to allow players to choose how they want to play. E.g. the commnet can be turned on or off depending on player preference. There's no doubt in my mind that if a construction time feature is added, it will be optional. As such, I can't honestly say that I care if it's in the game, since if it's not, someone will probably make a mod for it, and people who want that feature will install the mod.
  6. Classic. As soon as I get most of my mods sorted and things look like they're working ok... an update comes. Not that I'm complaining about the update - but I've gotta move a lot of folders again.
  7. This mod continues to be almost certainly the most useful mod out there relative to its size. Thanks, linuxgurugamer, for keeping it going!
  8. I'm getting an error saying that these two files are already referenced (presumably from Unity already). Should I remove them and replace with the ones from the KSP folder? EDIT: I've got things mostly working (I think?), but there is no logging happening in the console. In ksp.log, there's this line which is confusing me: There's no reference to ContractDefs in my code, anyone know what gives? Edit 2: Started from scratch a few times... oddly enough, the last iteration showed a similar problem as what I've seen consistently in my attempts to mod KSP, where I can access KSP assets but can't reference MonoBehaviour. I was trawling through many threads on the forums to figure it out, and when I looked back at my IDE, there were no more errors. I'm flabbergasted, but pleased. I will try again, to try to hammer down the exact process, and share when I have it. Edit 3: As promised, a detailed walk-through of a repeatable mod dev setup. I'm using KSP 1.9, but I'm pretty sure 1.8 used the same unity version, so it should work for 1.8.x as well. I'm also using Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10, though afaik the VS version matters less. Moving on: Start Visual Studio. Close any open projects, and create a new project as shown in the image: (NOTE: I tested a few different options here, including .NET Standard and .NET Core class libraries, which did NOT work. Though I admit, I wasn't keeping very good track of what I had and hadn't tried when I was testing those options, so feel free to try them at your own risk.) I suggest the location to be somewhere near you KSP dev folder, but it doesn't need to be. .NET 4.0 is required, and .NET 4.5 is recommended for 1.8+, per the wiki Hit OK, and VS will create the project. For some reason, I had to close VS and open the solution (.sln) file by double click because VS kept saying it was still building the project, but it obviously had finished. Regardless, once you have your project open and set up, you then need to select references. I've seen a few different variations on what dll's need referenced. After a lot of experimentation, it seems that the *minimum* to reference are: - UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll - Assembly-CSharp.dll Side note: I was shocked to find that UnityEngine.dll is *not* a requirement for the basic script in the OP, but you will need it to do a lot of things. To add them, click on the Project tab, then Add Reference, then browse. Navigate to your KSP directory/KSP_x64_data/Managed folder, and select the above files: (You can see how much testing I did in that pic with different versions, etc... to find that only those two little dlls are necessary) Once you have your references, you should be good to go from the OP and other posts in the Add-On subforum. Hope this helps other beginner modders! As an aside, learning Unity outside of a mod dev environment is really helpful for modding. I've been using Unity for a couple years now, mostly just for messing around with building my own small games, but because of that I'm very confident in actually coding KSP mods - it was just setting up the environment that was tripping me up for so long. Edit 4: I guess I should mention a bit about compiling - once you're ready to compile and test your code, it's useful (imo) to point your build directory to your mod's folder. Then hit build, and go to your mod folder. You'll have to delete all the other files the IDE generates, you only need YourMod.dll for the game to do its thing. Unfortunately that's something you''ll have to do every time you build it. I haven't tested it, but its possible they won't hurt anything being there for testing, but imo its best to test as closely to release as possible.
  9. Going through this again, now that it's complete. Just reading this part of Chapter 9 gave me the shivers.
  10. Does this require the game to be in steam then, or is it just checking if you have the latest released version? I go through the KSP Store.
  11. Any chance this will be fixed someday? Yeah... on further reflection, its probably better this way
  12. This only works for transferring from the ksc to orbit, correct? I seem to recall seeing a mod that would also let you transfer from one station to another, but I may be misremembering. Regardless, adding to my career save
  13. Thanks for the feedback, it's my first time using CC or the Exploration Plus pack and I'm sorry to hear CC isn't being as actively developed. But such things happen. I've done the same thing as @vardicd with mod libraries since 0.25 in my case - there's lots of old mods that had a good run.
  14. Hi there, I"ve got a craft in orbit around Kerbin after orbiting the Mun after accepting the "Orbit the Mun" contract, but it's not registering as complete. Screenshot attached. This is actually the second craft I orbited the Mun with since accepting, the other returned successfully to Kerbin but to my surprise did not complete the contract.
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