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  1. mattssheep4

    Developing Duna (pic heavy) - ^_^ with Part 11 ^_^

    @Brotoro I'm still hoping you continue Developing Duna and Long-term Laythe!
  2. mattssheep4

    [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    Popping fuel lines on there could help while designing your craft.
  3. mattssheep4

    [1.3.1/1.4.5/1.5.0] Kerbalism v1.9.0

    Any chance Kerbalism is compatible with Interstellar Extended?
  4. mattssheep4


    I'm gonna pull a @Brotoro and say: GIVE US HOSES!!! (Though I've long-since resigned myself to the unlikelihood of such a feature being added.)
  5. mattssheep4

    [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    I can't believe I haven't found this mod before, it's probably one of the most interesting and complex mods out there; I look forward to trying it when I get home from work! A couple of ideas for more fun stuff: carbon monoxide is even more dangerous than CO2, and is produced in small quantities in fires - an option for a fire could be added as a failure for some components. Fires would of course use O2 and release CO2 and CO. They should be rare I suppose but still, having to deal with a fire would be a really interesting mission, if you can find the time/effort to implement it
  6. mattssheep4


    The "spinning, um, rotor head" is called a reel. The movable dump arm is called the auger. And yes, the general term for the machine as a whole is "combine", although harvester is technically accurate. The term "combine" came into existence when the harvesting and threshing components were "combined" into one machine. Having grown up on a farm (as indicated by my profile pic), I really appreciate this
  7. mattssheep4

    Kerbals and docking ports

    I don't think that's possible without a mod, unfortunately, and I can't think of a mod off the top of my head that allows that. The only stock way to EVA is if the Kerbal is in a pod with an exposed/unblocked door.
  8. mattssheep4

    Best antenna for Gas Giant Probe.

    No, you're not a necklace. You may, however, be a pedant. Of course, the word pedant comes from the Latin paedagogus, which means something along the lines of tutor. Feel free to call me a pedant. Edit: sorry for taking over the thread.
  9. mattssheep4

    Best antenna for Gas Giant Probe.

    No such thing as an excessive use of Latin. (I have a minor in Classics )
  10. If you don't ever accept contracts for docking, the game will stop offering them.
  11. During my time messing around in KSP lately, I've had a few thoughts. In the Tracking Station, I think it would be really helpful to have the capability to sort ships by SOI and perhaps even by target SOI in addition to alphabetic and launch dates. The ability to search for a specific ship would be useful as well. A search function in the VAB and SPH load ship screens would be really nice as well. Thanks, mattssheep4
  12. mattssheep4

    Plz Help me with Minmus ;(

  13. mattssheep4

    KSP Mission Planner/Tracker/Logger development

    This could be done automagically with something like this: Screenshots & Saves
  14. Ah, I see what you mean. Asteroids get you asteroid sample science, but you don't get science from instruments around an asteroid. While it would be nice to get more science from asteroids, if they were a biome of their own, it would also contribute to the argument about completing the tech tree without leaving kerbin's SOI.