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  1. I'm happy about anything that makes loading renderers and shaders easier. I'm sure it was obvious to most others, but I frequently had a hard time figuring out exactly what was supposed to be loaded to get me beautiful looking environments and shading.
  2. Nice. i really like these in-depth explanations of bug hunting.
  3. That's a good idea, I'll look into that tonight. I was looking at the contract mods out there to see how hard it would be to tie a Kerbals death into a contract to go rescue them from wherever they may be, or thereabout. If I could just stop playing the game long enough, I could probably figure it out....
  4. Playing a new career again, I'm looking for something that makes accidentally killing (yes, that really WAS an accident!) Kerbals something that is PAINFUL...but not soul crushing (or space program ending). I tried setting it in the difficulty settings to return Kerbals after the max amount of time, but it only went as high as 100 hours. I use Kerbal Construction Time, so 100 hours is nothing. 100 days would be more in line with what I'm thinking. Is there a mod I'm somehow not seeing that makes death painful but not permanent? I think I could deal with permanent death, but not for the orange suits...that's too harsh. Killed/MIA Kerbals could return after a year, or have to be rescued from somewhere on Kerbin, or orbit, or bottom of the ocean....or something. Does such a mod exist?
  5. I don't know your stance on mods, but this is one reason I love the Kerbal Attachment System mod, because you can send an engineer Kerbal with a wrench to go fix the thing....What i call my many "Hubble moments".
  6. I'll try to setup a KSP install with just KRASH and FF and see if I get the same problem.
  7. Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding your question, but to build something from the VAB/SPM, you open the small KCT window and click the Build button. You can see it in @JeffreyCor 's screenshot a few posts back. You'll get a message at the top of the screen saying it was added to your build queue.
  8. I use KRASH and Final Frontier (along with other mods) and noticed last night that some Kerbals achieved awards in Final Frontier from a simulation flight, and when the simulation was over, they still had the awards. I'm going to post this in the KRASH thread as well, as I do not know which one is causing the problem (KRASH not reverting everything correctly, or FF not respecting the revert). Wasn't a big problem this time, as the 3 Kerbals who got the awards for first orbit in the simulation also flew the real thing (after which 2 of them promptly were obliterated).
  9. I use KRASH and Final Frontier (along with other mods) and noticed last night that some Kerbals achieved awards in Final Frontier from a simulation flight, and when the simulation was over, they still had the awards. I'm going to post this in the Final Frontier thread as well, as I do not know which one is causing the problem (KRASH not reverting everything, or FF not respecting the revert). Thanks.
  10. Heh, since starting this new career game in 1.2 I've flown so many tourist flights....Like every 10 days. I can't even remember how I ever made money before.
  11. My understanding is that sim functionality is no longer a part of this mod. Find another sim mod for that. I forget which one I use but it works great. Edit: garwel reminded me....K.R.A.S.H..
  12. Well, I'll try again tonight. Maybe I have mod interference.
  13. Hmmm...I don't remember ever having to close it in the flight screen...seems like it was never still open if I went to flight directly from the Space Center via the KCT Launch button. That would otherwise make sense if closing it during flight bled over to space center screen, though I'd still prefer to ALWAYS have the KCT screen be visible there. Either way, upon returning from a flight, the KCT screen wasn't staying open when going into and out of buildings like it had been at first, so I'm thinking that's an actual bug.
  14. I tried it too, and when I first got to the space center screen, then yes, it would work. I popped open the KCT screen, went into VAB, came back out and it was still up. I was a bit puzzled by this and almost posted an apology. Then I went and flew a simple quick mission, and upon returning to the space center screen (after recovering vessel), the KCT screen was not up. I then opened the KCT screen, went into the VAB and came directly back out. Again, the KCT screen was no longer open. So, somehow flying a mission undid that feature. Ha, I WASN'T insane after all!
  15. Hmm...I thought I was on the latest dev DLL. I'll check again tonight. It definitely doesn't stay open, I always have to click the clock icon to open it. Thanks! The last selected tab staying open would be helpful, too!
  16. Is there any way that the KCT window can always be open in the space center screen? Every time I exit the VAB, I have to click the icon to bring it up again. That ends up being a lot of times.... If it could also automatically open whichever list was open last (VAB build list in my case) that would also be very convenient. Love the mod.
  17. Entertaining idea. I have the CV1 and VorpX, but I've had very little luck with it....I can't find any serious documentation on how to configure it, and it seems like the configuration is the key to enjoyable vs. nauseating experience.
  18. Started a brand new career last night and when I went to open the window to upgrade the facilities, only part of the window appeared....like just the top. I found the ksp log and it had a ton of NREs in it. I exited KSP, started it again, and no problems. Just an FYI...I don't have any log to share because I just had too much fun playing and forgot about the problem until now.... Fantastic mod....I'm already a half year in and haven't even reached orbit yet, unlike my first career game where that was like in the first week....
  19. Hi. Used the mod for the first time last night and noticed that during the simulation, it gave me 2 world firsts (some speed one and "splashed down"). Or at least, I saw the notification of them...I don't know if those were reverted when I ended the sim. Hmmm...come to think of it, I'm not sure what version of this mod I have. Something tells me I got it from CKAN, which would probably make it old. Great mod, btw.
  20. Thanks for that...I had been unsuccessful in getting it to work scrounging up files on gitHub.
  21. I've found that me just playing the game adds all the inaccuracies I could want.
  22. I also vote for basic features, even though I've never used this mod before and kind of got lost in the forums and ended up here. Now, can someone point me to where the KSP 1.0 release discussion is? I don't want to miss it!
  23. I'm pretty sure you know the answer to that. Internet forum etiquette and current political discourse requires you to arbitrarily choose one over the other and then defend it to the death as the only possible solution any sane human would choose. A pity, really.
  24. That's brilliant. I always would turn RCS off to change orientation while docking then turn it back on for movement and that was a major pain, since both kinds of movement are regularly needed. I never thought to deactivate them in that role altogether.
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