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  1. Probably will work just fine. Parts mods generally don't have a lot of issues.
  2. Small bug: the lancer aerospike and ram intake have a typo in their cross-section profiles. (should be "mk3" instead of "Mk3")
  3. Requesting name change to SpeckledFleebeedoo Trying to unify all accounts Also FYI: this is still the first result on google, without a proper link to this thread
  4. There's a small typo in the cross-section profile of the size2 mass driver - see Github pull requests for a fix.
  5. @Majorjim! There were multiple ways you could have reacted to it. I don't think this was the proper way. @hazard-ish Its still an impressive video. I can't even get any VTOL anywhere near Laythe, if I even get the VTOL working.
  6. Making them tourists wouldn't work, as they would totally lose the ability to control the craft.
  7. About Basic Orbit: It would be nice if I could drag the settings panel. I can't change the settings for the various panels because it's longer than my screen.
  8. I believe bdarmory uses heat to make the parts explode. You might be able to remove the heat and add damage instead, if you are able to track where the impacts are...
  9. Small error with the main menu: the kerbals are casting a shadow on the planet behind them...
  10. Looks great. What if I put it on an IR arm?
  11. The interiors should have no hatches. The Free IVA mod (partially) integrated this, but it doesn't seem to be updated to 1.1 due to lack of time. Right now, some parts are looking a little cramped...
  12. I'm a little bothered by fuel beginning to leak immediately. It means you can't do anything if you even just scratch your ship. Having the leaking start at 5% feels better...
  13. I think the problem is that the mod is only available on Curse. CKAN isn't compatible with Curse... The easiest solution is probably to make it available on SpaceDock. Info: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/FAQ
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