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  1. Just lost all my .craft files. There was a vessel in my list, that had no name, I loaded it up, and it was an older vessel that I don't use anymore. I deleted it, and it deleted the entire VAB folder from my computer. I have tried to recover it, but it is gone. I cant' seem to find any way to restore the vehicles that are in flight from the save file. I remember reading a mod that allowed you to edit vehicles in flight, but i have searched for hours without finding it on purpose. I don't know if your mod had anything to do with this or not. I backed up my save file about a week ago, so I have the vehicles from that point. I lost about 40 hours of work on about 6 really great ships I was planning for a Duna mission. Several of them are in action in a test version on the mun, but I can't re-create the craft files necessary to edit them to fix their problems...
  2. I am having the same issue, and it is when I use Cliff-set to re-position motors. Apparently they don't like being moved off of center.
  3. How is a rocket over heating on the launchpad before launch an improvement? How is a lander module exploding halfway to orbit for no apparent reason an improvement? I believe that radial attachment points are not working properly, so forget trying to build creative objects with attachment points in places that aren't stock. Okay, so there is a bug, and after 2 hours of troubleshooting I decided to do away with radial attachment points and redesign the mission. Get it safely to minimus, plant my flag, start the science module and head back to the space center to research some new parts for my next mission. When I returned to minimus lander to check on things, the science module exploded in 50 directions at once before I even switched to it. I was controlling the EVA. The problem is two fold. It is a physics sandbox, focused around rockets, which seems to work fine until you start making changes to the physics model to improve aircraft performance. The radial heating thing I really don't understand why they added it. Yes heat is a problem in space, but you have more flexibility when you design each part for its intended purpose rather than having pre-built parts to choose from. The Apple Macbook vs the IBM thinkpad as an example. Both great products, but my 6 year old Apple will power up and perform exactly like it did the day I bought it, and I'm on my third Thinkpad in that same time. So why try to model realistic physic with unrealistic engine performance and part selection? Its a game, we have parts , goals, and ongoing missions that are designed around the model as it is. Add more for us to do instead of more reasons to quit playing the game.
  4. Wow thanks for all the replies. I am going to try to make a Meme that shows happy Kerbal smiling with 1.02 and then a scared Kerbal with 1.03, and then an explosion. Cuz thats what happened to half my Kerbals on various moons throughout the kerbalverse. As the OP, I can clarify that I personally do not want changes to the Physics engine after I have ongoing multi ship missions, and the game is already successful and popular, so there is NO Reason to change it. Those of us happy with the existing physics engine are not vocal, we are playing the game. The small minority of players who wanted more complex physics apparently convinced the devs to implement features that the game wasn't ready for.
  5. We are post release. You are making money, growing in popularity, more streamers / youtube channels each day etc. Why are you messing with the physics at this point? No-one is suggesting Chess have new pieces 2000 years after it was invented. In your game Physics is the game. When you mess with the Physics you are changing the rules of the game. I am a member of a small community of players who love your game, and I'm the only one who is currently playing it because of all of the problems with the physics that have been introduced. In 1.02 you changed the Drag. This made half the rockets no longer work, and you were supposed to change it back in 1.03 but you didn't we still have to go into the cheat menu and turn the drag from 8 down to 4. Now in 1.03 you added a broken heat mechanic. My rocket that I launched to minimus before the patch now just blows up on the launch pad before I do anything, and when I rebuilt it and got it to minimus, it then blew up when I left the ship to spend some of the obtained science, and came back. Hours of work blew up, and I'm forced to either go get mods to edit the freaking save files or start all over. I understand you have a whole list of features you want to add. What I'm telling you is that the majority of us are not Scott Manley and we don't freaking need more physics we need more to do with the existing physics that we understand. Give us more planets, further out, more game options, a bigger universe to explore, more science to research, etc. Don't give us more physics problems to solve! This is not science class its a game. Many developers play with mechanics to prevent players from burning through content too fast. If this is what you are doing, we see it and we know it and we dis-approve. Instead of writing a few routines that noone asked for which simply blow up our rockets on the launchpad, why not work on actual Content. You know a story line, more reasons to build more complex rockets etc. Sorry for the Rant, I love the game and do not like where you are going with it. People who want realistic physics can go into their back freaking yard and build their own darn rockets!