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  1. You might want to play with the mass of the payload or add ballast. It's not possible to fly every rocket to a circular orbit for every alt. E.g. may need like 120*250/350 if you are too light in jnsq. Pvg also allows you to set the pitch program rate, which will help you get higher before stable guidance is reached. Control systems are hard....
  2. I enjoy these. If you are worried about length you could put the post a spoiler type window. In either case the stuff is fun to read.
  3. Hey thanks! That will help my campaign along!
  4. Hey, Looking Good; is it possible for you to add a nose code that does not have the docking port built in? I use a CADS port from BDB. Thanks either way!
  5. Yeah I agree. TPS are complicated layers of all kinds of stuff. They don't melt away in the scale of ksp. It's more like the kerbal TPS is a model, and you are using it by bringing more or less ablator. They just set the max to a big number to make them enough to work at whatever use in kerbal. IMHO, is not a realistic enough simulation to care that much. It's your gaming experience, so go for whatever is the most fun to you. You might need to use the up-rated engines for more margins for now. Happy flying!
  6. Re Saturn 1b to orbit:. Take some of the heat shield off as well. You do not need it. You may also defuel a bit even in orbital, don't need that much dv anyway.
  7. Sorry I thought the spelling of more/moar and power/powa indicated the loss of isp at the higher thrust. Since this is kerbal I'd add more srbs lol
  8. The ATV is amazing, goodness I need a revamped Ariane 5. I'll trade snacks configs balanced to be a little better than the ETS aardv? Just kidding, but your modding is wonderful now.
  9. That is a good point Beal. It really would make the craft feel more Soviet with one fuel.
  10. Hey, What from this mod could work in 1.8? I ask vs. try because i know the dependency is not updated to 1.8, and i am not sure what to cut out (if possible)? Basically can the remaining parts work on 1.8 that needed the texture replacement mod? Cheers
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