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  1. That is a good point Beal. It really would make the craft feel more Soviet with one fuel.
  2. Hey, What from this mod could work in 1.8? I ask vs. try because i know the dependency is not updated to 1.8, and i am not sure what to cut out (if possible)? Basically can the remaining parts work on 1.8 that needed the texture replacement mod? Cheers
  3. I actually like having one of each. However, the mod will still be amazing either way.
  4. I like the adds you are doing. It really shows the Krussian strategy of incremental changes.
  5. I would vote for 1.5m. I like to mix and match BDB parts. Also, i am using the 1.5 option right now. I think it accomplishes the middle-ground feeling you mentioned nicely. It also looks nice with the soyuz at the top...or rather Koyuz since this is kerbal.
  6. Ok no rush, I modify the stock ssme and cheat it inside a fuel tank to look like a shroud.
  7. It does change the ISP and thrust to weight ratio, however we don't really need to worry about delicate fuel consumption reality of real rockets. They always burn exactly as specified, in ksp. How does the fuel boil off work, I never left a rocket around long enough to care about the boil off. Would it matter to change the ratio to use up more fuel? That might help squeeze an ounce of power from the rocket lol?
  8. Hey would you be willing to share or post the numbers you used on the icps to make it scaled down? Or just post the config? With RESTOCK there is basically enough parts to do a mock up...
  9. Hi, I just did a very challenging docking of the first truss to the us lab. I did that with an orbital tug. Would you consider making your docking ports snap? So if it is close to true, it snaps? It's a bit of compromise since there are no exact robot arms. Also, this mod is amazing! D