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  1. Hmmm then I would go to lh2 via configs. That way if you do not want the crp, it would work stock
  2. [WIP] Real IVAs for BDB

    If they are like the one you showed, they add some fun to the game. I keep meaning to see if we can hook a agc to ksp..... Anyone try that yet? Not sure if you need the real code, but you can probably use mech Jeb and or gravity turn to have a prop that does what the Apollo computer.
  3. I think you should balance like bdb, then when you scale the system to 2.5 it all flies ok. David
  4. If I could just get my 2.5x up and running so it would be a challenge.....I definitely need to do that mission. Although I need to do the whole ETS timeline first lol.
  5. This turned out very nice, cannot wait to hook up my csm and get to mun
  6. I'm not sure I can handle this.... #SoyuzForLife ...
  7. [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    Cool, Duna here we come
  8. That is a neat animation. This is really shaping up to be a cool mod! Are you working on thrusters also?
  9. Your amazing we need the center truss parts!!!!!
  10. If you come in to steep this will the shoots earlier if you are coming in at a high angle.
  11. This is amazing work; It is looking like it fits in very nice.