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  1. Sure, it will be good someone picks this up Here's download link to the models: Licence: CC BY
  2. Yeahhh, I'll put the unity project on dropbox one of these days, I swear It will have the all the Blender models and assets too so you people can use them.
  3. Not from me atleast. Like i said i don't think i'm returning to modding anytime soon. Maybe someone else will make the tweakscale patch.
  4. That's a pretty high effort replica right there! BTW i quit modding because I haven't had any interest in playing Ksp in a long time. If somebody wants my blender models, textures or unity set-up, i can make them available.
  5. So i've made a bunch of models awhile ago, but haven't had the interest to play ksp or mod for it anymore, so i'm making them available here for anyone who might want to polish them up so they might bring joy and happiness to someone yet. Contains radial Spitfire part intended for Aviation Cockpits and some sort of Mk 2 sci-fi parts. They should work in-game, but need balancing and final touches etc... Pics: Download: Drop the "AviationIntakes" and "AviationCockpits" folders inside to your gamedata folder to try them out. Original blender models and textures, uv maps etc. can be made available upon request. Rules of use: You may: Re-name the parts Release them as a your own mod Edit them to your hearts content idk whatevers As long as you don't appear at my front door asking for money i really don't care
  6. It's supposed to be B-1 Lancer cockpit for bomber aircraft. Also it's not going to be so long as in the pic, the rear part is just stock hull i imported to help textures match better. I've wanted to make some sort of "sci-fi dropship" type cockpit with good downward visibility, but i haven't been able to make anything that looked nice yet.
  7. I like eating ice cream while drinking beer. Should i be worried?

  8. What i have been working on: I'm hoping texturing will eventually hide the ugly shading here... A radial part. I think all the cool kids are doing razorback cockpits these days? I've also been making some mk 2 parts, but that will come later.
  9. Looks like you might have a light in your scene? Try deleting it or switching to shadeless display:
  10. Hello I got this engine with a emissive, made with unity's coloranimation tool. The emissive acts like engine temperature, slowly becoming visible when the engine runs and fading away when it's turned off. I want it to respond to thrust instead so it's visible immediately after throttling up. I got this fxanimatethrottle module: MODULE { name = FXModuleAnimateThrottle animationName = TestEmissive2 responseSpeed = 0.001 dependOnEngineState = True dependOnThrottle = False preferMultiMode = True } So is there something like a FXAnimateThrust module that could do what i want? Screenies demonstrating what i mean: Edit: Of course i figure it out immediately after posting this thread. All i had to do is increase the response speed value... Kinda obvious in hindsight.
  11. I'm away from my main computer for a few months so i cant do any modelling now. I'll give the spitfire cockpit a try when i get back.
  12. Pretty dank plens right there! I also cleaned up some extra stuff from the dropbox download, so it only contains the f-104 stuff.
  13. New plen: New Props: Super Exclusive Early Download: