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  1. I do not know how I got the wrong EVE, I downloaded them both from your github yesterday so I re-downloaded everything and it works now. Thank you
  2. I did a fresh bare minimum install still did not work http://imgur.com/am2Q57I I apologize that was the KSP.log, here is the correct updated log
  3. So I shouldn't have module manager or part overhauls because those are the only other things I have http://imgur.com/OnkzzEq
  4. Here is a log and some pics http://imgur.com/6K3giRu http://imgur.com/o7YHetq
  5. So I decided to build my own version of Nasa's Power Tower Station concept...http://imgur.com/a/JmvXD
  6. I think they should used the finger pad to move the cursor around.
  7. I assume you tried moving the rear wheels forward ( I know you have weapons there but landing gear is more important) a little that was something that helped me get in the air at a lower velocity making it easier to control on the runway.
  8. Maybe try putting the medium sized landing gear on the back instead of the small that worked for me. The small gear seems to break really easy.
  9. Gryphorim didn't break the rules, he posted that on Monday the rule was not implemented until 12 hours ago.
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