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  1. I can confirm this happening as well. Cross-feed not enabled. It's fairly random, Padishar. One career it started happening on my fifth rocket, another it didn't happen until I was on my 10th rocket or so. I, however, haven't been able to correct the issue by quitting and relaunching like some others have said. For me, once it borked, it was a permanent issue for my career if a decoupler was present. I would get you some logs, but I've already removed KSPI and IFS (sorry, couple days late to the conversation). I don't have MJ, so I can't comment on any comparison there.
  2. Yes, I know. Fortunately for me (and many more of us), this won't be an issue for long! UNfortunately, I have too many mods for 32-bit to not hate life and crash all of the time due to memory overload - so I'll just have to deal until the 1.1 release. Crossing my fingers for sometime in the next month since they've started QA testing.
  3. Cool man, I didn't realize that - I only ever knew of the logs that were made in the dated folders when the game crashed. You'll be happy to know, though, that I started a new installation without SCANsat and I have managed to get the issue to occur, so it's definitely not something on SCANsat's end. Now I just have to see if I can figure out which mod it is from my long list of them. I looked through the log and found the "scene change" where the issue happened - but I don't see anything obvious as the culprit, so I guess I'll just have to keep isolating and testing. The good news for me, at least, is... SCANsat is coming back into the list of active mods! EDIT: deductive reasoning led me to look at the previous scene change and the one where there error occurred and see what was different. all is the same until "Initializing flight mode" where this section appears in the one that produced the problem. I know we've eliminated SCANsat, but thought maybe you'd see if there's anything here you recognize: [LOG 16:18:59.934] ------------------- initializing flight mode... ------------------ [LOG 16:18:59.952] Target vessel index: 32 vessel count: 34 [EXC 16:18:59.953] NullReferenceException UnityEngine.Component.get_transform () FloatingOrigin.setOffset (Vector3d refPos) FloatingOrigin.SetOffset (Vector3d refPos) FlightDriver.Start () Everything, as far as I can notice, before and after that on each scene is the same. Doesn't look like there's any mods specifically tied to that set of code, so maybe it's just purely a x64 problem?
  4. Well, that's the thing - there aren't any. It doesn't actually crash the game. For all intents and purposes, the game is still "running", I just lose any real UI functionality (in that when I go to a ship, there's no ship [since the camera is somewhere randomly in the galaxy] and, even though I have a navball, doing any control input makes nothing happen - and going back to space center and then into tracking station causes the UI bug I mentioned before where I can't select a ship or exit the tracking station). So, at that point, all I'm left with is alt-tabbing and closing the window, which doesn't seem to generate a crash report or output log - unless I'm missing something. If you've got no input otherwise, no biggie - I haven't seen anyone else mention something like this, so it's certainly possible it's just an anomaly on my end with my setup of installation and mods. EDIT: My mod list, just in case it matters. I'll mark ones that are only in my most recent installation with "(new)" - all others were in the previous installations where the problem also existed -[x]Science checklist -Blizzy toolbar (new) -Roverdude's USI suite and Karbonite suite (Karbonite is new, USI I've been using for a while) -Ambient Light -EVE and some textures (new) -Chatterer -Community Tech Tree -ContractsWindow -Interstellar Extended suite (new) -ActionGroupsExtended -Distant Object Enhancement -Orbital Science -KAS & KIS -OPM and Kopernicus -Infernal Robotics (new) -NavHud -NearFuture suite -CivilianPopulation -notes (new) -PlanetShine -PortraitStats (new) -SCANsat -ShipManifest -SpaceY -AlarmClock and TransferWindowPlanner -UniversalStorage
  5. Just wondering if anyone else has seen something like this-- I've tested this in three different career modes, two science modes - all on separate installs (haven't tested in sandbox yet as I don't really play sandbox anymore). In all instances, once I get to the point where I start launching ScanSAT probes to planets, after I get about 5 or 6 bodies to 100% scanned, my save starts to bug out when changing vessels. When I switch to a different vessel, the camera ends up in some random place in the galaxy (sometimes inside of a planet, sometimes inside of the sun, sometimes just randomly out in space) and I have no interface controls. The only thing I actually can do is Esc and return to the Space Center. When I do that, if I go into the Tracking Station, the UI is all messed up and the list of vessels is smashed up above the screen to where I can't select anything and even the Exit to Space Center button no longer works (I have to alt-tab out and force the app to close). Note that relaunching the app does fix the issue, but it will return before long. As I said, this only happens once I start to do ScanSAT scans of bodies. In my testing, I've not ever run into the issue if I don't do any body scans. A few notes specifically regarding ScanSAT: I don't ever start doing scans until I have the radar, multispectral, and SAR modules. When I get those three unlocked, I make all of my satellites with those three modules and the stock M700 Resource scanner. I usually launch them in in sets for each system (so, for Kerbin I'll launch three on a single lifter and then send them to the bodies for that system - in this case Kerbin, Mun, Minmus; and then so on for each planet afterwards). The most I've ever gotten scanned before running into the bug is all of Kerbin system, Duna system, and Eve system. On that particular instance, it was when I started my Moho scanning that I ran into the problem. Probably would have had Moho at 100%, but I remembered something else I needed to do that I didn't want to forget and switched back over to another vessel. The least I've ever gotten done before hitting the problem is all of Kerbin system and Eve system. In regards to the rest of my KSP setup: I am currently running it using the Windows x64 temp fix. I understand that this is not supported and if that's the problem, so be it - mainly, if that's the case, I just want to know if others running x64 have hit this problem or not; that would help to verify if that's the problem. Beyond that, other major mods include OPM (with Kopernicus, of course) and some visual mods (like EVE, Texture Replacer - though, I don't have but just a couple of textures replaced). There are various other part mods, including DMagic's Orbital Science. My latest install of the game also includes Interstellar Extended, but the previous installations did not and I had the issue with those as well. To note: as you've probably deduced from the previous info, I've never gotten to the point of scanning any of the OPM planets. Just looking for any insight into this. Aside from that, I do love your mods DMagic - keep up the good work! EDIT: should point out, I know it obviously could be something completely unrelated to ScanSAT that is causing the problem - I just have only ever SEEN the problem begin once I start doing my scans. To further this point - I've had ScanSAT for a LOOOONG time, but never took the time to actually start using it until recently, and this particular problem didn't start until that time. EDIT 2: I know I type the name of the mod backwards (ScanSAT as opposed to SCANsat) - just habit from how I name my probes!
  6. Thanks for all of the replies, folks. I'm not too keen on changing anything in the persistent file as I'm too scared to ruin my savegame, but I did copy it to my desktop and browse around just to see what the state of those parts was. Everything appeared to be "ready", so I don't know if that was entirely the issue. I spent another good while trying to get the ports to connect. Even went as far as to use KAS/KIS to remove the port on one of the vessels and adjust it's height a few times to perfect the alignment and still couldn't get the two to clamp to each other. My last resort before piping (would just rather have them clamped for my own OCD vanity purposes) was to use KAS/KIS to replace both ports with two new ones, relocating them a few times to make ideal alignment, and still was not able to get the two jerks to clamp on to each other. In the end, just left the two as close as possible and ran a pipe. I understand all of the physics behind this in the sense of "in space the crafts can adjust slightly to clamp - on the surface they can't", but my point is more that with as close as they were to each other and as good alignment as I was able to achieve, it really should just clamp. Needing more than what I was giving it was just ridiculous. And as a side note - I've since attached more pieces to the base via clamps and achieved a connection with far less perfect alignment than the ones I photo'd for this thread. So, at least I know it's not totally borked in my save or on Minmus or something like that. Thanks again for all of the input, everyone!
  7. Cool. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the assistance.
  8. Does using KAS pipes unify the two vessels as one like clamps do?
  9. I mean - if I'm expected to do better than this, something needs to change...
  10. I'll give it a look, Sidereus - thanks for the suggestion. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Jet. Good thinking, but sadly not the case - lander is fresh in from the cold depths of space. EDIT: Just for giggles I backed it up to 16m from target and tried again. Still having the same result.
  12. Seriously... how are these ports not clamping? I've moved and approached numerous times. The alignment couldn't be any more perfect. On a perfectly flat surface. Is there an issue with clamping when on a body's surface that I'm unaware of? I've been at this for hours. The two ports just keep passing through each other. Every now and then, the port on the top side of the photo "magnetizes" and looks like it's sticking to something, but never the other clamp - it looks like it's sticking to the structural fuselage. And to answer the obvious questions... yes, they're facing the right direction, they're both the same type, etc. The exact same connection exists on the other side of the base, but it was assembled in space and brought down. This side of the base is being added on the surface (which is completely flat - Engineer reports no slope for either craft).