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  1. for some reason this makes my space center spawn in the ocean on ksp64bit Linux Mint
  2. Is Fuel Science still being maintained?
  3. is it possible to develop a "procedural road" type of mod that would allow path building on other planets?
  4. i find this only happens with remotetech, due to the delay.
  5. yeah ricko's got some amazing stuff in the works. edit: riocro* always read his name as ricko for some reason...
  6. could you try again and get a screenshot? its difficult to troubleshoot that cause i've never had a problem with it. edit: actually yeah i bet 120k is too high. when i do those i go around 80k
  7. yeah sorry for being confusing. i guess what i want is to only be able to use IVA mode during flight.
  8. is there a way to remove some of the HUD? i dont mean just pressing F2 as i still want the stock toolbar. i just want the navball gone mainly.
  9. how does resolution affect mods?
  10. may be an upload problem. nothing happens when i click download on the kerbalstuff page. nvm it works now. thanks for doing this.
  11. ensou says anyone can update this if they want. anyone with the knowledge want to update?
  12. wow this bartof guy is a troll. its too bad modders cant ban IP's from using their mods lol.
  13. yeaaah i was gonna say this. like in the movie Moon.
  14. .........OMG. Tell me you drive this around and collect CRP resources please.
  15. only when it's set to true. where may i find this ksp.log file?
  16. so i set the settings to true and it worked, i got the new tab with the parts, buuut it also deleted the MKS tabs :/
  17. i noticed you added a Life Support tab to the part catalog. any chance of another tab containing all your base parts?
  18. whaa..? ive always been using it and never had a problem. you sure it isnt a different mod causing that?
  19. any chance for updates on MFS and SDS as well? mainly DDS conversions and maybe dependency updates whatnot