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  1. Hi, today, I encountered an old acquaintance: The docking bug. I'm aware that it was an issue in the early days of KSP, but I didn't encounter it for years and since there's been a docking update in the last patch, I figured I'd blame that. My slightly overbuilt Duna mothership (left) is connected to a lander (right) by a dual docking port. I'm currently in Duna orbit and I just tried undocking the lander: However, as you can see, there's no undocking option for any of the ports. There was one a few minutes ago, though, and when I tried undocking one port, it d
  2. Quick follow-up question: Does stuff like this have something to do with KJR? The wildly flailing structure in the back is suposed to be a foldable solar satellite, but the hinges seem to decide to twist into directions they shouldn't really be twistable, and at a folding angle of between 70 and 75 degrees the entire structure starts to become uncontrollable. In the foreground, a valiant Kerbal who was actually supposed to rigidify the structure with EVA struts (in this unfolding attempt, I unfolded the satellite just to the point where it still was controllable, but it started
  3. For now, I saved the day by installing Hyperedit and hyperediting the station back onto solid ground, but I'll try editing the config if something like this happens again. KJR works at the moment, the station only twitches a bit when switching to it.
  4. I thought it would only reinforce joints for some reason, but the description looks good. Thanks! Edit: Nope, still jumping, although KJR claims to do something
  5. Hi there, I vaguely remember that there once was a mod which decreases wobbling of crafts upon loading... I've pieced together a small research outpost on Minmus (already heavily modded, the outpost mostly uses USI colonization parts) which first only jumped a small bit upon loading. I didn't think too much about it initially, because I misplaced two Gypsum drills s.t. they lift up one part of the outpost anyway, but over time, the jumping got worse, and the last time I loaded the outpost, it completely flipped over. I tabbed out of the game and closed it forcefully because bu
  6. Whoever built the craft might have used a mod you don't have. Did you check mod requirements? Also, something may have gone wrong with one of the updates if it really is the stock small gear bay we're talking about. If that's the case, you can try verifying the game data. If you're using steam, that's under rightclick on KSP -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of Game Cache
  7. Map mode doesn't always help anyway... I'm currently on Minmus with the 70 part or so Lander stage (it has lots of experiments and solar cells, due to ISRU capacities) and I still don't get more than 10 FPS, even when landed. I can't do experiments in map mode and landing in map mode isn't that great either. I somehow suspect FW Rocketry or the experiments pack now. Anyway, I'm gonna wait until all mods are available in 1.1.2 and try to find out the real culprit.
  8. Removing EVE and scatterer helped not at all, but decreasing resolution, texture quality and disabling all the extra graphic thingies helped. The game looked like something that doesn't look good afterwards and I increased the resolution and the texture quality a bit again. Now I've found a balance that looks meh and has a meh performance (much worse than 1.0.5, actually). I've also checked with my less modded KSP version (I'm keeping a cleaner primary version in case something goes horribly wrong during an update) which is 1.1.1 now and has scatterer+eve enabled. I've tried building
  9. Yes, it's a laptop, but the inspector thingy didn't help... plus, the framerate is more like 3 at its worst. I couldn't add any executables without removing the two which were listed anyway at first, so I removed the old ones and added them again, and when I kinda knew what I was doing I also added the absolute link for good measure. Anyway, I'm starting to seriously doubt my capabilities. Does this look right?
  10. The service bay has a much higher heat tolerance though. The Science Jr. is better protected where it is. Actually, I've build a craft with both components switched a few days ago abd the Materials Bay explodified. Sorry, no idea about the reentry effects, I've been wondering about that too.
  11. Hi, after having lots of RAM related crashes in previous versions, I was looking forward to cram KSP with mods in the 1.1 64 bit version, which I now did. However, I'm somewhat disappointed about the performance... This is an un-small, but not humungous ship with 177 parts. The launch starts with about 2 to 3 RL seconds per ingame second, and this number goes up to 5 to 6 at about Max Q. I didn't measure the FPS, but I don't think they're much higher than 10. After dropping a few stages and leaving the atmosphere, KSP almost keeps up with real time with the mission timer flick
  12. 778) A currency called Koins which can be used to buy a 5000 kN thrust engine that does not require fuel, a self charging Battery and a resource from thin vacuum creator 779) Microtransactions to buy Koins with real money
  13. Hi everyone, when managing crew in the spaceplane hangar and trying to launch the vessel from there, all the buttons on the top bar (building, crew, save, load, launch, exit, and the other one) become greyed out and nonfunctional. The game doesn't crash, freeze or anything like that, but the only still functional button is Astronaut Complex, where there are no other options than hiring additional astronauts or going back to the SPH, where the other buttons are still greyed out. The only possibility is exiting KSP by tabbing out and closing or using the Task Manager.
  14. If you should ever come into the same situation, make sure you have updated your graphics card driver within the last year or so. Because that's a preventable beginner's mistake. Can be closed, I guess.
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