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  1. Try using the information in this post on how to report problems and help Nertea out.
  2. Thanks. I'd hate to think I was suffering from FOMO.
  3. If I install via CKAN, the Extras folders aren't installed. Is the only way to get them to download all of the individual packages and copy the Extras folders over?
  4. You might want to ask in the JNSQ thread to see if the planet pack adjusts this. It sounds like a simple MM patch is needed.
  5. Not that I'm aware of. All the config files have to be read, in order, iaw MM since changing one might have an effect on another. I don't believe there is any way around this.
  6. Read this article to help find the logs. When you've found them, upload to a file sharing service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and place a link to it/them in your post. Make sure the link you provide is a public share. Avoid posting log snippets because they often don't tell the entire story (and users lie misrepresent the truth sometimes) and don't post the log file contents directly...they can be very large. I can't see anything obvious (you've started the scan, you appear to be at a reasonable altitude for at least one of the sensors) but scan progress shows 0%. The Biome scan requires daylight, IIRC, no progress will be made on the night side, but you're clearly not suffering from that. Click on the "SCAN" part of the PAW for each scanner. What do you see?
  7. Have you tried it in 1.12? If you're concerned about corrupting a good save, you can copy your KSP directory, install the mod in the copy and give it a try.
  8. Ninja'd by @rmaine It might be easier for you but if a mod author has to answer every person who asks this same question that's been answered a page or two (sometimes literally in the post above the question) back on the thread, it can detract from developing/updating the mod.
  9. FYI, @Nerteathe "Core Mods" link in the 2nd para on the https://post-kerbin-mining-corporation.github.io/coremods page results in a 404. The link in the header works though.
  10. @stupid_chrissuggestion is perfect when you are attaching chutes to a reentry vehicle and you can remove all of the parts that aren't going to reenter in the VAB editor. For other items, such as early stage boosters that I want to recover, I just total the mass of the parts (often a nose cone, empty fuel tank(s) and engine for example) and manually enter that mass in the RC action group dialog when determining the chute configuration. This would work for a reentry vehicle, too, but isn't as simple or error-free as his method.
  11. Welcome to the forums. Note that, according to the OP, this mod is in beta and is not available on CKAN for 1.12 so you may have installed an incompatible mod. The last version of this mod available through CKAN is for KSP 1.9. There is no evidence in your log that this mod is causing your problem. What other mods have you installed? Do you have all of this mod's dependencies installed (see the OP)? If yes, I would suggest starting with a clean 1.12 install and ensure it runs successfully. Then, add just this mod (from the GitHub repo, see the OP) and the 3 dependencies, and see if you encounter the error again. Report back here on your success. Others will be interested. Lastly, check out this topic on how to report problems.
  12. This topic might help https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182950-tutorial-how-to-install-mods-manually-ckan/&tab=comments#comment-3771721.
  13. You haven't really given much to go on. I suggest you provide more information on your problem, including a better description so that someone can attempt to reproduce the problem, screen shots, if you feel they would help, and a log to a brief session where this problem occurs (use the link in my sig block to get some guidance on what to provide and how to do it). All this will help others diagnose any issues and offer some advice.
  14. I'm not entirely sure but logic would indicate that in a standard career game you start with all the planets discovered. When you add this mod, I don't think it re-hides them. Starting with RB from the beginning is better. I might suggest you copy your KSP folder, add the RB mod to the copy and test the theory. It shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes to verify at no risk. If it works, continue playing on the copy. If it doesn't return to the original.
  15. Yeah, I've run into the same problem . Others may will correct me but the steps are roughly as follows. You've already got a GitHub account and either Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code and that a good start. I don't use VSC so my advice stops there since I don't know how well GitHub is integrated: Go to the project's page on GitHub where the source code is maintained. Many mod authors use GitHub and have a link on the OP with this info. In this case LGG has posted https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/StationScience. Fork the repository so that you have your own copy. LGG might advise otherwise but I believe creating fork ensures separation from his production code, i.e. you're not trying to edit his master repo directly. Make your additions/changes and commit them to your fork. Create a Pull Request (PR) with the LGG master as the base and your fork as the compare. Wait patiently for LGG to review and merge your PR. I stand prepared to be corrected .
  16. Sure. Upload your file to a file sharing service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Create a sharable, public link to that file and put that link in a forum post by using the link icon (in the ribbon above your edit window that looks like a chain link, just to the left of the " one). Do not post the log directly to the forum since it's always too big. You can use a picture service, such as imgur, to do the same thing with pictures. When you post a log, try to use one from a minimal game session that demonstrates the problem. Log files get overwritten every time you restart the game. Take screenshots if necessary to help explain.
  17. I would suggest that you post a link to your player.log file so people can see what KSP is trying to do. See the link in my sig block for some advice on where to find the log files.
  18. No offense intended; I was trying to offer a suggestion that might get you what you want. I understand your point better. You couched your praise in-between two negatives and I misinterpreted your message.
  19. If so, I would suggest you raise this issue with the other mod authors, not LinuxGuruGamer who is trying to minimize the overhead he experiences supporting over 250+ mods. If enough people mention it, maybe they'll include it. The downside is that it adds dependencies to a project which some other modders try to minimize for supportability reasons.
  20. Welcome to the forums. Yes, but in the absence of details, it's difficult to diagnose the problem without resorting to guessing. Might I suggest you read the post at the link in my sig block and post a link to your player.log file (from a session that demonstrates the problem) and perhaps a screenshot of your GameData directory. We'll work from there. What kind of game: Career, Science or Sandbox? Are you sure that you installed the mods correctly? How did you install the mods and where did you put them? Did you rename any folders in GameData? I'm positive we can resolve this.
  21. I think @Grimmasis mostly right. You appear to have downloaded the zip files but not extracted their contents to the GameData directory as directed. The folder names should rarely, if ever, have the version numbers embedded, so you are either downloading the wrong file, extracting the wrong folder from the zip, or are renaming the directory, which you cannot do without creating problems. The contents of the zip file's GameData folder should be copied to the game's GameData folder. many users simply extract the zip file's GameData folder to their game folder where it will add its contents, overwriting where necessary. So, make sure that: You're downloading the correct zip. If you're downloading from GitHub, don't download the source code by accident; Find the GameData in the zip file, and extract that; and Don't rename any folder in GameData. Or, you can just use CKAN to simplify the process. I'm just trying to cover the bases.
  22. Yes, it's possible. It's not up to the KIS mod to add it but you can write a Module Manager (MM) patch which modifies the part's original configuration. You'll need to know the part's internal name (not the in-game title but the actual coded part name), the name of the module that provides the KIS functionality, and a little MM syntax. I'm sure someone's done something similar already. If I were a little smarter, I'd offer more specific advice . Something to consider is the MKS mod author's intent of not supplying KIS inventory capacity in the first place, but it's your game; play it the way you want it.
  23. Are you looking in the right place? See the topic below for locations for the log LinuxGuruGamer is requesting.
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