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  1. Welcome to the forums. Generally, I would say that's not advisable since research under this mod is affected by the planets you've discovered. By design, not all of planets are visible at the outset of your game, depending on your settings. I would suspect that on an old save, all of your planets would already be discovered/visible, thus negating the main reason for using this mod. There are probably ways around this, but I've found that starting over is better for me.
  2. You're welcome. This is what the KSP community does. You can reduce the size of the log files by running KSP for the minimum time to exhibit the error you're describing, then quitting the game and copying the log files somewhere else since they'll be overwritten next time you start. This also helps those diagnosing the issue by limiting extraneous noise in the log. General tips I would highly recommend that you play on a copy of KSP. Download it once from Steam, copy the entire KSP folder elsewhere, then mod and play that copied version. This is legal and gives you a local, pristine copy of the game which you can duplicate to your hearts content. It's a good backup and if you ever what to play incompatible setups, particularly planet packs or different rescales, you have a source. You can always use CKAN to check for a mod's dependencies by clicking on the mod in the left panel and then the Relationships tab in the right panel. CKAN can also manage your mods for each instance of KSP you create. I can't see much wrong in the player.log. There's clearly a lot going on and I'm surprised at the quantity of some of the messages from US2. Could you please post a link to your KSP.log file, which is located in the KSP root folder and which may be of more help.
  3. Welcome to the forums. As a general rule, you can help your own cause by including a link to your log files when you post a problem. They're often required when diagnosing a problem, especially when you've done some of your own troubleshooting and failed to resolve it. See the link in my sig block for more guidance on what to do when asking for help with a modded KSP install. Generally, no. I'm not sure I'm the best to answer this question but having a look at a list of your installed mods might help. This can be as simple as posting a screen shot of your GameData folder. Unlikely. There have been so many successful installs of US2 via CKAN for this to have slipped through. You could manually install US2 to find out but I wouldn't bother. Further troubleshooting step you might pursue is to create a new, clean KSP install and add only US2 and its dependencies to see if you can recreate the problem. If you don't see it, start adding your mods back in a few at a time until you do and then narrow the culprit down.
  4. I guess I did Glad you eventually found it and, in general for any GitHub repository, go to the "<Code>" page (found at the extreme left of the menu bar underneath the repository name), read down the right-hand column on that page, and look for the "Releases" section. Click on the "Releases" link and it will take you to the most recent one. You can find all of the older ones there, too, by clicking on the "+ [x] releases" link just below, where [x] is a number.
  5. Understandable. Go to the GitHub page via the link on the OP. There you'll see a link to a .zip file (Planetside_v1.0.1.zip). Click on it and your browser should take you to the Releases page of the GitHub Planetside repository. You should see three links under "Assets". Click on and download the Planetside_v1.0.1.zip file to a directory. I created one specifically for all my manually downloaded KSP mods. Don't download the source code. It's meaningless to you. If you've done this before or installed Planetside some other way, before you complete the rest of this process, make sure any existing Planetside folder in your KSP game's GameData folder is removed. Sometimes files can linger after this sort of install and it's best to start clean. Once the download is complete, open the zip file. You don't mention which operating system you use, but for most, it's a simple matter of double-clicking on it. Inside the zip you'll find two items, a GameData folder and a README file. Read the README file. It'll tell you to copy the zip file's GameData folder into your KSP folder. Since GameData already exists under the KSP folder, the operation should simply add the Planetside folder into your KSP GameData folder. Et voila...you should be ready to go.
  6. Welcome to the forums. I'm sure that someone will have an answer for you. You'll need to provide more information than that, I'm afraid. Just staying it's not showing doesn't give anyone much of a chance to help with your issue. Please try to be more specific and descriptive. Which icon? Which toolbar? What version of KSP and this mod do you have installed? How did you install the mod, manually or with CKAN? I would also suggest you read about how to report problems and follow the guidance in this post:
  7. Those worked, thanks. You can embed pictures here by taking screenshots with MS Snip, uploading to Imgur and posting a link here. Might be easier than using your phone. YMMV. So you fixed the MM problem by removing all ModuleManager.dll files from your install and put one, new one (v4.2.1) in GameData, right? Rats, now I can't download your logs . It worked once.
  8. I can't access these pictures. They're probably private. Something is truly strange. I've never seen so many notifications about two modal dialog boxes trying to open at the same time.
  9. No worries. The community does a great job offering what help it can. I don't profess to be an expert and gladly will admit when (not if ) I'm mistaken. Glad to see the problem being resolved.
  10. First thing is to use the Zero MiniAVC mod from LinuxGuruGamer. MiniAVC causes problems in later KSP versions and should be pruned from older mods. Your FF version of the player.log shows KSPDev throwing exceptions. I can't find references to that .dll, unless it's KSP_Dev_Utils, but I don't believe so since I can't find it in my install. However, KSPe.Light.TweakScale is also complaining and you might find some relief at There's a long explanation in the OP (updated only last Nov) but it does mention this utility. Personally, I think the problem is with TweakScale and not FF, but I'm not much of an expert.
  11. I wouldn't advise doing this since, IIRC, every autostrut acts like a part. This can add to your part count unnecessarily. Be judicious. I could be mistaken, but there will be a penalty to autostruting everything.
  12. Post your logs because FF and TweakScale shouldn't conflict at all - they do completely separate things. I figure there's something else going on. I don't use TS so I can't comment further on any interaction. Read the post in my sig block below for guidance on how to report problems with modded installs. I find CKAN truly helps prevent mod incompatibilities and manages updates quite well. How did you install FF and from where? What version of KSP and these mods are you trying to use?
  13. Thanks for undertaking this. FYI, the GUI doesn't look like that anymore, at least not on my version. I know you've just copied it from the old thread but since this is a new beginning, why not update the image.
  14. It's usually a good idea to post a link to the complete log. It's possible NFEs and crashes upstream could cause or set the stage for further errors. Check the link in my sig block for guidance on how to post your log, i.e. save it to a file sharing service, then post the link here.
  15. Also correct. Some mod authors expressly opt out of CKAN support for various reasons.
  16. There's a KSP bug that miscalculates resources on return to KSP. This addition to MKS addresses it without actually solving the problem, if I'm not mistaken.
  17. What should I be reinstalling, Scatterer or KSP...or both? First, I removed Scatterer and GEP from my 1.12.2 game since GEP is the mod preventing me from updating to the latest version of Scatterer. Then, I verified the install files through Steam, updating to 1.12.3 on the way, copied that clean folder to a new 1.12.3 folder and then copied my 1.12.2 GameData into the 1.12.3 game, overwriting existing files. Used CKAN to reinstall Scatterer vv0.0831 (plus configs and Sunflare). I still get the same error at line 71971 of KSP.log. Never mind. I screwed up somewhere and still had GEP and the old Scatterer installed in the 1.12.3 game. Used CKAN to remove the former and updated the latter and there are now no "//inscatter" errors in the log. There are no .half or .raw files in GameData either, but I understand that to be normal in the latest Scatterer.
  18. That makes sense. There should be something between those '/'. Ok, since there are no .half (outside of GEP) and no .raw anywhere in my KSP (stock planet system) folder, where might I turn for a solution?
  19. KSP 1.12.2, scatterer v0.0772 What does this error mean? I have the .half files for GEP planets but nothing, anywhere, for stock. No .raw files at all, either. The error occurs multiple times in a very short game session (~7 minutes)
  20. If you haven't read it yet, the link (How To Get Support) in the post two above your last one points to a thread which describes how to provide the information. Include in any upload the ModuleManager.ConfigCache file. Run KSP for the minimum necessary to exhibit the problem, save the logs to a file sharing site and post the link(s) here. Edit: Oh, and the ModuleManager.log would be a nice addition.
  21. Approximately a 5 secs load time after the console window appears for me, which suggests it's not a server problem but more likely something on your end?
  22. Have you uninstalled/reinstalled? How are you installing - CKAN or manually? Which version of KSP and this mod are you using? Read the link in my sig block below on how to report problems more effectively.
  23. Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll find an answer to your problem here somewhere. You will, however, need to supply more information than "it keeps crashing" since that's not much to go on. There could be incompatibilities with the versions of KSP and mods you have installed. Please read this topic and try to provide the information requested. Upload your log files and screenshots to a file sharing site, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., and post the sharable link here. How are you installing your mods - manually or via CKAN?
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