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  1. Firstly, you have done a superlative job in maintaining and developing this mod. I wish I had half your brains (no, not in a zombie way). Thank you for the countless hours you've dedicated to this significant contribution to the KSP community. Second, I use CKAN almost exclusively and I understand GitHub repos (sort of anyway). I don't update KSP all that often and can, sometimes, pass over a couple of Kopernicus releases. I've never had a serious problem with any release in my 181-mod install nor any objections to the current release model. My only issue would be for extended KSP loading times on the first start after each update but that's livable considering the benefits. That said, all other things being equal, I believe you should create a release candidate repo on GitHub since it: provides a better opportunity to work out bugs before a CKAN, gen-pop release, provides a place to experiment to your heart's content without borking the user base (inadvertently or otherwise), potentially offers the chance for others to contribute to maintenance with their own PRs (see 1, and because your release repo will be locked down, right?) , and remains available to those wishing to experiment with/for you and/or test any proposed solution w/o corrupting everyone else (not that your two-person team hasn't done a smashing job in the past). However, it's not without it's downside. Some users won't understand the GitHub thing and still want to be on the bleeding edge - just because. I couldn't guess on what that percentage might be but it's not 0. Also, regardless of that point, some users won't wish to participate in RC testing or won't provide feedback or provide unhelpful feedback which could add to your workload answering them (the Dear ImGUI repo on GitHub comes to mind). I may be completely off the mark but getting feedback might be more of a problem than too much. You, of course, have other, higher, RL priorities, if I recall. Those come first. Only you can tell how much time you have to maintain a second public branch, although your main one shouldn't be as onerous. On balance, though, I think your proposal is a good one. Best of luck either way. My 5 cents worth (since Canada doesn't have a penny anymore).
  2. If I've got the correct log file (and I think you've over-exposed your OneDrive share to the forum), you have more than 20k errors and 20k NREs. Frankly, I've no idea where to start trying to track down any Trajectory errors. You've got a lot of work ahead of you. A couple of options: Post a link to a minimal KSP session that demonstrates the error. This log is almost 1 million lines long. Start with a clean KSP install and start adding mods, in small groups, starting with Trajectories until you get your flawed behaviour. It might also solve some of your other problems. Do you install manually or via CKAN?
  3. Congratulations...very Pythonesque (Monty, not the programming language). A møøse once bit my sister.
  4. AFAIK, one chute part on the staging display will contain 3 chutes when deployed. You don't stage 3 separate chutes, just the one part that you placed on the vessel.
  5. Yes. It's been working for me for several KSP iterations, although I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Are you thinking you want to trigger a smart part with an action group, or trigger an action group with a smart part? The latter is built into the smart part PAW and provides many options. The former is also available but with limited options - you can only enable or disable condition detection using an action group targeting a smart part.
  6. I hope I can help. If I understand you correctly, you are running the USII Goo and Mat Bay wedges' science experiments (not the stock ones) successfully and then they don't respond at all to a right-click? If so, please provide log files and screenshots of your GameData folder and a situation in KSP where you are experiencing the problem (see the topic linked in my sig block for guidance on how to do this or ask here). Standard behaviour for these experiments is that they collect science only once, after which you have to: transmit the science then use a Scientist Kerbal on EVA to reset the experiment, after which it can collect more science from another biome (collecting from the same biome won't get you any more science points); or recover the experiment on return to Kerbin (the experiment will not collect more science in the meantime). If you understand and are doing this and still have a problem, have you tried removing and reinstalling the US II mod? How do you install mods - manually or with CKAN? Do you have the mod's dependencies installed?
  7. Empty the science module - perhaps transmitting or recovering the science? Seriously, you haven't provided much detail on your problem. Which experiment are you attempting to run? Have you run it already and are trying to re-run it?
  8. Is the multi-spectral sensor daylight only and are you at the optimal altitude?
  9. In my experience, it works in KSP 1.12.3. No issues AFAIK.
  10. I don't know about you but I was looking for the last person on the list. Is that you @zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
  11. I suspect the community experts will need to see your log file(s) to help you diagnose this. Read the post in the linked topic in my sig block below for assistance and post links to your files here.
  12. Have you checked the info in the OP? There's a reference to a config file in one of the mod's folders there. There's also some info on system requirements.
  13. Welcome to the forums. I'm sure the community will solve your issue, one way or another. That said, there's not much to go on here, I'm afraid. It might be anything from a bad install, mod incompatibility to PBKAC . Could you describe the problem in more detail, such what you are trying to do and what's actually happening. Screenshots and logs (definitely logs) would probably help any diagnosis. Read the topic linked in my sig block for guidance on how to report problems. FYI, LinuxGuruGamer (the mod author/maintainer) generally supports the concept of "No logs, no support" - help yourself help others help you, so to speak.
  14. If you're unsure how to install mods, might I suggest using CKAN to manage it for you. If you don't want to do that, yes, unzip the file, place the contents (really only the .dll is strictly necessary) in your GameData folder.
  15. I guess it depends on which mechanic you prefer. I've successfully used both for different things, such as the stock construction/repair contracts that seem simpler in stock inventory. I've not noticed bugs using both but you can't simply transfer items from one inventory to the other. You generally have to attach/drop to ground from one, and then detach/pickup with the other before placing in the new inventory.
  16. As far as I'm aware (I'm running 1.12.3), there are/should be no problems running TC with 1.12.5. Are you experiencing an issue? Have you tried using it in a test copy of KSP, i.e. not your real game instance and save?
  17. Welcome to the forums. Not much to go on in your description. What's the error on the main menu? Screenshot might help. We probably need to see the ksp.log file. If you don't know where to get it, read the topic linked in my sig block. Another useful piece of info would be a screenshot of your GameData directory, just to eliminate some usual errors.
  18. You haven't given use much information to go on so we'll have to guess and ask questions. I'm going to assume, for the moment, this is not a mod installation/compatibility problem. My first guess: Confirm that, unless you've launched them expanded, you have deployed them in orbit, by supplying the requisite MaterialKits and providing the necessary crew? These requirements are noted in the part description. For future problems, I recommend you read this topic and provide the info suggested in it and include descriptive pictures, as befitting the issue. These can go a long way, most of the time, to help the community resolve your problem without an extended question and answer process. Some mod authors won't touch a problem without this info.
  19. Welcome to the forums and the community will try to help but you haven't really provided enough detail for anyone to diagnose potential problems. Please read and follow the guidance in this thread. Upload files and pictures to sharing services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Imgur (for pictures) and post links to those files here. Please don't attempt to paste entire logs as text as they are way too long. Which telescope are you using? It has to be a TST one, not a stock one.
  20. My apologies, @rmaine, you're absolutely correct. I didn't read the topic title properly and thought we were dealing with KAC. Ignore my post.
  21. The alarm margin is the amount of time the alarm will sound AHEAD of the maneuver node. The period can be changed under Specifics tab > Maneuver Node Alarms (alarm type). In the same place, there's an option (Don't add alarms if the MN is closer than...) which prevents KAC creating alarms if the MN, on creation, is sooner than a defined period (default is 3 mins, IIRC).
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