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  1. Welcome to the forums. If you have set the option under Settings > Specifics > Maneuver Node Alarms > Detect and Add Alarms for MNs then MN alarms should be created automatically, even though you don't see them in the KAC window. If you've enabled this I would also recommend enabling Remove Auto Alarms if MN Removed to keep your alarm window clean. You aren't seeing the subsequent alarms because only the immediate next alarm for a particular vessel is displayed. I presume that's because the timing of the 2nd alarm might have to change if the 1st MN isn't executed as planne
  2. I use B9 with this mod installed on the latest KSP. It works. See my post in the B9 PartSwitch thread.
  3. I'm using the latest versions of KSP and B9 without problems in a heavily modded game. Which mod is not working with B9 for you? Could you post links to a log file showing the error and screenshots of your GameData directory (or anything else that helps describe what you're seeing)?
  4. Have you considered updating to KSP 1.11.1 and MKS 1.4? I'm not saying that'll solve the problem but it might get you more help. Also, consider reading the post at the link in my sig block. Providing a log might help sort out mod incompatibilities if we can see your mod list. How did you install your mods? Manually or CKAN?
  5. You appear to be missing some dependencies. Search your log for "ERR " and you'll find the offending lines.
  6. Welcome to the forums. If you're asking if you can use this mod in KSP 1.11.1, the answer is yes.
  7. Yeah, that did happen. Watch RoverDude's Twitch steam when you next can. I'm pretty sure the !discord chat command will display the link (obviously I can't display it now because RD is streaming now won't be this weekend)
  8. Which versions of KSP and MKS are you using? If there's a mismatch - mostly newer versions of MKS with older versions KSP - KSP will complain that the entries aren't compiled for the correct version and they won't display.
  9. What @Starhelperdude said. Also, what versions of KSP and this mod are you using? Please read the thread linked in my sig block for some guidance on how to report issues and what info to include. It really helps everyone who tries to assist you sorting this out.
  10. SoonTM. RoverDude is still working on this as part of an upcoming release. Watch his Twitch stream for more up-to-date info, if you're curious.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, there is a repeating alarm function only on the creation of a Raw Time alarm. Once set, you can't alter the repeat. You'll have to create a new one.
  12. I'm currently playing JNSQ on 1.10.1 so you might not have to go back to 1.8.1. I've not tried 1.11.1 myself so I can't advise you on that version. Note that, officially, JSNQ is good only for 1.8.1 but many have found that it works in most, but not all, later versions without a problem. In general, when you're asking for help with a problem, it's very worthwhile to post more information than "It doesn't work". See the link in my sig block for a topic that you should read so that you can post more meaningful and useful information when you're asking for help. Links to pictures of the
  13. It's probably KSP's settings file, which your game will modify on start. If it is, it's not a problem.
  14. Get the latest version of USI/MKS from the GitHub repository or Spacedock, as listed on the OP, or use CKAN to help manage dependencies and updates.
  15. I doubt KER is doing this without something else going on. Please post links to a pic of your GameData folder and your log file that you've upload to a file sharing site, such as Google Drive. See the link in my sig block for guidance on where to find the log.
  16. Thanks, all. Is there any hope that it'll show up in CKAN as compatible with all those versions? Currently, it shows a 1.11.1 only. I note that it's a trend in CKAN to make RR releases applicable to individual KSP versions or a very narrow range. If its compatibility is wider, is there a reason why you don't do so?
  17. Maybe but do you really need it? 1.11 may have fixed most of the problems.
  18. Only for KSP 1.11+, I presume. I had to go to the SpaceDock page to find a hint of version compatibility since it isn't on the OP nor in the release notes. It would be nice to see a prominent note to that effect.
  19. Welcome to the KSP forums. Your answer is in this topic's original post (OP, i.e. go to the first page). You'll need the Final Frontier mod.
  20. The max KSP version for this mod is 1.8.9 so it won't appear in CKAN by default. You will have to adjust the CKAN settings to show you these mods. Go to CKAN > Settings > Compatible KSP versions, click on 1.8 and then Accept. You should now be able to see it. Be warned that this will expose all the 1.8.x mods for you to select. Chose wisely and only after researching. I recommend that after installing Precise Maneuver you go back into CKAN and deselect 1.8 versions as a safeguard. You can always re-enable it later. I'm successfully using Precise Maneuver in a KSP 1.10.1 game
  21. Yeah, version mismatch. Kopernicus 1.9.1 and OPM are not officially compatible with KSP 1.11. While you may find that some mods will work outside of their stated KSP version ranges, planet packs in particular can be very sensitive to KSP and Kopernicus versions. You're asking for trouble and I would suggest reverting to KSP 1.9.1 until the mod authors update their offerings. You might consider trying KSP 1.10.1. Experiment only on a copy of your game (i.e. duplicate and rename the entire KSP directory and play on the copy) to reduces the chances of permanent corruption of
  22. The only way I know of is to reinstall via CKAN. Backup any unique settings, such as Kerbal Engineer Redux layouts, a reapply them after the reinstall, but most mods won't need this step.
  23. Since I have to uninstall Station Science Continued (SSC) before installing this mod, will replacing SSC with MSS beta current in-game experiments or launched ships?
  24. It's not a dumb question. Some suggestions: There is no KSP 1.11.9. The latest KSP version is 1.11.1. Never, ever, play on the downloaded version from Steam. Always copy the Steam version from wherever you download it and save it somewhere else. Call this secondary copy your "KSP 1.x.y Clean" version. Duplicate this clean version as many times as you wish for different mod collections (e.g. I call these copies "KSP 1.10.1 JNSQ" or "KSP 1.9.1 GPP" based on the planet packs I use). Mod and play these tertiary copies. This way, Steam won't overwrite your game and mods installs
  25. What @lordcirthsaid, and here's a tutorial: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:Installing_Addons I'm sure that if you searched this forum, you'll find a topic along the same lines.
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