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  1. I'm getting an exception that CKAN can't find KSP version in readme.txt; I've checked and the version number is definitely in there; I've tried validating all files through Steam but I still the error.
  2. I have, but now if I touch anything in cKan I get the error I mentioned.
  3. I'm getting a module not found error with regard to Asteroid Day; anyone else?
  4. Surely with this mod when it comes to transmittable science you can still just spam the experiment until you've got 100%?
  5. Is there a particular reason why we can't accept contracts in the VAB or SPH?
  6. Further to that brief discussion, @Yemo, I can confirm that the 160km antenna is listed in the VAB, but still when I go to transmit science, even from the launchpad, I'm given an error message stating that I have no antenna. I'm happy to move this particular discussion over to the SETI thread, or a private message conversation, by the way.
  7. I do not currently have the SETIprobeControlEnabler mod installed. I will nonetheless double check in the VAB whether the 160k antenna is listed.
  8. I think the issue is with SETI Rebalance, which adds a 160km internal antenna to anything with a moduleCommand. However this doesn't seem to be working, at least in my game. I'll go ask over in that thread for guidance.
  9. I'm getting an issue with my very first career craft in 1.2; despite CommNet being disabled from the get go, my initial craft, which does lack an external antenna (but it has the RT integrated antenna in the probe core of course) cannot transmit science. Is this WAD? I'm not using any mods which might interfere with science transmission, except perhaps DMagic's Science Relay mod?
  10. I miss the ability to change which contracts are offered mid-game. Is that menu being gone the mod WAD, or should it still be there?
  11. Damnit, I knew I was close! The probe did have a heat shield - I'm running Deadly Reentry, which also means though I tend not to put periapses below 25km.
  12. Quick question; can this be used to recover a vessel in flight? Stage Recovery recently failed to recover one of my Mun probes as it was passing through Kerbin's atmosphere, leaving it to head straight back out into space.
  13. If memory serves, can't this be used to recover unfocused probes if they're on an atmospheric re-entry course? I recently had a Mun probe pass through Kerbin's atmosphere with a minimum periapsis of 25km, but it carried on going straight back out into space. I could swear that Stage Recovery used to recover anything, so long is it had a parachute.
  14. I changed the fuel values to half those of the Oscar B, in the config file, and that seemed to fix things.
  15. Is Ven aware that the Oscar-A fuel tank currently has the same capacity as the Oscar-B? I just realised this is because of the SETI rebalance.
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