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  1. I only bothered to find which was the screenshot button after i played KSP 0.24 for a few months, so, unfortunately i don't have pics of any of my early milestones (1st orbiter, Mun landing, Duna landing, etc.). The first screenshot i made was of my first space station with two SSTOs docked at the same time. I was so excited that i HAD to find the screenshot button. It dates to december 2014: See the weird one with the Sr. docking port and 4 wings? That was my best spaceplane design (could be adapted to haul cargo or kerbals to almost any orbit in the Kerbin system) until the 1.0 aer
  2. I was about to make a deep and meaningful reply. But now you just said everything i had to say about the topic. Well, call me when someone starts a quantum physics thread! I'll be here... learning about the biggest questions of the universe... ... on Wikipedia.
  3. I see your flat earth conspiracy and raise you "Saddam Hussein (who rode around with Elvis on the back of a giant scorpion) was the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar and had a Stargate connecting Earth with Nibiru, the twelfth planet". www.bibliotecapleyades.net/exopolitica/esp_exopolitics_r_1_07.htm Although it might not look as weird as "the Earth has no mountains" (which screams Poe's Law to me), some people may actually believe on this one.
  4. Yes, unless you are Danny2462. Then bugfixing means losing your job.
  5. I did some testing on Pol in 1.0.5 to know what kept blowing my landers up since 0.24. It turns out, they are not "invisible mountains", but "invisible normal ground". At a certain altitude from... er... "sea" level, there is a collision box that KER recognizes as the ground, even though you can see the real ground a thousand meters under you. That always happens on the lowlands, but never happens on the highlands because they are above that altitude. If you land very slowly (<7 m/s) on that "ground" you will simply go through it like nothing happened and you can land safely on the "real" g
  6. I started using acronyms in my new save for my unmanned spacecrafts, such as: ICECREAM - Investigation Craft for Exotic iCe REticules At Minmus (a *bit* forced, but hey, ICECREAM!) MUSK - MUn Science Kit DUST - Duna Unified STudies (It was supposed to be RUST, but "Red planet" was too forced for my taste) I'll come up with more as i go further in my career mode.
  7. Oh, yes! The loading time for everything (the game, the ships, the buildings on KSC, etc.) has become much smaller. I forgot to mention that i installed those mods as soon as i got 1.1 , so i can't really compare the stability of the 2 versions. But after looking at the improvements i found on x64, that wouldn't be surprising.
  8. I'm playing 1.1 x64 with Outer Planets Mod, Kerbal engineer and Near Future Electrical. The game's performance has increased dramatically for me, but sometimes the game crashes, especially during staging or after you've been playing it for hours. But it's worth it, since autosaves turn that into a mere annoyance.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I didn't know Kopernicus was a mod enabler. I'll do a more detailed search, but i think Outer Planets is my thing. And, yeah, stock KSP really needs at least one new gas giant with many moons. In fact, the reason I'm getting OPM is because i got tired of waiting for the GP2 (i later found that it wasn't even planned for future versions)
  10. Thanks! I'm planning to use a planets mod on my future 1.1 save. The stock solar system became too small for me. But which should i use? Kopernicus? Outer Planets? Any suggestions?
  11. And now, the "Finale" part of this thread's title: STEP 3: Odissey, a mission to the middle of nowhere Eeloo And that concludes my Career Grand Finale! Oh, wait! Here are the following steps in a compressed manner: STEPS 4,5 AND 6: TAKING THE 1.1 HYPE TRAIN!
  12. Only 3 times, but that was enough to do pretty much all you can do there. The first was a complete exploration pack (lander, rover, 2 probes with ore scanners on high and low orbit), the second time was the crewed mission and the third was a colonisation pack, with a roving research base and a space station/asteroid miner. Driving the rover down the canyon was fun, but Jool is just 300 m/s away from there! And i'm not even counting the capture burn!
  13. Ok, i just uploaded the screenshots of Icarus. As i'm not very good at writing stories, i decided that i'll just change the Imgur descriptions of some images when i come up with ideas. It's going to take a while before i post the Odissey report because i'm still working on that mission. Meanwhile, here's step 2: STEP 2: Icarus, a tribute to the radiators mission to Moho
  14. When i got KSP on version 0.24, i started one career save and i have been playing it since then. Now, after 70 years of exploration, three planets are yet to be visited by manned missions: Eve, Moho and Eeloo. With the release of version 1.1 getting closer and closer, i decided that i would start a new career game when it comes out. And that's why i decided to finish my old career game with a Grand Finale: sending kerbals to those last 3 bodies and taking them back home. And then showing off on this forum. Ok, here's the plan: 1)Valentina will go to Eve alone on the Dante
  15. 5/10 Cool in theory, but reality doesn't have the necessary bugs for it to work... or does it? (if so, 11/10)
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