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  1. Think we have a league battle coming up soon where I can test some new missiles.
  2. Ahh sorry about that. Somehow that and dawn came up as synonymous... EDIT: look up aurora meaning and read the 2nd definition.
  3. No. Aurora is another word for dawn.
  4. Hit it the 1st time with the Aurora and separated the probe and the pod. Hit it the 2nd time, destroying or separating all missiles onboard. Labal is still alive. 1 missile remains on the Aurora. Link
  5. Good news. New missiles pretty soon. Fighter mount capable and should actually pop an Eos(I use persists for testing of ships if I don't have craft files). Should be fully tested by our league battle if that happens.
  6. This isn't a league match. We would just have a 2nd one. I need new missiles and fighters to optimize my ships.
  7. That's fine. My missiles will be redone by the time of the tournament. Also I'll have some fighters
  8. Yeah, but I have an extra ship on you. Also, I can outrange you in an unarmed 1v1 which lead to an interesting stalemate condition.
  9. Fired 1 missile, stripped off some composite plating. Fired a 2nd missile, clipped inside and dislodged some stability. Pilot killed. Fired a 3rd missile, more instability, no missiles. Crashing into Ike, burned prograde to try to save it. Not enough electric charge to sustain a burn prograde, hyper-edited to 38km circular. Recircularized the Dawn at a higher altitude. Turn 2 Complete
  10. Unfortunately, that's what they do on impact. The 2S is so part dense that its death is just parts flying out.
  11. I didn't. Bottom, below the main post.
  12. “2 task forces were sent to Ike in response to the sighting of a fleet headed by Eos-class subcapital ships. One task force kept in a high-energy state so less delta-v would be needed, and had less range. The more maneuverable task force took a lower orbit. This was the first test of the aging Pico-class subcapital ship in a long time, which had been aided by iterative design concepts. The fleets were prepared to prevent an aggressive action from the other fleet sent to Ike, and we hope no conflict occurs." Fleet in Position
  13. What planet should our duel be around?
  14. So, no double elimination? It's more battles but it prevents MM from screwing people over.
  15. Alphasus

    AP Tests

    Calculus tomorrow! We can do this!
  16. @MiffedStarfish @panzer1b May I join your alliance?
  17. Will do, getting stuff to move long ranges will be fairly difficult but I'll do it.
  18. You wouldn't want me in your alliance...All I have are the mediocre destroyers of 6 months past.
  19. I'll bring some of my destroyers in if I can refuel them on the way somehow.
  20. He's here again! Thanks. Also, I'll see if I can get back to this.
  21. I think it's most effective to buy the cheap soft landing pads. They're more expensive than o-rings($13) but shouldn't compromise tactility. Of course, I'd prefer Zealencios. https://elitekeyboards.com/products.php?sub=access,slpads&pid=sl120_cs https://elitekeyboards.com/products.php?sub=access,slpads&pid=sl120_cf
  22. Fair warning, they are expensive. Like $50 for 70 and you need 104. They will be like $70 although if your switches are PCB mounted, not plate mounted, it will be far cheaper to just buy Cherry MX compatible silencing clips. Also Zealencios don't make a huge difference for OEM profile key caps but they do if you have Cherry profile caps. The MX plate mount silencing clips would be better in most cases dollar per dollar. https://zealpc.net/products/zealencio Group buy pre order
  23. O-rings also really change how switches feel and can sometimes cause mushy switches. I prefer Zealencio silencing clips to O-rings to keep feeling similar while decreasing noise that isn't click noise.
  24. PBT keycaps also make clicky switches quieter instead of ABS keycaps in my case. I guess the sound is channeled, but the keycaps doesn't create sound, because my tactile switches don't get louder or quieter except for the rare bottoming out noise when I go from ABS to PBT. PBT makes the bottoming out noise, and depending on thickness I'll bet, all noises, quieter based on results with clicky switches(Razer Greens) and my bringing in some PBT caps to a local store to test with.
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