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  1. Could someone verify that I am not loosing my mind. I don't see a EPL UI available with the PPD cupola. NSSC and simple const is installed. Along with KIS and KAS
  2. The whole idea of Simple Construction and Not So Simple Construction is to bring extraplanetary launchpads abilities to the game without adding lots of new parts. Making Planetary Base Systems a required mod seems to break the whole concept of what SC & NSSC were trying to accomplish. At one time the stock Cupola worked as a survey station. Why can't it again?
  3. I am not using kerbal planetary base system. Your telling me that this mod now is dependent on parts from another mod? It didn't used to be that way (a few years ago).
  4. Thank you for maintaining some of the most important mods for KSP! I am having troubles you see... My old eyes can't find the K&K cupola in my build menu. The only one available is the standard one and it is not working as a survey station.
  5. I have tried a multitude of way to get the part to be built pointing the correct direction. So far, no luck. I am not seeing any colored diamonds anywhere. Should they be in the editor or when I am building?
  6. Good news everyone! Simple construction lives! I was wondering if there were any instructions on how to use your new micro dock. Every time I try to build with it the new part is not attached the the parent, or it's upside down. Drat... Also, having a stock part analog of the EL launch clamp would keep our bases from slowly crawling away.
  7. @linuxgurugamer First I have to say, YOU ARE AWESOME! You have picked up support for so many orphaned mods that I have lost count! Thank you! My question is about the sounds used with this mod. Is there a way to change them? The sound it makes when the drive starts is not the most pleasant. Thanks in advance.
  8. I found the problem. You have to go to Gamedata/NSSC/Patches/SurveyStation.cfg and change the word file to read "name = ELSurveyStation" instead of the ExSurveryStation. This was also mentioned previously by @scottadges
  9. I am no longer seeing a construction UI for the cupola module any longer (using it as a survey station). I am using Simple construction 4.0.1 Not so simple construction 1.3.1 Kerbal planetary base system 1.4.4 I tried removing kerbal planetary base system mod to see if that was causing the issue. No effect. Has anyone else lost the UI function on the stock cupola?
  10. Good news everyone! I did as the friendly chap advised and my Mun and Minmus surface bases are not exploding and in mostly the correct location. They seem to have moved slightly and maybe rotated a bit. Now where did I leave my teeth...
  11. My surface outposts on the Mun and Minmus moved quite a bit and are now on steep slopes instead of the flat areas I originally built them on ... Argh.
  12. My computer is not liking the .3.0.6.dll at all. Windows defender is saying that it has the "Trojan:Win32/Critet.BS" malware in it. Please advise.
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