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  1. Terribly underwhelming for what amounts to nothing more than a mediocre parts mod alongside a stand-alone logic GUI contract one-off mission builder... Oh and the obscene failure to check COM of parts... alignment of parts... I mean how hard is it to go through each of ~100 parts in the VAB before going live? It was a year in the making and only took 10 min of playing to see how disconnected Squad has become from reality of what players want. Career, still broken, had hopes that MISSION BUILDER was going to fix that.. Nope. There are 100 free mods that make KSP better for
  2. I wonder if the streamers realize in the EULA that TakeTwo is also claiming ownership of all content and income generated by the use of the product? But people like RPCG just say "Its boilerplate..." "Nothing to see here...". We'll see how 'boilerplate' it is when TakeTwo sends him a 'pay-up or cease and desist' letter.
  3. I am assuming the devs took the intelligent and logical route with Mission Builder and can be applied to career mode?? Take Two is probably working 24/7 to find a way to make it not happen...
  4. Game not even updating or installing from clean wipe. what?
  5. Title says it all. We have been sold down the river in the pursuit of $. Thanks, Squad. KSP was great. Thank God I will have 1.3.1 and all my mods for eternity. o/ See ya.
  6. yaaaawwwwnn.... 7 months of amateur development... still nothing. lol Bring in a high school CS class maybe? Or would they be above this team's pay-grade?
  7. How about releasing something? Making History is either a complete re-work of everything, or ur just bad at what you do. you hype and hype and hype for months about Russians being able to read everything in the game.. you hype and hype and hype whatever 1.3.1 is supposed to be, I've never seen so much hype for a pre-pre-pre-realease.... it has been half a year since Making History talk... and it's just what.. a few extra parts that are either cylinders or minimally faceted polygons and basically what amounts to a contracts mod... Really? ...... really?
  8. Take this however you wish, it is up to you... Back in the day I played one of the first available KSP builds. I bought .90 and have played it ever since, 507 hours to be exact (I know that's nothing compared to some). When you first start a career you have real goals. Launch your first ship, escape the atmo, orbit Kerbin... Ok, you do those and suddenly you are bombarded with a million 'test this part' or 'get a temp here' or 'get so much ore from Mun'. You do those and suddenly it's a repeat of the same 4 or 5 goals, just a different distance or from a different body. Once you get
  9. From the KSC overview, when you enter a building you get the music as if you are in there but it stays on the KSC overview screen but when moving the mouse around and happen to hover over where an R&D node would be for example it lets you click it even though u cant see what you are clicking.. Is this just me?
  10. Anything USI or Umbra. That is kraken/crash bait.
  11. So one of the only things that might make KSP not so blah anymore is being delayed.. to probably 2017. Does Squad have a project manager? Seems like quite an unorganized bunch. I know a dozen or so Unity devs and they say what Squad is doing can be done in weeks with competent devs. But hey, at least we'll have more in-depth blah contracts that still won't be logical and still won't make any sense.. The only thing 1.1 will do is make an EJ stream watchable now with his 2,000 part transport ships. They might not be slide-shows now... but then again, this is Squad so I wouldn't be surprised
  12. My planned modlist is to wait the 3months after 1.1 that it will take for modders to update their mods that will undoubtedly be broken. And then I'm sure I'll complain more about how Squad has nobody on staff that has half a clue about what we players want as far as contracts go and they will still be pointless and illogical.
  13. IMHO if they did a Kerbal Dept of Defense Program it would outsell KSP by 3 fold. Developing drones for different purposes (speed, up time, range, etc...), Spy satellites with varying purposes (spying, weather, taking out enemy satellites, etc..) that you can actually spy on your enemy with, Missiles (DUH!) of differing purpose (dumb bombs, altitude triggers, ballistic, conventional and nuclear warheads, cruise missiles, ground-to-air, air-to-ground, air-to-air, Maverick/Hellfire style TV guided.. etc.. ). Develop aircraft for different purposes (transport both heavy and light, bombers, fighte
  14. This is brilliant. This mod alone refreshes KSP in it's entirety more than anything Squad has done since 1.0. If only they would listen to the players and improve the longevity value of the game. Contracts are still the bain of the game though. No logic, no story, no fun. Great mod though.
  15. Cheating is going into the .cfg files and making units of fuel .00000001 in weight and giving an orange tank 3 trillion units of fuel. MechJeb is NOT cheating. It simply buffs out the saltiness from the grind of circularizing and spending 15 min to set up a rendezvous burn. It's a space program, if they wouldn't have some level of automation I'd be disappointed.
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