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  1. I thought it was pretty crazy with just that huge fairing in the OP, but that screenshot with all those orange tanks caught me off guard. That's just insane.
  2. His stuff is really cool but I stopped watching him back when he was still using the Baikal shuttle because each stream was just the same shuttle being launched over and over for like an hour at a time
  3. There's really no need to do anything with the debris you have in orbit. The only reason that it is a slight problem in real life is because there are thousands of pieces of debris in orbit just around Earth. Unless you are deliberately launching ships with nothing but a bunch of debris to put in orbit, you won't have near enough for it to be a real concern. The only reason you might want to limit yourself is if you have a low end computer that can't handle too much stuff in the game.
  4. I'll use it to build a station around an asteroid
  5. I thought you were talking about actually modelling new tanks
  6. The kerbals only have two small tanks on their EVA packs
  7. I took a ride on the Magic School Bus
  8. Those rings look a thousand times better, I just wish there was a way to have realistic lighting for the rings
  9. This looks like it would go great with the Horizon Aeronautics pack, like a Russian version of stubbles' artstyle
  10. Oh come on, it's like the most basic KSP etiquette to post screenshots in the sunlight.
  11. These pictures look really good, I especially like the city lights. I usually delete the city lights from the clouds mod because they are so low-res. I'm not sure if I like the rings though. Eve's look decent but I would definitely remove Jool's.
  12. Does anyone know the sizes of the asteroids? The pictures we have seen show them to be something around 50-100m in diameter. Are they going to vary in size?
  13. I'm pretty sure that first pic is some sort of NASA concept art with Orion in orbit of the Moon (the real moon, look at the picture). Also the second pic is clearly 2 jumbo tanks on top of each other.
  14. I just reinstalled each pack and now Hercules has rings and clouds, but the lighting is still mess up. Before I installed the memory reduction mod I couldn't get the game to load without crashing while Planetfactory was installed.
  15. I just downloaded the mod last night with the links on the OP. I do have both the clouds and cities mod and the texture compressor mod, those and planet factory are the only mods installed.
  16. This is how the game looked when I finally got it to load without crashing, as you can see there are no rings around Hercules and the lighting is wrong Edit: I just did a flyby of Lynx at 10km and the game acted as if there was no atmosphere at all even though it is visible in game
  17. This is neat, the KSP modding community is really lacking in capsule diversity so the more the merrier
  18. Does anyone know the proper angle to enter at with deadly reentry? I've survived reentry intact a few times but more often than not the landing gear explodes. I can't seem to find a reentry "sweet spot".
  19. I'm pretty sure Black Knight was actually just a thermal blanket from one of the shuttle missions.
  20. Frogger from 1997 was the first game I remember playing
  21. First modder to scale exhaust trails based on atmospheric pressure gets... well, nothing, but it would be awesome
  22. I like that you sped up the particle speed, but there is a problem with the exhaust, it looks like the lower the thrust the longer the trail as shown here:
  23. This is a nice looking mod but I think the particles should move much faster as they seem like they are in slow motion. If you cut the engine and move the spacecraft, what is left of the exhaust trail also moves with the spacecraft. Speeding it up would make it less noticeable.
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