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    The dV display you say? Because if the engine could be always on, all of those issues would be gone. Maybe using thrust curves....I'm gonna research a little, after all, it's all module manager patches.
  2. Vegetal


    Ah I quite like this mod. I have a suggestion though, I just don't know it it's easy or even possible: Is there a way to make the engine have 0 thrust when throttle is at 0? Right now, when you zero your throttle, the engine is at minimum thrust. What if instead of switching the engine on and off we could just zero the throttle, and from something like 5% upwards, it starts at minimum thrust? I'm saying this because I like to play with mechjeb, and it won't be able to perform maneuvers correctly with your mod installed. My suggestion would keep the minimum thrust, just would make handling your ship more convenient. EDIT: Also, with engines off, the dV display doesn't work
  3. I don't know if it's the same issue, but here's my situation: Playing a modded game, having no problems while my probes fly around to survey planets. As soon as I send kerbals, the game runs fine for some minutes and then the frames get really bad. CPU also spikes to 100%, all the time, it gets unplayable. I had a suspicion it was Snacks causing this, so I backed up my save and deleted it. No more problems now. So, I'm pretty sure this problem is related to Snacks, I just don't know if I can help with anything. I tried resetting the simulator as well, to no avail. My guess is that it's related to the background processing itself, and that it's a leak of some kind, because I can run the game fine for a while, and then it gets really bad. When it gets to that point, it's still bad inside the VAB/SPH. Does Snacks run the background calculations while there? It's my understanding that the game is "paused" when building crafts....
  4. Hey there, great pack! I think I may have found a bug. I was testing a vehicle on atmospheric descent on duna, when my fps tanked HARD. Upon checking the console, I found this: Kopernicus is spamming something. As I haven't seen this happen before with other Kopernicus mods, I thought I would post here. I'll gladly give more info if needed, see ya.
  5. Hey man, I tested the speed toggle, and it didn't work for me. I selected the desired speed in the VAB, but when launched, the speedometer reverts to default (limited to 1000), and the limit now becomes 1000m/s, as it's the highest. I think this could be a small fix on your part, but if you need screens, logs, mods, whatever, just ask and I'll post here.
  6. Well it's plenty for my uses. You, sir, are awesome.
  7. Switching engines and other shenanigans with spaceplanes. 1000 is slow for spaceplanes
  8. Is there a way to change this? I mean, 1000 is pretty low...
  9. Is the speed controller limited to 1000 m/s max? I can't seem to get it at a value greater that this...
  10. Hey, just noticed something: I think the radial container should have 0.015 dry mass, not 0.15, in order to stay on par with the standard containers. I changed it myself on the .cfg files, just a heads up.
  11. You have to change shape from cylinder to cone. There are other shapes as well.
  12. That's what I was thinking, I'm just not very familiar with module manager patches, I just made some reaaaally basic ones. I'll see if I get the mass ratios. Here's some data from the "resources" file on Snacks: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = Snacks density = 0.001 unitCost = .5 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true volume = 1 } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = Soil density = 0.001 unitCost = .5 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true volume = 1 } And from the SnackTin1500 (the 2.5m container), I see in the files 0.15 mass (I guess empty), and it carries 1500 Snack units. I dunno if you have enough info there, but I guess that knowing resource density, volume and amount is enough? Let me know if you need anything else. EDIT: The 2.5 container has 1.125m in height. Just measured it by putting a LFO procedural tank on it's side and tweaking the length.
  13. Hey, I use Snacks and was wondering, is there a way to include a procedural snacks tank in this mod? I mean, by myself actually, I'm not very used to tinkering with part modules and such, but if someone could give me a hand I could try that.
  14. Heeey that's a nice bonus feature there! Good work mate, will download now.