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  1. Is there any plan to update sunflare for the current scatterer? I miss this wonderful mod...
  2. The config for TU was added to the procedural parts in March 2020 https://github.com/KSP-RO/ProceduralParts/releases/tag/v2.0 You just need to install the Texture Unlimited mod itself and the repaint will be available.
  3. @ElonsMusk, you just need to install TU
  4. @xD-FireStrikerOnly partially and after manually fixing the config files.
  5. Check out the guide at the link: https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/blob/master/User Guide.pdf
  6. @miklkit, are you sure you are placing the tools in the KIS inventory system and not in the KSP stock inventory system? I'm playing on 1.12.3 and can confirm that KAS and KIS work fine, I can place tools in any inventory by moving them with the mouse as instructed in the book that opens with the wrench (you can also see that instruction here https:/ /github.com/ihsoft/KIS/blob/master/User%20Guide.pdf). May be try reinstalling mods.
  7. I'm using it on version 1.12.3, it seems to work fine.
  8. When I add the display of the number of crew in the window settings, the window breaks, it becomes empty and cannot be moved around the screen, removing the display of the number of crew, the window's workability is restored It makes no difference in which window to add this option. She breaks every window. I use Russian, I hope the video will be understandable. MechJeb2- does not have this problem.
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