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  1. Please tell me, and have similar modifications that replace all existing stock cabin? RPM was so beautiful that he had all the cabins at once. For mods like: SCANSAT, HullcamVDS, functional cabins with monitors are just needed.
  2. It is a pity that the development stopped: ( I will really miss this modification.
  3. Oh, damn. I forgot about dependencies. Now everything works, I apologize.
  4. Hello! Planned update for version 1.7.0 + ??
  5. Hello! Could you help me solve one problem? I used different combinations of mods. SVE + Kopernicus, SVT + Kopernicus, but I do not see the ring in Jool. More precisely, I see them but the texture is barely noticeable. My version of KSP is 1.7.0. Is this some kind of incompatibility, or just need to wait for the update of these mods? Thanks. My logs:!INFkyYKQ!LpARaJ2INsaEm3Hm_xALh9jxIOSw4DQ7LwDnUevJZbs
  6. I have only the icon in the tracking center, clouds and rings Jool - absent. I also use Scatterer and SVE mods. Oh ... my mistake! (: I apologize. I really forgot the configs from SVE mod. Everything works fine!
  7. Hello! Does this mod work for version 1.7.0?
  8. It is very unfortunate, that the engines were excellent.
  9. If you switch to a rocket that was previously put into orbit, all the windows are in place. But when creating a new rocket and installing it on the launchpad, only two windows are open, I tried different settings of the checkboxes, as if they did not perform any functions at all. Well, thanks for the answer, I think I'll get used to it.
  10. Why does not work the function of displaying windows in the mode of building a rocket and in flight mode? Or rather, of all the selected windows, only two are remembered. In the settings, I mark the checkbox, but still I have to open all the windows that I need every time. P.s: I apologize for my English, I use Google translate.
  11. No, no I meant that it would be great if Squad introduced these engines in the update as stock engines
  12. These engines are so beautiful that they need to be stockalike! humble opinion.