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  1. I was also somewhat disappointed with this update Stickers that do not fit tightly into the parts and hang in the air look disgusting. I don’t want to use them knowing that there is this beautiful mod "Conformal Decals". Now we have stock stickers that can’t be removed from the game at will, and a bunch of broken mods due to some changes. Returned to version 1.9.1 for now.
  2. Ftulcrum, This mod is broken for 1.9.1. Read the comments above.
  3. vossiewulf, You can hold down the "G" key to pick up items and drag them into inventory.
  4. I apologize for the non-timely response, I am at the mercy of my time zone. Your new version fixes this problem. Now everything is perfect. Thank you very much!
  5. cineboxandrew, Great mod! Thanks for your work! And I also have ghost boxes during the flight. Perhaps this is somehow connected with EVE or scatterer, these ghost boxes are mainly visible against the background of clouds. In any case, this is the best addon with stickers for me!
  6. Alvi, after the start of a new career, I once chose a profile on all the scenes and in the future it is kept forever, even after the save is reloaded.
  7. Toonu, important that the Reflection Refresh Mode in the games graphics options is set to anything other than OFF
  8. Northstar1989, as far as I know, this is the only and most relevant branch to date.
  9. Check the topic header to see if you have any dependencies installed. This mod works great in 1.9.1
  10. Floating eyeballs, most likely, you see the helmet of a spacesuit, from the inside.
  11. Check the installation of dependencies. The mod works great with 1.9.1
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