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  1. So it doesn't affect the save negatively?
  2. Why... Why did I just notice this mod after already starting a playthrough
  3. It was the inclination which always got me, never managed to incline it so well until I finally figured it out today
  4. Yeah. Though getting it nearby on Minimus will probably take some trial and error given the low gravity and 0 atmosphere makes it hard to slow down when approaching the site
  5. Might try the challenge though I haven't built any plane with FAR yet and so far my attempts fail to take off.
  6. " or some sort of interesting terrain nearby)" I assumed that hill would qualify even if I didn't manage to land directly in the crater but yeah. Unless I could just launch a second vehicle there with both and so have it count. At least it can improve in that I should've landed in day time, its much harder to land during the night as the first attempt led to the left solar panel breaking off, the second one didn't though the engine is destroyed
  7. I finally landed on Minimus Can show pictures of the journey (includes Solar Panels for charge) Edit: Nevermind, just re-read the challenge and it has to have a comn so ignore this entry. I might redo it with adding comns to have it eligible And at least I managed to land on Minimus
  8. I did learn a few important things at least: a) Never overcomplicate a craft when a smaller craft works fine and b) Don't upgrade if you really don't need to
  9. Possibly, I might just decide to restart, since I failed to create a lunar flyby already 3 times (maybe its just not having played it in a long time and being pretty bad in the first place, but it seems like its more punishing now then it used to)