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  1. Wow, I just got around to watching the final match and I'm happy and a little surprised to see my plane won. It seems the match was very close and both planes had positive and negative attributes. I haven't personally tested the white collar criminal, but from the stats and matches I've seen these are some things I've noticed: The WCC is lighter, has lower wing loading, a better sustained turn rate and much better energy retention. The PD-2 has a faster roll rate, is a smaller target, and possibly has better instantaneous turn performance In my testing I found that roll r
  2. Good to see that the PD-2 didn't end up in permanent GLOC or any such thing. I particularly like the maneuver at 2:55, it seems I got an ace pilot for this fight.
  3. I'm still not entirely sure what qualifies as a constructed cockpit. Can we clip the command seat inside a fuselage and add a "canopy"? or does there need to be actual space? I'm hoping the plane I already made is actually legal.
  4. Does anyone know why it might be that I don't have the extra AI settings? Do I need to enable them somewhere? Paintball mode and cockpit AIs and all the other extra stuff seems to work fine.
  5. I've gone through dozens of designs but I still haven't come up with something that can consistently beat one of the first things I threw together (the pusher design). Here's a video of a test fight: Maybe I can dig up my entry from the original BAD-T tournament. My problem back then was I had no Idea how to properly tweak the AI. I still don't really know what the best settings are. Edit: Also my FAR install is messed up somehow, but it seems to work.
  6. Recently KSP has begun crashing constantly whenever I am in the SPH or VAB. Flying ships around is fine but as soon as I spend more than a few minutes building the game crashes. Every time it says "Write to location ******** caused an access violation." Crash report: http://pastebin.com/QKU9p1ME System Specs: Intel i7 3770k GTX 770 2GB 8 GB RAM 256 GB Samsung 840 pro SSD 1TB WD hard drive crappy 850W power supply Things I have done to try to fix the problem: Deleted local content with Steam and reinstalled KSP Deleted everything in
  7. I like both the KOTH and Tournament styles, but the last FAR KOTH got to a point where it wasn't very fun for me anymore. The only thing that seemed to matter was how small your plane's turn radius was and it was getting harder and harder to make improvements. With the current AI pilot though I think a KOTH could be a lot more fun. As long as I get to design planes I will be happy.
  8. I experimented with jet biplanes for the old FAR jet competition but I never came up with anything particularly good.
  9. If you want more World War 2 stuff you should install Aviator Arsenal. Also check out the BAD-T WW2 AI tournament.
  10. Unfortunately I realized much too late that my plane has way too much rudder deflection.
  11. Does adding one of the WW2 ball antenna radars help with the ignoring of targets? Also I've found that at least in my experience with the new AI changes, the best airplane is no longer always the one with the smaller turn radius. This is one of my best fighters and it doesn't even turn that well.
  12. I just record with shadowplay in desktop mode without any sort of fix or patch. Just go into the shadowplay settings and check the box that says allow desktop capture. (I have full screen enabled for KSP)
  13. It seems to me that it would make sense to have a standard minimum and default altitude for the AI.
  14. So I figured out a way to beat the hummingbird...
  15. The only planes it can really beat are ones that take a long time to take off. Any plane that can maneuver much at all can dodge the missiles once above 1400 meters, and after the d-11 shoots its missiles it's only a matter of time before it runs out of fuel or gets shot down. That plane was only really designed to beat the particular version of the hummingbird I had.
  16. Here is an entry: https://www.dropbox.com/s/127vaqe3rfob2an/d-11.craft?dl=0 It seems to consistently beat the hummingbird in my tests, but it probably can't beat much else.
  17. Are reaction wheels and cockpit torque allowed or are they banned like in the last challenge?
  18. Here is the updated d-10: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t9zsramhd94rb41/d-10d.craft?dl=0 I fixed the missiles and changed the dynamic deflection settings. Hopefully everything works.
  19. This is the plane I am currently working on. It seems to be better than both the d-10 and the Hawk Moth f2b. It may not turn quite as well as the d-10, but it still seems to win almost every time. The d-10's biggest weakness seems to be missiles.
  20. To turn off the camera shake I think you just press escape during a flight and click settings.
  21. I think maybe you should turn off external view camera shake to make it easier to watch.
  22. Maybe its a bit early to enter another plane, but here is the d-10: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpkea1sm7inh9gl/d-10.craft?dl=0 Oddly enough, it seems to do better against the Hawk Moth than against the d-9, even though the Hawk Moth usually beats the d-9. The missiles are perhaps a bit pointless because the missile pylon overheats very time, but they do make the AI turn on the radar which is useful. Sorry I'm making so much work for you guys, but every time someone makes a plane that is better than my current best, I feel like I have to do better.
  23. I made a plane once that could beat almost anything. It was a very stable plane with a huge amount of fuel and no control surfaces. It just flew away until the other plane ran out of fuel.
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