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  1. Thanks for posting this. I couldn't figure out what happened to my city lights and never would've thought to force dx11. Once I did that the lights were back without having to do anything else!
  2. The same thing happened to me twice before I realized that I was using the KIS electric screwdriver to attach the plug. When I used the SEP Port Attachment Tool the issue was fixed. I've successfully set up four Interior Heat Probes on the Mun and Minmus. Hope this helps!
  3. @Gaarst You are correct. I clicked on that link twice to make sure I didn't accidentally have the cursor on Blizzy's Toolbar by accident, and navigated to the Toolbar page twice. Not sure what happened. The main content of my post stands though: Awesome job!
  4. @Gaarst Awesome job! I really missed the old one after it got lost. The link to @agises In Game Notes App should be: It currently links to Blizzy's Toolbar which is listed immediately above it. Thanks for doing this!
  5. This is an easy one: Always read the contract carefully, just as you would in real life!! The contract was for the tiny (.625m) heat shield. Oops!
  6. I accepted a contract to test a small 1.25m heat shield. All parameters were met on re-entry (everything had green check marks). At this point I was supposed to test the shield via it's context menu. However when I right clicked on the shield there was no "test" option. I've tested other hardware by clicking the test option in the context menu, so I know what to look for. I've tried twice with no luck. I'm playing the new KSP1.2 with KER, [x] Science, EVE, TextureReplacer, and Scatterer. Any thoughts?
  7. Success! Thanks for your help. My Norton Security Suite was intercepting only the .dll file and placing it in quarantine. I must've gotten distracted by something and not noticed the quick notification. I manually excluded the .dll file from being scanned and now I have the PAD button on the toolbar, Alt P works as well and after exiting the VAB I have the settings.cfg file mentioned earlier. Thanks for all your help, and sorry the whole issue was with my own Norton Suite and I didn't realize it. Big thumbs up!
  8. This is what I start with: https://app.box.com/s/v7n618lj6dgpg4kwjs97xtwvfpo867xk This is what get after extracting: https://app.box.com/s/yrmkbuhsto9fmvxw1nopnrf9iddtf4gp Is there any way I could just download the .dll file? Thanks~
  9. Thanks for the quick response. I haven't changed the modifier key. There is no icon in the stock toolbar or a dll file in the PartAngleDisplay folder, only the icons and the two small text files. The zip file was only 18kb, does that sound correct? I've downloaded it and extracted it twice, once from CurseForge and once from DropBox with no luck. I am still fairly new at this but I've successfully installed over twenty mods, although in my current version (KSP 1.1.2) I only have 7 or 8 installed. I appreciate your help.
  10. I am anxious to try this mod but have been unable to get it to install properly. I unzipped the install file and copied the PartAngleDisplay folder to my GameData folder. The Alt P hotkey does nothing for me. I started the game, entered and left the VAB and exited the game. I then checked to see if a config file had been written: GameData\PartAngleDisplay\PluginData\PartAngleDisplay\settings.cfg but all I have is GameData\PartAngleDisplay with the icons, version and readme files located in that folder with nothing additional added since installation. Obviously this mod is working for a lot of folks so it's probably something I've done or not done. I running Win10 x64, and KSP v1.1.2. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. It's a mediafire link which has been removed by squad. Just click on the link and manually insert mediafire and a .com before the /download That will fix it.
  12. After upgrading to KSP 1.0.5 I lost the TextureReplacer icon in the mod toolbar. Now I've updated to 1.1.2 and still have no icon in the mod toolbar. I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a heads up as to what to tweak to remedy this. Thanks~ EDIT: I went into the TextureReplacer/Plugins folder and converted the icon.dds file to a jpg file. TextureReplacer is now back in the mod toolbar! RE-EDIT: I just found out how much I don't know! After "fixing" the icon I went into the VAB and the icon was gone again. It dawned on me that the TextureReplacer Icon is only visible on the KSC screen. Restored the original .dds icon file and all is well.
  13. I was under the impression that the Mk1 Lander Can is only for non-atmospheric landings, i.e. the Mun or Minmus etc. I didn't think it would hold up to landing through an atmosphere. Am I wrong?
  14. Welcome X9Squared! I am also a newbie and just successfully completed my first docking mission. So I gotta show and tell: Preparing to Dock: http://www.screencast.com/t/veoxgPKiIWb First Successful Dock: http://www.screencast.com/t/av2YyQcWcIj Everything I read here is good information, but one thing I didn't see here or in all my other preparation for the first docking mission is to disengage your SAS just before you dock with the other ship. I didn't know that and I tried repeatedly backing out and slowly reengaging the other docking port. I was about to give up when I noticed my ship was slightly askew while resting against the other docking port, sort of like when your capsule is hanging from the 'chute with the SAS on. As soon as you turn it off the ship hangs freely, and the same is true for docking. As soon as I turned off the SAS I got that satisfying Ker-Chunk of a successful dock!
  15. I noticed that you have it installed in D:\Program Files. Try moving it to D:\Kerbal Space Program. My install was also in Program Files, and it wasn't crashing but it made strange things happen like saving my screenshots to C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\KSP. Worth a try since it's really easy. Good Luck!
  16. Here's a couple space-themed songs that I didn't see mentioned: Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun Laura Veirs - Galaxies This has nothing to do with space travel, it's the theme song from Residue. Just can't stop listening to it. Georgie Kay - Head Full of Lies I listen to playlists that include these songs whenever I play KSP!
  17. I'm very new to the game, but what I've tried to do when possible is to "insure" the prediction by making tiny adjustments to the burn and/or the time of the burn and see if the prediction still holds true. If only a tiny tweak will negate the prediction, I consider it precarious and try when possible to find an alternate route.
  18. pandoras kitten, I can't imagine a more inopportune time for and eclipse to occur than what you described! Great story! - - - Updated - - - I think an eclipse will be the first thing I think of during future power interruptions! - - - Updated - - - The odds must be astronomical!!
  19. After suffering from a NO POWER situation I vowed "Never again!!" I started using four solar panels rather than two. During one mission I glanced at the power meter and the batteries weren't charging. What in the world? "What in the Mun" would've been more accurate: It was a Munar Eclipse! Love this game!
  20. Talk about aiming high!! Parameciumkid your technical competence and imaginative vessels made real (in KSP anyway) stagger the mind and give this newbie a level of excellence to strive for. Bravo!! Eagerly awaiting the next post!
  21. Excellent idea! It would be much easier and more interesting to accomplish EVA tasks in the first person rather than trying to manipulate a Kerbal puppet!!
  22. My Contract: Take temperature scans of three locations on the Mun. Well, I'd already successfully orbited the Mun so it was a small step from that to placing the orbit in a precise location. I can handle this! I made a manned ship with lots of science on deck, intending to take a scientist to reset the experiments. That way I could take high and low Munar orbit data while I was there for the temperature scans. After making sure the stages were all sequenced correctly and a scientist was on board I saved the ship after naming it Kapollo I. I had to leave the VAB for something and when I came back it was empty. No sweat; I'd saved the ship so I selected the Kapollo I and went to the launchpad. The liftoff and parking orbit went smoothly. I reached the Mun in a relatively uneventful fashion, with a fair amount of fuel left. The temperature scans required an almost polar orbit, and while I wasn't in an equatorial orbit I had to spend some fuel to get in the ballpark of the three temp scan locations. Before I began the scans though, I wanted to get my low orbit experiments done. Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Goo, Science Lab, all done. Now to get my scientist to collect the data and reset so I could use them again in high orbit later, before breaking orbit for Kerbin. Comedic Error #1: I'd been in such a hurry after coming back to the VAB that I failed to recheck the capsule, and now instead of a scientist, who should greet me but Jeb! I know I should have seen him in the lower right corner, but truth be told I'm still new at this and I didn't notice. Besides, once I'd begun my gravity turn I spent most of the time in Map View. So no more experiments, except temperature and pressure if I was willing to transmit the science at a steep loss of science credit. Since I would have to return for other missions I'd collect the high orbit data along with surface data then. I kept the data I had, intending to return and get 100% credit. Comedic Error #2: The first two temperature scans went well with just a moderate expenditure of fuel. The third one kept missing the marker before, looking very closely, I realized that at that location if I aligned the orbit exactly, then by the time I got there the rotation of the Mun had left me wide of the mark! The third time I allowed for the Mun's rotation and completed the contract! Yeah I'd had a bit of a hiccup, but the contract was complete and I was ready to head home...although I was a bit nervous about how low my fuel had gotten. Sure enough there was just enough to break Munar orbit and "coast" into an oblong orbit of Kerbin that had a PE of a few hundred thousand meters and an AP of around 10 million meters, just inside the Mun's orbit. Jeb was stranded!! However, I'd rescued over half a dozen astronauts from Kerbin orbit and one from a Munar orbit, so I told Jeb to hang tough: I'll be back. Part of the fun of this game is that I let myself become completely enveloped in whatever is going on, as if it was real life. Case in Point: The first time I achieved a stable orbit of Kerbin my fuel was so low that I felt like Apollo 13...would I make it back? I literally had an elevated heart-rate and goosebumps as the seconds counted down before initiating the retrograde firing. All this is to say that while I could have come back a week later for Jeb, I felt a real sense of urgency and immediately launched a rescue mission. My haste would bite me. Comedic Error #3: After managing to match Jeb's HUGE orbit of Kerbin, no easy feat for this newbie, I lowered my orbit a bit so as to catch up with him. Although in real time it didn't take that long, when you factor in the 1000x warp I was using there was a lot of game time speeding by. After twenty or so orbits I was within 25km of Jeb and ready to fine tune my orbit. On the last 1000x orbit something really weird happened. Both Kappolo I and the Rescue Ship were coming under the influence of the Mun!! We were going to be flung out of Kerbin orbit to who knows where on the next go around. Why hadn't I kept a closer eye on the Mun? Its orbital path was much too close for comfort and if you repeat the ship's dramatically large, oblong orbit enough times you are bound to get up close and personal with Mr. Mun! I truly though Jeb was going to be "Lost in Space" for real. I switched to Jeb's Kapollo I, to see if maybe I could make a last ditch effort to have Jeb EVA to the Rescue Ship, which at this point was 25km away. All my previous rescues had been within 5km, so yeah, I was desperate. Then the fuel gauge caught my eye. There was no light green bar visible but on the far left there was this number: 1.29!! Holy smokes!! Could there be enough vapor to get me out of this jam? I quickly returned to map view and created a maneuver node and played with it to see what would have the best chance of altering the orbit enough to clear the Mun's influence with the vapor I had available. I'd only have one shot: If it didn't work the next lap would send Jeb and the Kapollo I out of Kerbin's SOI. Anxiously I initiated the burn and watched with relief as Kapollo I's orbit shifted out of the Mun's SOI. I quickly switched back to the Rescue Ship, approximated Kapollo I's orbit and did the burn. I now busied myself with bringing the two ships back together as the emergency burns had extended the distance between them from 25 to around 300 kilometers. After creating a "catch-up" orbit for the Rescue Ship that bit off 10km per orbit or so (my fuel was now becoming a concern so I opted to just do laps at 1000x warp to shave off the distance between the ships), I sat back and let them go around about 27 times before switching back to 1x to fine tune them in preparation for Jeb's EVA. Comedic Error #4: Remember my haste would bite me? I'd been using four solar panels for some time so I wouldn't have to keep such a close eye on whether they were facing the sun or not. Well the rescue ship I'd quickly launched only had two, and you guessed it: when I went to fine tune the orbit I had NO POWER!! This was the situation: Kapollo I had no fuel and the Rescue Ship had no power!! Jeb's only hope would be to EVA farther than he ever had before, and use his jetpack and body weight to try and nudge the Rescue Ship enough to catch a few rays of the sun. It worked!! It wasn't much but just enough to provide a bit of power to turn the solar panel to face the sun full on. Whew!! Looked like we were home free! Comedic Error #5: I set up a retro burn at our AP and brought the PE down to 45km. I didn't want to make it too steep because due to fuel constraints I was coming in from just inside the Mun's orbit in one go. At around 52km or so we started lighting up with atmospheric friction. Feeling confident, I jettisoned the engine and remaining fuel and turned the capsule so the heat shield would take the brunt of the heat being generated. All seemed normal until at around 45km we quit descending and started gaining altitude!! I glanced at the ship's speed: 2800m/s!! I'd forgotten to factor in the additional speed we were reentering the atmosphere with!! We were bouncing off!! Long story short: It took six more orbits, with each one taking a big chunk off the AP, and bleeding off 75m/s and a few hundred meters of altitude on the reentry, before on the last go around we literally circumnavigated the entire planet, from day to night and back to day, dropping to 41.3km bouncing back to 51km and finally coming down for good!! Definitely my longest reentry ever, although I only have three weeks of playing under my belt. The heat shield usually only drops a couple units of ablator but this reentry it dropped around 40!! I know this has been really long-winded, but I hope it makes someone smile. I had to get it all written down whilst still fresh in my mind. Even with all the totally preventable errors I made, I feel good that I was able to find a way to get Jeb back home to Kerbin!!
  23. Great Tip!! Also the explanation of why I couldn't follow Pecan's instructions was spot on. After editing my persistent.sfs file my equatorial orbit space is clean once more!
  24. Pecan, I love this idea for removing orbital debris from the "active" map. However when I attempted to follow your instructions I couldn't get the options you described. I've just started playing and am using v1.04. To acquire practice doing EVA's and to get free astronauts I have rescued eight of them. Yeah I probably went overboard! Now their derelict ships are cluttering the equatorial orbit, and getting in the way when I need to set a maneuver mode. Do you have any advice or detailed instructions that could help me out? Thanks!
  25. It wasn't that hard. After fixing the problem I opened the screenshots folder and noted that they were named screenshot0, screenshot1, etc. I did the search for screenshot, and went to make a cup of coffee. All the screenshots were in a folder named "Virtual Store" within the AppData directory. Go figure!! Thanks for weighing in!