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  1. The link to the latest version is for AdvancedTextures. I think the correct link should be https://github.com/GER-Space/CustomPreLaunchChecks/releases/tag/1.8.1
  2. Thanks for the PR! I have gone ahead and merged your changes in with some minor formatting changes to the files. I may wait until the weekend is over to push another release since I will probably do some more play testing to see if there are any additional changes I want to make. I was considering adding the ability for the Spotlight to track the mouse cursor as it was suggested previously. Edit: A little delayed with getting a new update pushed out. I've had a couple weddings to attend recently so my weekends have been busy.
  3. I have completed a new version of this mod called Tracking Lights. I have tested it thoroughly but if I missed any bugs/issues please let me know. Also open to any suggestions or comments! Enjoy
  4. This is currently in development. I installed KSP 1.6.1 again and within 2 hours I had the itch to start nodding again. Also a good opportunity to practice my C# skills I've been learning. I have my spotlight tracking but I need to work out some more specifics to the plugin. I may create some additional smaller spotlights.
  5. PM Sent. Lets get this on CKAN. Makes it easier for me to add it to my installs anyways as I am an avid CKAN fan.
  6. About This is a new version of the old 'Launch Pad Lamp' mod I had previously released. This new version is closer to what I had originally intended when I started this mod 2 years ago as it now includes the tracking functionality. Features Spotlight can track the active vessel or current target Tracking can be disabled or enabled per light Light parameters can be modified in flight via the right click action menu (color, spotlight cone angle, intensity, range) New emissive animation for the Launch Spotlight Updated materials to use KSP mapped shader
  7. So now the question is how do we get this to track vessels and spawn when something is launched? Edit: Does anyone want to create the DLL? I am not sure I want to start learning C# right now. I honestly want to improve my modeling/texturing before I start on something like learning C#. If there are no volunteers then I may think about it in the future.
  8. Well I am moving along but have gotten stuck at the texturing phase. I always seem to struggle with trying to get appealing textures. This is what I have so far. Not sure if anyone has any ideas for texturing this model. The struggle is real when it comes to texturing! Edit: I think this (below) will be the final model/textures?. I am going to work on getting the animations and CFG file setup and put it in game and see where we can go from there. I don't have any idea how to get the lights to actually track a target via just config files. I think maybe some code is in or
  9. I remade the arms of the light since I didn't like the last result. I also think I am more or less complete with the model portion. I want to get some opinions on if the light can looks too squared off and if I should add more polys. Also if I should put more detail in the tilt mechanism at the bottom or just leave it extra simple since the lights will usually not be zoomed in on specifically. Not sure if anyone knows the best way to do the light in unity. I think it might be a good idea to have the light cone show so give it more of a spotlight effect. I currently have a plane in fr
  10. Making some progress here. I've been tweaking the model to try to keep the poly count down as I am at 770 tris currently which should hopefully be okay. I don't have much experience with animation but from what I've read I will just handle this from within Unity since its a basic animation, just pivoting. Hopefully I'll have more progress to share soon.
  11. Maybe something like this would look modern and spacey. A light like this could easily be mounted on a small truss structure that anchored to the ground. I don't imagine too much difficulty creating the model but rigging it for animation in KSP will be harder since I haven't really done any animation yet with my modeling.
  12. I may be interested in making a model or two. Need a good reason to start learning Blender a bit more. Do you have any reference images in mind?
  13. This is great. I think I need to start considering a way to have fun with a sandbox save. It seems I never get to use the more advanced parts since gathering 20K+ science to unlock the last nodes is such a chore. Nertea perhaps the chart you posted should go on the main page to help describe some of the engines and their benefits. Congrats on the next release!
  14. Will version v1.4.1.0 still work with KSP 1.1.3? Thanks for so adding the feature to disable the power manager so quickly! Keep up the great work.
  15. I'll add the request right now. I should say I am playing RP-0 and the telemetry is handled by avionics units which already require a hefty amount of power to operate.
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