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  1. I currently us it on 1.10.1. So , it is available. It also works correctly.
  2. I'm using Hanger Extender in 1.10.1 without issues.
  3. I use this mod quite a bit, and see very little performance hit. I see bigger hits from many of the science mods. Az
  4. Works for me, in 1.9.1. In the VAB or Hanger, there is a block at the bottom with 2 arrow pointing outwards. Click it to turn the Extender on/off.
  5. I just set a Maneuver point with no course change.
  6. If you understand the filesystem (your image looks like you are on Linux) well, you can use Symlinks (at least under 1.7.x and older, haven't tried 1.8.x yet) to point to a mega-folder containing all the mods you use, then each instance only has a Symlink to the central mod folder under the GameData Folder. You can do similar with the basic KSP game files/folders pointing to the stock version. This will cut down on disk usage, and will allow you to share any settings that the mods store in their own folders. I do not recommend sharing your saves folder though, loading and unloading save gam
  7. Adobe and Macs are not getting along right now. So you don't buy Macs for Adobe use either. I support a Newspaper that is all mac-based. We stopped upgrading at 10.11. We have a few that can go to 10.15, and the test machine we use has that on it. It will not run ANY of the Adobe CC software (64-bit required, Adobe is still 32-bit for the most part). For now, I would stay away from Mac. I'd suggest seeing if your "other stuff" works on Linux. You may have to figure out which Linux distro you can and want to use, but once you find the right combination it is well worth th
  8. 1) I never gave unity permission to collect said metadata. Doesn't matter that is is boring, or not. 1a) I was given the upgrade and no new agreement for EULA for either Squad/Take2 or Unity. Clearly I did not agree to have my data collected. 2) I have a very fixed amount of bandwidth per month, and a slow(ish) connection. Unity is stealing some of that. Just like Microsoft would, if It could (I use linux). Again without my permission. Will they provide compensation for said data use? 3) Where is their disclosure statements? Where is their Data retention and use policy
  9. Is there a way to see the final "configureation" after MM finishes it's run? I can't seem to find a way to look at a part's raw-config, even in the debug window.
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