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  1. I'm not quite sure what you mean by that....
  2. Hi! I was bored, so I decided to make our three famous male Kerbals pioneer a world of color in a universe of black! Enjoy!
  3. Today I declared Bill Kerman to be the most badass, durable Kerbal in my space agency. A failed spaceplane test went spiraling out of control. It was headed for the water, so I ejected him. He casually slams into the water at 250 meters per second, and survives. The funniest part is, the command pod he was in also somehow survived the crash....
  4. Oh gosh.... That's going to be my little brother in like 3 years.
  5. Alrighty. First off, I am not a total noob to the science of rocketry, I will say, that I am rather bad it deep space flights, and rocket design. I typically just have the classic taper rockets, with a lander inside a fairing at the top. Some of these suckers get MASSIVE. But as a result of my inability to design rockets, I actually have yet to send a manned spacecraft (or any for that matter) to do anything in far out planets, such as Jool. The closest I have gotten is Jool orbit. Does anybody have some suggestions on how I could improve my rocket design skills? Thanks!
  6. You just made me want to buy a model. My question is, do you get a really big ship if the one you send to them to print is really small?
  7. This is how it went for me. Me: I'm boooored. Let's see what's on YouTube. *Checks YouTube* Me: Scott Manley? Who is this chump? *Finds Interstellar Quest* Me: Kerbal Space Program? Woooooah! *Buys Game* Me: How do you rocket science!?!?!?
  8. I was watching some old Scott Manley videos a while ago, and he did something strange. He basically crashed an empty stage into a planet, and collected science from this? I am pretty sure some part allows this kind of science or something. Am I just crazy, or is this an actual thing? If this is an actual thing, how do you do this?
  9. Perhaps that wasn't phrased well enough. The engines would be pointed in such a way that if you drew a line through it, it would intersect at a 90 degree angle with the orbital line. I forget the technical name for this position, but it isn't prograde or retrograde.
  10. This might sound a little bit strange, but bear with me! So, you build a giant spaceship, that goes all the way around a gravitational body. To make it easy, we could say Gilly. So, we have now made an artificial ring around Gilly. What would happen if we put two engines opposite of each other, and both have them fire in the same direction (if we get ride of the fact that the ship will probably crumple). How would the orbit change?
  11. I was launching a very expensive rocket on a manned mission to Duna. Conveniently, a certain Jebediah Kerman (stranded in EVA on LKO in the previous mission) decided it would be a brilliant idea to come whizzing along at orbital velocity and shred my rocket to pieces, killing himself in the process.
  12. So what I am proposing is a system where you can make your own contracts that other "space agencies" can complete. When you create a contract, you can set the specifications, such as where a ship would go, what the ship needs on it, or what you want tested. Then, you can also set the amount of money you are willing to pay to have this contract completed. The chance that another agency would complete it sooner or later is changed depending on how much money you set to pay in your contract. Example: Get a Probe To Orbit Kerbin -Requires a power source. -Requires an antenna. -Requires a thermometer. Payment: $35,000 This means that the chance of a space agency completing the mission may happen sooner, depending on the $35,000. Once the mission is complete, the funds are deducted from your account and a new ship which has these requirements is placed wherever you set the contract to be. This also could be added onto by having rival space agencies competing to reach achievements, or put new spacecraft on new places. It also could be added onto even more by having these NPC space agencies competing with yours to accept contracts and to complete them.
  13. Anyone got a Tug .craft file that I can use? Can't be too large in science either. Nothing above the 300 science level please. Oh, and the cheaper the better. My space agency is running low on cash.
  14. I never use HyperEdit in career mode...
  15. So here's the issue. I have kind of accidentally crash landed Huziki Kerman on Duna. Can I have some advice on how to save him? The recovery probe I sent after he crash also unfortunately crasher about 5km away from him, which gave him temporary communication until the one battery that survived died (solar panels blew off when I was firing the engine in an effort to kill horizontal velocity.) Also, I have never actually successfully returned a mission of any sort back to Kerbin from interplanetary space.
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