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  1. So, if you want my suggestion, put a base in the asteroid!
  2. No attack done. Undetected escape succesful. I get my Tarydium-rocket launcher and blow up the next one into space without suit!
  3. 30 Much faith in God helps! EDIT: I did 28 accidentally, should be 29
  4. Did you already done it into orbit? If not. then me and some people out there can help you. Oh, how my lack of education! Welcome!
  5. Where to put the dll? EDIT: Nevermind. Delete me plz
  6. Have you said these waves are strong? Happens I shield them with a sphere of Tarydium! The next poster is stranded in space and with no fuel, and I disable that universe's rule that enables dimensional crossing. I'm back!
  7. Gustavo6046


    I use South American server cuz im Brazil the Mind of the parties! The Mind literally, because I made a ecologic, very fuel-efficient car engine! Held in secrecy at my workshop. OH YEA MY FAV SPORE STAGE GONNA INSTALL SPORE
  8. The reaction is endothermic so we have to bring the other components and heat it a little. Done? So it can be the easiest way of doing. Not enough? Resistors make da heat from craft electricity and react the breath CO2 (filtered from the other gases somehow) with ammonia to make O2 and useful byproducts.
  9. Of course not! it is just a simple challenge. These are only the craft classification rules to enter the Tournament. It is nothing too Unreal to believe it might be easier to just be classified and lose.
  10. - And for those who are wondering, yes I sat on it since April. MechJeb is too messy in newer versions. People, when I see Kerbin from close, it is colored. But when I get into space/map view, I only can barely see a bit of saturation in the edge between the day and night! Oh and some toolbar textures are horrible quality in the editor. And the windows, UI and buttons that appear e.g. in the tutorial or Flight Results is often a gray square with hardly-distinguishable text, or something of the kind.
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