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  1. So i just bought the DLC on xbox one last night and ive had nothing but trouble with it. My main problem is i can't progress beyond the first challenge (build a rocket and land at the old runway). When i complete the challenge and land on the runway it prompts me to go to the VAB to start the next mission. I go to the VAB, create the rocket for the next mission, when i press launch it doesn't put my new vessel on the launch pad, it takes me to my old rocket still landed at the runway. When i try to leave and go back to the VAB it says the building is locked. Here is a
  2. Im having the same issue on xbox one. Really annoying i JUST got the DLC and it is unplayable. This video will show what OP and I are going through.
  3. @UomoCapra Are the console versions being built with the next generation of consoles in mind? Next gen console's release next year. Assuming KSP2 does well i expect we will get something on the next consoles. I'm just wondering if it is being created now with next gen optomzation in mind.
  4. oh thank you!!!! just did it perfectly fine without them. I mainly used them to block heat from my instruments upon reentry but I will find something else to do that.
  5. there are no parts clipping through the science jr. I do have 4 solar panels and 4 heat reducers attached to it but they are not clipping through. none of my engines are overheating. just the science jr is overheating. and my height is different because it has happened in 2 different places, once in orbit over kerbin and twice while being captured by minmus.
  6. so im trying to get to minmus but halfway through the flight, in space, the materials bay randomly overheats and exploads destroying my ship. as far as i know it is not geting damaged getting out of kerbin so im wondering if its just a bug or something? i hav not played the last couple of updates so i dont know if this is a feature that im supposed to try and prevent or something. please help.
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